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Diamond Hands

I’m here, relaxing today…

You may or may not follow the stock market. 

What has been happening the last couple of weeks has been a wild ride

(Google “GME stock”, if you want an update on what’s happening)

And this morning, I was thinking of a term I’ve continued to hear within

the community & what has been happening in the stock market…

It’s “Diamond Hands” vs. “Paper Hands”.

The difference? 

With Diamond Hands you’re ready to hold a position for the end goal,

despite the potential risk, headwinds and losses. 

If you’ve got paper hands, you exit a position, or fold, early on

because the heat of the situation might be too much.

I don’t suggest investing in the stock market, or really a whole lot of

investing until you’ve created a baseline of success as an Entrepreneur.

It’s time consuming and rarely has a high R.O.I as much as simply

investing in your business. 

However, in my ever expanding universe, I enjoy understanding more and

more about our planet.

And… investing has been a passion of mine for past couple years.

Which has meant spending a lot of time understanding how certain systems


And of course…

How one thing works, is how everything works. 

I see so many Entrepreneurs who have paper hands…

They put a funnel online… and if it doesn’t work in a month, they give


They think they can time the market…

This online business thing and the stock market… or any market are

almost identical. 

Want to know who wins in the stock market? 

The long-term Buffet approach of “value” investing.

The day traders? You’re 4 trades away from losing everything. 

The people who’ve won with Crypto?

They went in long-term.

The people who’ve won with Gold? 

They went in long-term.

The people who’ve won in the Stock Market?

They went in long-term. 

And Entrepreneurship is the same…

Those who win are value-driven investors who have diamond hands and are

ready to figure out how to make it work, even if what they expect to

happen, doesn’t happen.

The number of times I wanted to quit through the years? Thousands. 

The number of times things didn’t work out? 

Tens of thousands. 

You create success through diamond hands. 

Not paper one’s. 

And diamond hands are created by overcoming your default node network

(DNN) aka. your mindset and installing a new one that serves what you

really want (aka. your definition of success). 

So the question today is…

If you don’t have the Diamond Hands…

How do you create them… 

and how does that look in your life?

For life is the best for those

with the highest level of patience 🙂 

– Scott

Written By Scott Oldford

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