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Constraints I wish I followed earlier

In past businesses, I always optimized for the highest level of scale
possible… just because.

There was no reason I needed to scale the business…
I simply thought…

If there is more customers, I must build a business to take them.
By doing this, in multiple businesses I fell out of alignment, was
extremely stressed and the business wasn’t sustainable.

Further… ensuring EPIC client delivery & results, always became more

I’ve been working on the plan for the new business I’m launching (that
you’ll hear more on) for about 3 months now…

And I knew… that it would be important that during any launch, that we
had a real constraint for the number of people we brought in.

I knew, we would have more demand than supply.
However, I also knew that if we scale too quickly, right now, the entire
business will suffer.

Instead, for our program, I’m closing it off at 50 people, after that,
I’ll be adding them to the wait list, for the not-so-distant, future.

This ensures that we have the best process for delivering the results,
that onboarding is smooth and that our new personalized business
planning (that has never been done before) works excellent fashion.

In the past it was always hard for me to do this…
Ego would get in the way…

Truth is…
The launch behind the Masterclass, will likely be one of my smaller
launches in years.

Yet, if I do it any other way, I will create an unsustainable business
model and one out of alignment.

See… the new business I’m about to launch and the way we help
Entrepreneurs, is built for scale.

However, at the beginning: We have to go MUCH slower and use extreme
intimacy to build that ability to scale later.

When you do this, the benefits are massive…
even if it’s one of the most difficult things for Entrepreneurs to do…

But when you invest in the long-term…
the R.O.I is massive.

Questions for your week…
Where do you need to be building constraint?
Where is your ego making you scale…
without you really knowing why and ensuring alignment is in check?

Hope you have a great week!

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Written By Scott Oldford

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