People always ask me what software I use to run my businesses. My answer? It depends on the situation, business, and goal of the business.

Below, I’ve compiled the software I use the most (along with some non-software bonus suggestions). In many cases, I use certain software because I’m an investor or part-owner of it. If I’m not, I’ve included an affiliate link to help keep the revenue in the family. 

If you use an affiliate link, send me an email at I’d love to say thank you. 

Email Marketing

My suggestion is that most email marketing should be based on being able to sell directly. ActiveCampaign is one of the best systems out there. I use this software in the majority of my businesses. You can sign up for it here

If you want to run a newsletter (paid or unpaid), I suggest using Beehiiv. I use this inside some of our newsletter and media-based businesses, bringing many of the “best of” features from those who helped create The Morning Brew empire. 

And on that note, if you use email marketing and make more than $500,000 or have more than 5,000 people you send emails to, getting Deliverability Dashboard (or an Audit) would one of the best things you can do for the health of your email list. If not, you’re just flushing money down the toilet.

Learning Management & Delivery

My top pick is Cohere for delivery 1-on-1, Group Programs, and Masterminds. It combines all the software you need, has an amazing UI, and is simple to use. Although I’m the 2nd largest shareholder in this project, I promise the software is excellent. You can check my overview about it here

If you’re a course creator, I recommend Thinkific, which I’ve used since 2015. I love the founder, software, and support. I own stock in the company. You can sign up for it here

If you’re looking for a system that will help you manage your support inbox as you scale, I suggest HelpScout, simply because it’s the easiest to manage and will make life much easier than managing from your Google Inbox.

Video Hosting

For videos, I suggest using YouTube with an unlisted video type. 

If you’re looking for deeper video analytics and the ability to optimize your video, I highly suggest using Wistia. Although expensive, it allows you to understand how someone uses your videos—which can change your entire marketing approach. 

Funnels & Technology

Regarding funnels and technology, I’m not a big fan of a “one-size-fits-all” or an “all-in-one” approach. 

Unbounce has been my “go-to” for landing and sale pages since 2012. It’s easy to customize and easy to design inside of. 

For websites needing more in-depth content, I recommend (and own) Heroic, a website builder made specifically for creators, online entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants. I recommend this to someone unless they want to rebrand and have their website professionally designed for over $10,000+. You can get all the details here

For forms that collect information, I’ve used and loved Typeform since 2014. They create some of the most beautiful forms while providing amazing analytics and logic-tree accessibility. If getting all the goodies doesn’t matter to you, then a simple Google Form will work just fine. 

Zapier is the only thing I recommend if you want to connect everything, simply because there is almost nothing else that can integrate with everything. 


I continue to have an increase in conversions and sales when I use Proof. A couple of my friends founded this, and then they went on to found what is now a billion-dollar SaaS company. It’s simple to use, does an effective job, and is worth it if you’re spending more than $10,000/month on traffic. 

Since 2014, I’ve used SamCart for most purchases below $5,000. The system works extremely well for the sales page after the “big” sales page, ensuring many amazing features like Apple Pay, Upsells, Order Bumps, and all the great things you need to increase LTV and cart value. 

If you’re selling a digital product, SamCart is a must. The Moran brothers have built a great business. 

For planning your funnels, understanding the data, and projecting the future, Funnelytics is brilliant. I even helped the founder, Mikeal, start the company in 2017. 

Its ability to help you visualize data and its easy-to-use mapping allows you to communicate easily as you build and scale the funnels inside of your business. If you’re building funnels and optimizing, this is a must. 

When it comes to being able to track both organic and paid traffic inside of your funnels, and you’re making more than $30,000/month, I think it’s silly not to use HYROS because it allows you to understand the flow of people and how they interact with you and your brand. 

Project Management

For Project Management—if you want to integrate things more seamlessly—I recommend using Clickup and AirTable


Regarding the financial side of most of my businesses, I use Quickbooks because I believe it’s the best bookkeeping software. However, I use Flexxbuy for businesses needing payment plans inside the Online Business niche. 

If you don’t have a CHASE account (and you are in the USA), they are one of the best banks I’ve used for business

Daily, across all of our businesses, we use AMEX, Chase Credit Cards, Divvy Credit Cards, Capital on Tap, and Ramp. If you’re an influencer, I also recommend the Karat Credit Card.

For payment processing, in the majority of our businesses, we use Stripe and PayPal for processing our payments. 

If you can’t do a traditional line of credit or loan, Bluevine and OnDeck are amazing if the capital is used on high enough revenue-generating opportunities.


Here’s the bonus—some of the things I love most, from a lifestyle perspective…

My water of choice is Hallstein Water. I also drink Ardor Sparking Caffeinated Water every day. If you’re into Nootropics, try TruBrain. I’ve driven a Tesla and love my Model X, and if you’re looking for a Supercar, I recommend the Mclaren. If you want to give an amazing experience on video and camera, I recommend the Vibe Board

When it comes to giving back, I believe in the mission of Kiva, and we’ve donated for years towards campaigns to help entrepreneurs worldwide.