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Scott Oldford

Business Advisor & MENTOR for ONLINE Entrepreneurs

Scott Oldford, one of the world’s top business advisors & mentor, is the creator of various frameworks for scaling Online Businesses. He’s helped scale 100’s of businesses past 7-figures, his work has been seen by over 10 million Entrepreneurs across the world. Through being an Entrepreneur since he was a kid and having owned a number of 7+ figure businesses, he’s able to give a rare behind the scenes look across every pillar of business as a true mentor and advisor who’s “been there and done that”. 

Entrepreneurs who are in the Coaching, Mentorship, Education, Transformation and SaaS regularly take his advice and he’s an investor and advisor in many of the top companies in his niche.

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Scott Oldford has been an Entrepreneur since 7 years old, when he sold his first dozen of eggs on his parents anchorage in a small island of the east of Canada, a year later he made his first $10,000. From that point on, he was hooked. In his early teens he was hiring other young programmers across the world and building online applications and communities that are still in successful existence today.


By 19, he had a variety of successful business ventures and was working in marketing, advertising along with development of a variety of SaaS applications. Through his Entrepreneurial journey and betting big, by the time he was 21 years old he found himself losing all his money and going over $1M in debt.
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The comeback

Since then he’s bounced back and in total has built 9 of his own 7+ figure businesses while becoming 1 of the top business advisors and strategy coaches to entrepreneurs and online businesses that are looking to surpass $10M/year. 

seen by millions

He’s been featured in nearly every publications and podcast and his methods and frameworks has been viewed by millions of people, with hundreds of thousands regularly watching his business strategy videos, reading his emails and being impacted directly (and indirectly) by the 100+ Entrepreneurs who he has helped scale past 7 figures.

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At heart, Scott is a scientist, he’s known in his community to converge the ideas and thoughts of the future and make them easy for others to understand and implement and can be typically found researching, watching documentaries or in a deep rabbit hole about something that almost no one else know’s anything about.


Now 30 years old, his passion that he discovered at age 7 hasn’t changed much: To help the world transition into the next level of human consciousness that is occurring at a blink of an eye and helping humans evolve through helping businesses and Entrepreneurs who do this.

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a word from scott...

I’m so extremely excited to potentially meet you and work with you on your journey of Entrepreneurship. No matter if it’s simply on my email list, my Instagram, my programs, reading my book or anything in-between. 

Each day, I feel such joy and feel honored to be able to help those who will continue to create a beautiful world that we’re both proud of. 

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I want to help you scale to your next level…

I’ve developed the frameworks, methods and know-how from helping thousands of Entrepreneurs scale… and I’m really excited to share all of it with you.

The 21 Laws Of Scaling A Profitable Business guide gives you everything that I learned from $1M In Debt To Multi-7-Figures Per Year

Want to learn how to completely Skip the Pitch and never have to “sell” again? My 5-Day Workshop will help you transform the selling inside of your business.

I’ve taken everything I’ve discovered from scaling countless businesses so you know what works, what doesn’t, and how to build a strategy that feels aligned for your business.

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A Few Other Things

Today, I live in Northern California with my wife Libby and my Dog Cooper.

I spend 50% of my working time on the businesses where I am an investor and advisor helping build the future of education and human consciousness evolution, with the other 50% spent on those Entrepreneurs who are building Online Businesses.

When I’m not working and not hanging out with my Beautiful Wife… you might find me in my Supercar in the Mountains of California, behind my office in the Hot Tub meditating, reading a book, going for a long walk (I walk 8+ miles a day) or working out.

I see life and business as a massive teacher in the lessons of spirituality and personal development and approach each and every day with the curiosity of… “what do I get to learn today?”. A life-time learner, scientist and simply someone who desires to be the mentor I had when I was 16.