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Direct 1 on 1 Advisory With Scott

Many Entrepreneurs want direct advisory and mentorship with Scott and would like to work with Scott directly.

For Entrepreneurs who are looking for an advisor (or potentially an investor) to help them and their business hit the next level. 

Scott is one of the most sought after online business scaling advisors and has helped 100’s of Entrepreneurs scale past the pinnacle 7-figure goal of many Online Entrepreneurs.

Scott regularly advises Online Entrepreneurs who are… 

  1. Generating at least $1 million in revenue per year and looking to scale to the next level without burning out, while having more time to do what they love. 
  2. Helping Entrepreneurs who have been successful growing their online business to $1-5m/year and working with them to build systems and processes to take them out of the day to day. Then helping them position it for exit, while ensuring they’re lit up and excited each day. 
  3. Have significant expertise and success and are looking to translate that into an online business, while simultaneously having an advisory component to help them create a massive shortcut to success.
  4. Have significant capital and are looking at how to utilize that capital to help grow their online business… while also ensuring it produces high returns and is exit-worthy in the future. 

Many of Scott’s clients choose to work with him because they don’t want to waste time figuring everything out themselves, as an insurance policy for their capital or they’re not the type that believe in being “stuck”.

This type of advisory will increase momentum, reduce friction and allow them to reach the next level and the one after that.

The next step? Submit this simple intake form and if you’re a good fit Scott will reach out personally.

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Partner with Scott


He’s always looking for ways to invest, partner, and work with entrepreneurs looking to improve the world and help others.

If you have an interesting opportunity, he’s always open to taking a deeper look. Feel free to email him at

Looking for other ways you can learn from Scott?

Modern Business Academy

Modern Business Academy (MBA) was envisioned from helping tens of thousands of Entrepreneurs in their scaling journey and seeing the patterns of what creates successful online businesses.

MBA was built for every single Online Entrepreneur no matter how big or small, combining content and access to experts, community, the frameworks for every part of business all in one place.