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79.6% Profit Margin (my 4-Step Business Model for Scaling)

In 2020, I was able to achieve a 79.6% profit margin in my mentoring

All while selling tens of thousands of books…
And adding over 100,000 new Entrepreneurs to my audience…
And help 1000’s of Entrepreneurs scale…

“How the heck did you do that?”

I’ll be honest with you.
Just because bigger is bigger, doesn’t mean it’s better.

In 2020, I collected the highest amount of profit, of any single year in

And it was less revenue than 2018 or 2019.

After seeing what’s worked and what doesn’t work.
I set out at the middle of 2019, to build a business that worked for me.

That built peace.
That built profit.
That built impact.
That built ease.
That built fun.

Through this, I built a 4-part business model.

One that allowed for…

A. High Profit Margins
B. Building Audience
C. Building Increased Levels of Influence
D. Time-Freedom

So, I developed a business model that was based on having…

  1. An audience building product
  2. A core profit building product
  3. A recurring source of revenue to pay for expenses
  4. A intimacy high profit product

This allowed me to…

  • Ensure I didn’t have to worry about my expenses for the business or my
    life each month.
  • Had plenty of money to increase the amount I could invest in building
    a larger audience.
  • Have profit that could be used to invest in other businesses.
  • Maintain a healthy, profit focused business.

Since then I’ve implemented this in all of the businesses I mentor.

It does take time.
However, if you do it right, it builds the perfect mix of profitability,
growth, sustainability and ease inside of your business.

  • Scott

P.S. If you want to dive deep into my business model and how I structure my business, check out this video.

Written By Scott Oldford

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