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Goals, Intentions & Surrender (thoughts from my trip)

I just got back from a Trip that Libby (my Wife) and I took after our
Skip the Pitch Workshop.

We had this beautiful place in the Forest, overlooking the Ocean…

Before and after every time that I “launch” something, I always take
sometime away.

It helps me to ground & connect with myself and the most important
person in my life, Libby.

After the workshop last Thursday, I had the most incredible “high” one
can get.

The feeling of delivering some of the best information and energy of my
entire life.

Having my most successful workshop ever and simply feeling how amazing
the ripple effect would be.

I had comment, after comment.
Emails, DM’s of love.

People closing sales using the strategies I shared.
Clients telling me just how impactful it was.

Yet, when I woke up on Friday morning…
The feeling subsided, quickly.

See, it’s difficult as a human being not to set goals.
As a society, we are taught to set goals.

Set Goals.
Get the thing.

As you progress, you realize that setting intentions feel better than
goals, because it allows the universe to help you, just a little better.

Yet, it’s extremely difficult to make your mind have this shift.

When I was in massive debt, my only goal was to get out of debt.

I created such a strong creation around the idea of goals, that it’s so
difficult to forget.

While I didn’t write down a goal for my workshop.
I secretly wanted a result.
I wanted more than just to deliver the information.

Even if, that’s not what I said.

Last year, in my 5-Day Marketing Workshop.
I did it twice, both times, it was a 7+ figure launch.

On Friday, I asked Gianna.
“Hey, how are we looking?”

She said with EPIC optimism.
“Really good, it’s going SUPER well, aligned people want to work with

I said…
“How many applications” <– this was my mistake.

She said the number.
And here is where I found my expectation.

See, I was expecting a number based on a hidden goal.

While I thought I was unattached to a goal and living in a place of surrender.

In that exact moment, because she told me a number lower than what I expected…

I thought to myself…
“We need more!”

Even though, it compared to those in the past.
It wasn’t what I wanted, secretly.

I spend the next 30 minutes building an EPIC plan that any internet marketer would be proud of…

(At this point, I didn’t realize what was actually happening).

My brain was saying…

“Scott, you’ve got to get another big launch! You have more people than ever before here, this stuff is so good, you’ve got the best product of your life, this is the BIG ONE.”

I was getting ready for Gianna to do an outreach campaign…
I was getting ready for a personalized email campaign…
I was ready to push, instead of pull.

I was beginning to will my way to abundance.
Instead of follow the truth that is a simple phrase, that since I’ve adopted, has helped me create massive peace, passion, profit & impact.

Surrender: Everything is perfect. Thank You, More Please.

Sound woowoo? Maybe it is.

In that moment, I texted the team.

As a reminder, to them and me.

“Hey guys, I just wanted to tell you that we CRUSHED this workshop.

No matter what the result is, no matter the number of applications, remember our truth is…

Everything in perfect time”.

Now, you can call it the universe, or something in-between, but after that moment of coming back to surrender.

Every moment since Friday morning, until now has been bliss.

Releasing the expectation.
Releasing the hidden intentions & goals.
Releasing the scarcity.
Releasing everything and simply saying…

I surrender. All in perfect time.
While is the most difficult thing, is the truest thing that creates flow and ease in our life and business.

Okay, I’m gone to bed.
This week, simply remember to enjoy the flow and mystery of life.

Pull, don’t push.
And remember, that the universe wants even more for you than what you can write on a piece of paper or vision board.

Sending love to you this week.

Scott <3

Written By Scott Oldford

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