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The best thing about being a mentor?

I’m off an amazing high from the first day of the workshop that I’m

And as I was here getting ready for Day 2 of the workshop…
I was thinking…

“What’s the best thing about mentoring and advising Entrepreneurs?”
All of my 1-on-1 clients generally become friends and business partners.

See, one of my core rules for being in business with someone is that I
need to have worked with him for at least 6 months beforehand.

In mentoring someone for 6 months,
I get to know them REALLY well.

While majority of my effort & time is spent on the businesses that you
never see me talk about…

I’m beyond excited for the types of businesses I get to help.

And the Entrepreneurs I get to empower to the next level.

For example, Theresa (picture below) who over the past year, I’ve helped
truly craft her business, while scaling it in the medical education

And now…

We’re building a certification program together to help the medical
field gain education that isn’t possible any other way.

In 2020, I finally had the ability to ask the question…

“What do I want to do?”

After months of asking that question…
It came down to help businesses who…

  • Help raise consciousness
  • Help change education
  • Help optimization of time and energy
  • Help disrupt normal thinking

Beyond excited to wake up &

do what I really want and think about

the planet for the next 30 years.

Feel so truly lucky being able to work with amazing Entrepreneurs who
are doing things I could never do by myself.

And the truth is…
I could of asked myself this question much sooner.

I was simply afraid.
Afraid of the answer.
Afraid of having to pick up the phone and doing the “big” thing that I
was scared of.

And now?
I’ve never felt more on fire…
I’ve never felt more on purpose…
I’ve never felt more like I’m here to do EXACTLY what I’m do.

With ZERO hesitation.

Moral of the story…
If you’re building your business, take a moment, to really make sure you
know what you’re building and if it’s what you REALLY want to do.

Giving your permission isn’t easy, but you CAN do it

Written By Scott Oldford

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