How To Master FB Retargeting and Micro Targeting

The Ultimate FB Retargeting Strategy Revealed

For a long time, the biggest problem with online advertising (by far) was that you had to treat all your audience the same. Whether they knew you for five minutes or five years, you placed them into the same sales funnel and shared the same message with them at the same time.

Even though you knew these different people were at different stages, and therefore needed different help, messages and content… it was hard to effectively segment them.

So what happened?

Poor conversions.

Every online marketer pulled the same scarcity tactics, and eventually you and me (the consumer) grew tired and skeptical.

To be honest, the same happens today.

The difference is, there’s no excuse anymore.

Ever since Facebook and Google grew more sophisticated and gathered more data on what you did and didn’t do (which is another debate for another time), we, as online marketers, now have all the tools we need to give the right people the right message at the right time.

This is called Micro FB Retargeting, and it’s the single biggest thing that’s rocked my world over the last few years…


What is Micro FB Retargeting

If you’re like most online entrepreneurs, you’re present on a lot of platforms:

  • Website
  • Blog
  • Social Media
  • Marketing / Sales Funnels
  • Email Marketing (inbox)
  • Online Advertising (Google, Facebook, Youtube, etc…)
  • Youtube
  • Podcast


Different people find you in different ways, and different people consume different content. And all the while, these different people are at different stages:

  • Sidewalk: Those who are not aware they have a pain or problem
  • Slow Lane: Those who are aware they have a problem, but don’t know enough about the process or methodology to move forward
  • Fast Lane: Those who are ready to commit to a solution, but need more information about what the solution is


If you’ve followed me over the last few years, you know how much I love the SSF Method. It allows you to be relevant to your audience at the most relevant time, and it’s this that lead me to create the ROI Method towards the end of 2017.

(I don’t want to dive into the ROI Method in this article, so if you want to see how the SSF Method evolved into The ROI Method, click here >> )

This is what Micro FB Retargeting is: the ability to be relevant to the right people in the right way.

In this article, I talk a lot about Facebook Advertising because it’s the easiest to use, but you can apply these same ideas to Google, Youtube, and almost any other form of online ad.

The point is to retarget your audience based on their specific actions (or lack of actions), because this is the ONLY way to build trust after years of online marketers using outdated scarcity tactics.

Now, if you prefer to watch and listen, check out the video below…

To view this video on Youtube, click here (remember to Like + Comment ? )


Micro FB retargeting allows you to be hyper relevant to your audience, because you only share specific content with specific people. You’ve been able to do this through email for a few years, segmenting your audience into different funnels. This is great, but it all takes place inside their inbox.

Which they trust (and use) less than ever before, because of all the BS scarcity tactics

Whereas micro FB retargeting captures their attention at the right time and in the right place, increasing your chance of building trust.

Let me show you what this looks like…


How Micro FB Retargeting Works

I use Micro FB Retargeting A LOT, and have started to use the same principles for Google, Youtube and Outbrain. In theory, this is simple, although in reality it does take a little time to get right (although there is a tool you can use that makes the whole process a lot easier, but more on that later…)

Here’s the 30,000 ft overview:

  • Person-A visits your sales page and spends 2 minutes on there, but doesn’t watch your video…
  • They log into Facebook and see that video they didn’t watch (a shorter version of it)…
  • Over the next 14 days, you share different content with them based on their visit…
  • Instead of promoting your sales page, you share testimonials and case study results…
  • You also invite them to download an in-depth 20-page guide…
  • You back this up with social proof, promoting an article you wrote for Entrepreneur Magazine


It’s insane how detailed you can get these days with your micro FB retargeting:

  • Whether they watch a video on Youtube to the end or not…
  • How far they scroll down a sales page…
  • If they download a guide, or just optin…
  • Whether they watch one video in a series, or all three…
  • How many articles on your site they have read…
  • If they watched a testimonial video, but then don’t apply for a call…


Over time, you can create many campaigns to take your FB retargeting to the next level, ensuring you remain relevant and omnipresent at all times — giving them what they need, when they need it.

Here’s a few ways I use micro FB Retargeting…


FB Retargeting Based on What They Do on Our Sales Page

As soon as someone visits one of our sales pages, we retarget them with a set of 12 specific ads over the following 14 days. This ad-set depends on what they do on the sales page:

  • How long they are on…
  • Whether they click the apply button or not (and if they arrange an actual call)…
  • If they watch the video (and for how long)…
  • How far down the page they scroll…


The majority of content we share during this two-week period is the same for everyone, but we share it at different times, in different quantities, and at different points depending on their interactions and actions.

The point is, this person came to our sales page but left before arranging a phone call. We know they’re interested, and based on what they do and don’t do, we have an idea of where in their journey they are.

So we spend the next 14 days building their trust through relevance and omnipresence, sharing a series of ads that focus on:

  • Social Proof (featured articles and endorsements) …
  • Intimacy (my story and a real insight into my world) …
  • Their Pain (illuminate their pain and problem) …
  • Our Solution (how we can help, showing them how it works) …
  • Results (video testimonials and case studies) …


Across 14 days, they will often only see each advert a couple of times. We prove our relevance by showing them what they need and when they need it (not just pushing the same sales video on them 20 times each day), and we become ‘top of mind’ because we appear in their newsfeed again-and-again.

We have lots of micro FB retargeting campaigns like this:

  • When they watch one (or more) of our testimonial videos …
  • When they visit the About Page…
  • When they download a specific guide or resource …


But here’s the thing that most entrepreneurs do not do and do not “get”…

This doesn’t just apply to sales!

This applies to your marketing as a whole!

Most people who use FB retargeting, but ONLY for their sales. They focus only on making the sale and getting someone to pull the trigger.

BIG mistake!

It’s not that you shouldn’t use it for this reason, because we too use micro FB retargeting for sales.

But we don’t ONLY use it for sales.

We use it across our entire marketing.

By using your FB retargeting beyond your sales, you set yourself up for massive (and long-term) success. If that interests you, you may like to check out this article where we deep dive into The ROI Method, showing you how it works and how to use micro FB retargeting in a way few other marketers do.

(click here to read now)

But if you’re curious about how all this works and how you can use micro FB retargeting without spending a crazy amount of time and effort in it, I have something for you.

It’s called ConnectIO, and it’s the tool I use for ALL my FB retargeting. It’s from my friend Wilco de Kreij, and he’s created something truly remarkable. Without ConnectIO, me and my team would be able to do most of what we currently do (although not everything).

BUT… I would have to hire at least another 3-5 people to work on this full time.

Whereas this tool does so much of the work for us, we spend hardly any time on this once we set it up. When it comes to Micro FB Retargeting, ConnectIO an absolute must, so I encourage you to check it out…

> click here to learn more




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Discover the Six Pillars of business required to scale your 7-figure business in this free 23-page guide.

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Discover the Six Pillars of business required to scale your 7-figure business in this free 23-page guide.

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Discover the Six-Pillars of business required to scale your 7-figure business in this free 23-page guide.

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Discover the 6 Pillars of business required to scale your 7-figure business in this free 23-page guide.

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