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Getting back to being you

Here’s the truth about entrepreneurship.

Nearly every entrepreneur loses themself at some point along their

If we take the concept of losing ourselves too far, it’s not healthy.

We betray our health…
We betray our relationships…
We betray ourselves and who we are as an individual…

Sometimes, I even see people betray their values and principles as a
human being.

It’s time to stop betraying yourself and go back and define who you
actually are.

In order to achieve success, we sometimes cut things out…
We sometimes create crazy calendars and journals
along with routines and habits…

But you may find that you’ve lost more things that you wanted to do…

…those are the things that you should plan on getting back to doing
more often.

Our true selves, can be difficult to find, because we abandon them so
quickly in the pursuit of success.

You go on a journey to know yourself.

You go and find things and see what you like and what you don’t.

Write a list of things that interest you…
That you actually enjoy.

But perhaps you now judge instead of allow with open-mindedness.

Remember that you’re always recreating yourself and your identity all
the time.

Once you do something repeatedly… you forget why you started doing it.

It’s not until you put a spotlight on that thing that you’re doing
and start thinking about why you do it that you start to evolve as a

Now you have the choice to either continue doing it or do something

This is how you find your true self and evolve as a person.

I’ve found that your business is the portal for you to actually
understand who you are.

People get into entrepreneurship for the tangible results:
the money in the bank…
the nice house…
the lifestyle…

but then they realize that doesn’t really fulfill them…
Not to mention that they get lost in the process.

They then go outside to look for another goal they can go after to feel
fulfilled, or what we like to call a purpose (more on the purpose trap

What we don’t realize is the fact that destination doesn’t matter.

It’s the journey that allows you to develop as a person and evolving
is the important part of entrepreneurship.

After all, this is why you’re here.

The only way to know yourself is to put yourself out there on the edges
to be uncomfortable and see what it’s like to mess up…

to see what you can do, and most importantly…
how you treat yourself while you’re going through all of that.

The goal is to learn how to be compassionate, loving and understanding
with yourself no matter what happens in your life.

Entrepreneurship is the fastest way to get you there.

Money disappears pretty quickly.
It doesn’t become important when you get to a certain point.

So today, take a few moments…
What do you enjoy?
What did you give up?
What are you really feeling right now?
Who are you.

Because the more of YOU, that YOU are…
The more fun you’re going to have
and the more magnetizing you will become.

Being YOU is the biggest unfair advantage, you’ll ever have.

Until next time,

  • Scott 🙂

Written By Scott Oldford

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