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The New Millionaire “Problem”…

The New Millionaire “Problem”…

It’s predictable.

It’s almost as if it can’t not happen.

You start out…

You’re humble…

It’s easy for you to learn…

Things start getting better and better.

At first, you can’t believe your eyes.

You look at your bank account, it keeps rolling in.

It’s almost as your invincible.

Are you?

Maybe you think.

You continue.

Every launch, every product.

It’s almost as if you can’t fail.

And when you do, it doesn’t feel like a failure.

You keep going.

You hear all these people talking about you.

You sense people treating you different.

Looking up to you, even.

You go to an event…

There’s a line of people to see you…

To take selfies with you…

You read your own Forbes article…

You keep checking your bank account to make sure it’s real…

Time passes…

Money is predictable.

And now you believe you’re invincible.

Anything you do, touches to gold, doesn’t it, friend?


You start to buy into the reality that others have created.

You don’t text people back.

You don’t do what you once did.

There are things that are now below you.

Outsource everything they said.

And so you did.

More time passes…

You get more and more high on this endless supply of ego.

She’s a promising mistress.

You’ve upgraded your lifestyle.

You’ve upgraded your friends.

You’ve let people go that no longer “serve” you.

You’ve outsourced everything.

You’re living like no other.

People worship the ground you’re on.

And you…

You look in the mirror and you worship the version of you that they’ve created.

Then it happens.

The day of reckoning.

The day where you have to deal with all that you’ve brought upon you.

The day where you realize that you aren’t that “great”.

That you’ve been drowning in the kool-aid you once swam in.

That your new friends, aren’t friends.

That you have to stand on the shoulders of giants,

not stomp them to the ground.

That the reality that others created for you,

might not even be the reality you wished for.

You’ve given up who you are.

For who they wanted you to be.

You treat people good, if they are above you.

But terrible if they are below you.

You say you don’t resonate with people.

The truth is, you’ve gotten away from your heart.

Piece-by-piece, the house of cards reveal themselves.

It could be a bad investment.

A break up.

A bad client.

But… you have that rush of anxiety that hits your chest.

“I’ve screwed up”.

Most never get to repair the damage they caused.

The team that they trampled over.

The clients that they didn’t serve.

The relationships that they “cancelled”.

The first time millionaire

or influencer is a dangerous combination.

Of unlimited potential

and unlimited demise.

For the ego loves the kerosine that

is fans or money.

And for the ego will bring you as far as it can.

Until you wake up and realize.

You’re still, human.

If this is you.

You can turn it around, right now.

Today isn’t too late.

I’ve been here.

It’s okay, I love you.

It only can get better.

And you don’t have to be super human.

It’s okay not to be perfect.

Just know

it’s more normal and usual than you’d ever expect.

Written By Scott Oldford

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