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Follow your ___________

How do you know when you should do something?

It’s been such a wonderful month. The energy I feel has

been nothing less than electric. 

I’ve been working on some truly epic things…

however, I wanted to drop something w/ you today.

Who do you trust? 

What do you trust? 

Your parents? 

The government? 


Your significant other? 

Your neighborly internet guru? 

The more I travel around the Sun, the more I’ve realized that

fundamentally there is just one person that we MUST trust, that we

almost all DON’T trust.


I see it every single day as I mentor Entrepreneurs. 

And do you want to know the difference between someone who trusts

themself and don’t? 

The ability to say… “I’ve got this”. No matter, what it means to

actually “have it”. 

Self-trust is one of the most highly desired traits.

Because trusting oneself is being able to relax into oneself. 

And relaxation is what every human being desires after they acquire


It’s perhaps the highest level of security one can achieve.

I’ve got to run for a group call with my mentorship group right now… 

However, I wanted to send you an email to remind you. 

Self-trust is the most important part of yourself to work on.

Without it…

Everything else is far more difficult.

And with that…

Talk soon

– S

Written By Scott Oldford

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