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The consistency myth… (why people lie to themselves)

If you scroll through your ads about building businesses…
or from anyone who is helping you scale a business…

What is the #1 thing that are attempting to sell?

And… I hate to break it to you.
Certainty is a myth, a construct, developed by society in order to allow
yourself to lie to yourself.

There is truly no such thing.

When I mentor Entrepreneurs, I continue to tell them…
Just because you had your best month, doesn’t mean, that’s your

Further, as human beings, we have seasons.
Sometimes, we’re on Treasure Island.
Sometimes, we’re crying in the shower about everything that we’re
experiencing in our world.

Those who I’ve met that are happiest?
Embrace their season, instead of wishing it away.

Entrepreneurs desire consistency…
I want every month, to be better than the last month.

And they define it by how much money they make.

The truth is…
You’re going to have big months.
You’re going to have great launches.
You’re going to have times of great work.

And you’re going to have the opposite.
Most Entrepreneurs I meet that have also done extremely well, made their
most money in just a few years, not because of compound gains

In 2020, I had the most profitable (in both margin and cash collected)
of my entire life.

70% of that money was collected in 3 months of the year.

I’m all for consistent growth.
and I’m all for becoming 1% better a day.

However, trying to build your business…
Or your life…

In a way that is consistent in its results, disregards that we live in

Some more profitable than others.
Some more emotional than others.
Some perhaps even defined by our ego, better or worse than others.

Now, I get why you want it.
I get why it’s so easy to sell to others.

Because something that is predictable is certain.
And our master addiction as a species is control.

Yet… the best love you’ll experience?
That’s not certain.

The best moments of your life?
That’s not certain.

We live in polarity.
Where we desire certainty…

And our best version of every part of our life isn’t certain.

The more you can surrender to the fact that there will be seasons…

And that not every thing you do is going to be the way you expect.

Along with allowing for deep love of every season, no matter what it

Creates the lack of requirement for certainty.
And instead allows you to develop the self trust to say…

“No matter what happens, I’ve got it.”

For most, they will never get here.
If you want to know how successful, wealthy people are made.

It’s that simple phrase
and never relying on each month or year
being the same as the last.

Have such an amazing weekend.

  • Scott

Written By Scott Oldford

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