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30 things to make your life better

I hope your 2021 is getting off to a great start…

I was thinking the other day and I wanted to share 30 things that will

make you more money, happier

and enjoy life more, from my experience.

&& hit reply and let me know your top 2 that make you happier 😉 

1. Turn off all notifications on your phone.

2. Check your phone once a day.

3. Limit the amount of caffeine you’re intaking, which will decrease

your ego, which will decrease the # of choices that you regret later

(our ego goes out of control when we have more stimulants)

4. Read one book, per week (or equivalent).

5. Focus on one thing at a time and don’t multi-task.

6. Spend considerable time unconditionally loving and being grateful for

everything + everyone.

7. Spend more time walking without headphones or your phone with you.

8. Spend more time with people that give you 100/10 energy.

9. Spend time changing your mind about beliefs that don’t serve you. My

favourite is hypnotherapy.

10. Spend more time using meditation, hypnotherapy, binaural beats and

breathwork to relieve stress, anxiety and to become motivated or

whatever allows you to take care of yourself. 

11. Spend less time following others, follow yourself.

12. Spend more time with your higher-self.

13. Spend time being generous and helping others.

14. Spend time helping yourself.

15. Spend time understanding how the world works.

16. Spend time being fascinated by whatever you find fascinating.

17. Eat organic food that really makes you feel good.

18. Become consciousness of your patterns by journaling about them and

allow yourself to understand why you do what you do.

19. Allow yourself to feel all the emotions but don’t allow them to trap


20. Start the discovery of loving yourself, so that you can eventually

trust yourself.

21. Love everyone– deeply and without judgement, no matter what.

22. Message 3 people per day and tell them something really great.

23. Spend more time thinking about how to can help others, than how you

can help yourself.

24. Spend less time checking your bank account, it won’t get any bigger

by doing that.

25. Limit the amount of time on a computer.

26. Stretch+Do Yoga, you’ll feel so much better.

27. Do things that don’t make money, when you enjoy life, you always

make more money.

28. Get out of the drama triangle in your life. You don’t need to be a

victim, a hero or a villain, you can just be you!

29. Release all shame and guilt — it’s a very low vibrational energy.

30. Share your knowledge and experience freely but guard your time with

a fortress…

Talk soon! 

– Scott 😉

Written By Scott Oldford

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