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Everything has a lifecycle…

I’m just back from vacation and today, I announced that I’m closing my
free Facebook Group.

After years of it being online and it just surpassing 10,000 members, by
June, it will be no more.

It made me think of the fact that everything has a life cycle.
My group, I started in 2017 and I curated heavily.

In many ways, it feels like a part of who I am and my identity, so many
relationships have been built inside of the group.

However, coming into 2021, I knew I needed to let it go.

Everything you have inside of your life and business either creates &
builds energy, requires the maintaining of energy or drains energy.

There’s really only 3 modes.

And the job of a successful Entrepreneur is to manage these 3 areas
effectively by ensuring that there are no drains of energy.

In building my new business and a large part of it is community. In the
past 6 years of building community and connection driven businesses I’ve
discovered a lot.

And… this free Facebook I had…
Because it was draining energy instead of building energy, it wasn’t the
version of community that I believe Entrepreneurs actually need.

In my life, I’ve had a lot of opportunities to stay with “good” instead
of “amazing”.

When I met my Wife, I had to leave a “good” life, for an “phenomenal”

In announcing my new business, I feel that I’ve accepted the
“phenomenal” version, instead of the version that I’m simply “used” to

And the truth is…
Everything you do has a life cycle.

There is a time and place, for everything.
Every business, will eventually die, giving birth something new.

And from what I’ve experienced, the most fulfillment and momentum occurs
when you know when to redirect your energy instead of following
something for nostalgic reasons.

Once you know your truth.
Once you know your path.
Once you know your season.

Dive, as quickly as you can stomach.

You’ll find that the best version of life occurs when you’re not afraid
to let go of what feels normal and pursue phenomenal.

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