Scott’s Thoughts

My excitement for the 2020’s…

I’m in bed right now, writing this…

Tomorrow is Monday and I just spent the last few days hanging out…

As I finish a few things for an upcoming workshop…

I started to think…
What is important to share right now?

I’m incredibly excited for what is to come.
I don’t know if you feel this way…

However, each day I wake up.
I simply feel at the “right place” and the “right time”.

As if, I was meant to be exactly where I am.
Almost, as if an invisible hand helped guide me to this exact moment.

Specifically, for you and me…
The next 10 years are some of the most exciting.

Chances are, if you’re reading this…
You help other humans.

And the business of helping other humans
specifically helping evolve others has only started.

While in Cancun a few weeks ago, at our Spanish-Speaking event, I saw
first hand the transformation of some of the Entrepreneurs have had from
being Entrepreneurs.

It deeply impacted me and the “why” I have each day.
It made me very excited for the future of the evolution of human-beings.

See, I believe that us humans evolve more quickly with help.

No matter if it’s from Level #1 to Level #2 of the hierarchy of needs,
or from Level #3 to Level #4.

The planet, regardless of what the media might want to tell you, is
becoming a better place to live.

The reason?
The ability to level “up” on the hierarchy of needs.

And… the next 10 years are going to include a massive shift in the
level of consciousness that society (as a whole) is on, on a daily

For you and me, that means more people who want better…

  • health
  • better relationships
  • more fulfilment and happiness
  • deeper inner peace & love

It means that more people will go past societal programming and want the
most for their life and more people will become Entrepreneurial in the
way they earn money.

It means more people taking responsibility for their life.
More people living out of the drama triangle
and less people seeing themselves as victim of their reality.

This won’t happen by itself.
It happens because of people like you and me.

I don’t care if you’re a coach or mentor…
author or expert…
service provider or transformational healer…
selling information, courses or “secrets” on the internet…

You are aiding the leveling up of human-kind…
and you likely don’t even realize it.

The next 10 years…
and lets be honest (the next 50)

Are about human beings, living at a higher level on the hieracy of

And you, me, and this industry of Entrepreneurs are the one’s who lead

You aren’t behind.
Because this industry, this entire niche.

Hasn’t even hit mainstream.
We are in at the end of the early adopter phase.
Entering the early-majority in a mere few years.

I’m excited
and you should be as well.

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Written By Scott Oldford

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