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Your “NO” defines you

Many years ago, a very successful Entrepreneur told me…

“You become what you say NO too in life”.

I see this as complete truth in my life and business.

A good story of how this would come to be…

When I opened the mini-launch I did for my Low Ticket Intensive program
over the past week.

I had a LOT of interest and a LOT of applications.

The success of the program wasn’t defined as much by who I said “YES”

My financial success in the month of July would have been…

However, if I brought in just anyone who could of paid the 15K?

It would of been bad for the culture for the group.
It would of impacted the results of the group.
It would in the long-term create refunds.
It would in the long-term hurt my reputation.

Simply put…
Saying NO now for many things in your business, allow you to say YES
later, in a bigger and even better way.

This is one of the biggest reasons why great Entrepreneurs fail inside
of their business.

It’s really hard to say NO.

It’s hard to tell someone it’s not going to be a good fit.
It’s hard to turn down money right now.
It’s hard to not go with your ego and go with your heart.

The NO’s you have in your life…
Are what defines where you end up…

It defines your integrity to self.
It defines your ethics.
It defines your authenticity.
It defines your principles.

All of which are extremely expensive in the moment…
But the only investment that builds long term (inside and out) success.

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Written By Scott Oldford

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