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What’s your preference?

Libby and I are about to hit the skies and have some fun this weekend
away from Northern California, this weekend…

Before I left, I wanted to talk about…

What is it that you actually want?

Do you have clarity on that?
If so, what clarity?

I’ve found that our life generally fits our preference.

When you are ready for a different reality, you change your preference
and your life becomes different.

A lot of Entrepreneurs I meet and mentor can feel trapped by their

“How can I get here… or there…”

Being a victim to our circumstances is a really easy option because it
doesn’t require self-responsibility.
When you have something in your life…
It’s because you prefer it…

I’m not going to tell you that the moment that you change your
preference everything changes.

However, when your preference changes, you start to see the world
differently and what actions you take and how you think changes.

By looking at our life as a set of preferences that we have the ability
to change, it allows us to take responsibility for our outcome and
further, the ability to have the life we truly want to live.

For example…
I prefer to take 2-3 vacations with Libby on a monthly basis.

Your mind may tell you…

  • I don’t have enough money
  • That’s a silly thing to do
  • That’s a lot of time
  • I’m not __.

However, if I actually really prefer that.
I’ll make it happen.

This week, I’ve had more phone calls than I normally have because last
week I delivered amazing content to almost 1000 Entrepreneurs…

And next week I prefer to not have any phone calls or group calls
because my photographer and videographer is in town shooting…

So, because of my preference of being able to take a weekend vacation
after my launch and before my photo + video shoot…

I preferred to have more calls over the last 3 days…

When I was nomadic, I preferred to not own a home or rent a home.

When I wanted a home of our own, I preferred to live on a beautiful
mountain in California.

Our life is created by preferences.
Then us simply surrendering to the time it takes for it to become a
reality through our daily practice.

This weekend…
Really meditate, journal & think on this…

What am I preferring that I don’t actually prefer?

Enjoy the weekend.
Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing & whoever you’re with…

I’m sending love, light & super fun vibes!

Written By Scott Oldford

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