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Value Investing v. Day Trading (in your business)

Today has been such a blissful Sunday here in Northern California. 

Today, I’m so grateful for you.

I’m so grateful that you’re an Entrepreneur.

That you’ve said “yes” to the highest degree personal development there

is that I’ve found. 

So many others don’t answer the call. 

You did. 

I’m proud of you, no matter what stage or step you’re on . 

The thing is, Entrepreneurship requires a major belief to work in my


Or maybe belief isn’t “right”.

It’s an “action”. 

In the stock market, or any type of investing, there’s multiple ways to


Two popular one’s? 

Day trading… and

Value Investing…

Now, there’s nothing wrong with one way to do business, versus


It’s just which do you prefer?

In Day Trading… it’s stressful. 

It’s high stakes, high leverage and it’s about timing. 

In Value Investing? It’s predicting the future… 

I’m not talking, tomorrow’s future. 

The future. 

Now, here’s the issue.

Entrepreneurs, far too often are trying to day-trade. 

Now, I get why.

Day trading… is far MORE interesting than value-investing.

If you study those who do value investing.

They are kinda boring. 

Yet, if you look at their results and what they’ve created, they results

are exciting. 


Day Trading? 

… trying to time the market…

… trying to maximize returns on ad spend…

… trying the next cool social platform…

… trying the next cool funnel structure…


Value Investing? 

… Invest in what you believe in…

… Timeline is over the next 30 years…

… The how doesn’t matter…

… Returns compound 


In my little investor lesson for you… 

Entrepreneurs that I see are the most successful, over-time. 

Value invest instead of Day Trade

I’m not telling you that day trading isn’t bad…

Nor that those Entrepreneurs aren’t as good as you or me. 

I simply believe that a less stressful, boring business that produces

continued profit feels “better”. 


The other truth? 

Value investing is HARD…


Because it means that it’s about showing up every day.

and it means focusing on helping others and gradually, 1% per day

becoming better and better.

You can’t win the lottery with value investing. 

That means you’ll never be one webinar away…

But value investors, in time, might just own the lottery. 

Choose wisely. 

Owning the lottery, or trying to win scratch offs.


Written By Scott Oldford

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