Scott’s Thoughts

Thoughts from my road trip

Thought #1: On Making It
I’m just catching up on a few things this morning.
I just got back from a road trip with some friends up the coast and it
made me think If you’re trying to “make it” right now…⁣
I’ve got to tell you something…⁣

It’s worth it. ⁣

I wish someone told me how good it can get. ⁣

When I was work 18 hours a day…⁣
When I felt like I might die. ⁣
When I felt like it might never get better…⁣

I didn’t know if it was worth it. ⁣

I just got back from an epic trip with one of my best friends

And it’s times like these that remind me…⁣
It. ⁣
Is. ⁣
Worth. ⁣
Every. ⁣
Single. ⁣
Tear. ⁣

Never give up on what you know is real and true for you. ⁣

It’s even better than you can imagine. ⁣

As I was driving through the forest in my super car.
As I was hanging out in beautiful resorts.
As I was enjoying time with best friends.
As I was being able to be completely and fully present.

I had a deep realization.
That if you let it, it’s always completely “worth it”.

Thought #2: On investment
Yesterday, an investment I purchased in January went to $0.70.

I bought it at 0.005.
I would have made over 2M if I kept it.

For about 2 hours, I was super bummed.
I texted one of my friends, he made the same investment and made over

At that moment, I had lots of feelings.
I took a few moments to meditate to really experience what I was

See, I followed my intuition and bought it.
I followed my fear and sold it far too early.

That’s lesson one.

The second lesson?
Be careful to never regret anything.
You’re on your path for a reason and regret is simply bad energy that
clouds your judgement of the future.

Thought #3: Meditation
I was hanging out with a guy in 2017 that was doing really well in his
I asked him what his biggest “reason” for success was.

He said.

Back then, I didn’t get it.
It took me a couple years to figure out what he meant.

If you simply went for a walk for 20 minutes a day, meditate for 20 and
connect to yourself for the other 20.

Your level of success will sky rocket.

And don’t give me some excuse that you can’t take the time.
It’s not true.

He’s a billionaire now.

That’s it for now…
Sending love your way this weekend.
Thanks for being here,

Written By Scott Oldford

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