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P.a.y Attention


The most valuable asset class, that most give up for pennies. 

It’s almost impossible to get away from…

Everywhere you go…

Online or offline.

Someone is going to attempt to get you to pay attention to things that

aren’t valuable for you.

I wrote about happiness the other day. 

And after sending that email, I realized I missed a piece that is

extremely valuable. 

As I’ve found more and more happiness in my life.

I realized that it was related to a very important thing.

The ability to manage my attention and to direct it towards things that

allowed me to have the life I want.

The problem is…

most of us won’t spend 

or invest our attention wisely.

We’re day traders of our attention

and we’re investing in garbage penny stocks.

Businesses are trying to get our attention.

The news are trying to get our clicks.

Social media is trying to get our screen time.

Everyone wants our attention

because attention is energy.

Energy is what every single organization, association, business and

government runs on. 

Right now…

Human beings have more available energy than ever before due to modern


We don’t need to spend 2 hours to go to work.

We don’t need to spend 15 days to travel to a new city. 

We don’t need to do much of what we had to simply 100 years ago. 

And there is a war on our energy.

A war on our attention.

And you are the only one that can ensure you’re not on the losing side

of that war. 

So what do you do? 

It’s my belief that you’re far happier cutting the noise and listening

to your own signal.

Online and offline. 

The world is trying to get you to PAY attention externally. 

The better way? Pay attention internally. 

The signal is within.




The whisper guides you

more than anything else can. 


P.S. If you don’t think this is how those who are successful in business

are… read it again.

This has EVERYTHING to do with creating success.

Written By Scott Oldford

Updated Weekly

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