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What should you do? (Energy vs. Mind)

What should you do…?

What makes “sense”…
Or what gives you “energy”…

The easiest
and the hardest thing…

can be the same, so often.

In every area of your life,
you’re going to get a choice on a daily basis.

Follow what energizes you…
Or follow what you “should” do…

Most people, are going to tell you what to do…
based on what makes sense.

Logic & your inner energy…
What makes you excited and lit up?

Isn’t always the same.

That isn’t a call for you to realign your energy…
or even your logic.

What if…
You just did, what you wanted to do…
Because you wanted too.

It didn’t need a complex reason.
It didn’t need justification.
It didn’t need a spreadsheet.
It didn’t need a plan.

You woke up
and you followed
what you knew was right.

For so many years, I didn’t do that.

I believed so many things that made me feel helpless.

I’m in debt.
I don’t have enough time.
I don’t have … followed by…
I’m __

What we identify with
we become.

And so…
My deepest suggestion isn’t to have the best plan.

It’s to follow what gives you the feeling of being alive
and energized.

That brings you towards your greatest gifts
the deepest alignment
and the depth in which your soul
can create its most wonderful miracles.

Energy must flow
which means you may need to learn some things…

Mind, Logic, Intellect
can only bring one so far
until the inner knowing says.

That’s for me.
Or it isn’t.

  • Scott

Written By Scott Oldford

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