I’m Scott Oldford and I mentor & invest in Online Entrepreneurs

For nearly the past decade I’ve been the “go to” person when it comes to scaling your business past 7+ figures…

I’VE helped hundreds of Entrepreneurs go past 7+ figures while building a life of ease, flow and balance.

[If you’re making less than $20,000/month]

I’ve helped tens of thousands of Entrepreneurs through my courses, workshops, group programs and 1-on-1’s through the past years to scale their business to the next level. 

Generally if your business is generating less than $20K/mo, my work on business model, relevancy, marketing, sales and mindset is the most useful. 

For this, I have multiple programs depending on your specific situation that are based on the level of help you desire, your cash flow and potential return on investment.

“After 5 years I was stuck on the hamster wheel making just enough to cover expenses, Scott helped me 4X my coaching business”

Matt, Coach

“Went from struggling to pay bills to consistent 5-figure months”

Bruce, Coach

“One of the best things about Scott is how he customizes strategies that fit you and what you want”

Selina Feng, Marketing Coach

[If you’re making $20 – 75K/mo]

At this level, I generally am helping someone start the process of scaling, dialing in their offer, nailing their launches, helping them use paid traffic, alongside evergreen funnels. This is also the stage where the business goes from being a hustle to actually having a team and this transition is one of the first and hardest challenges an Entrepreneur must overcome.

I talk with many Entrepreneurs who’ve been burned by poor hiring and team management and it can put them off scaling altogether. But when you get it right, having an A-Team working to achieve a vision is one of the most fulfilling, fun and highly leveraged things you can do. I’ll show you how to do this in a way that works for you.

On the mindset and finance side, I help Entrepreneurs at this level upgrade to the next level of what it takes to build a 7-figure business.

After countless success stories, when I see someone who is at this level, it gives me massive levels of excitement, simply due to the fact that I know I can help them so deeply.

If you’re ready to hit the next level and believe it would be helpful for someone who’s done that multiple times personally and for other Entrepreneurs, I’m excited to talk with you.

“Having access to Scott allowed me to scale faster than I could”

Jason Moss, Coach

“Things will feel complex and within minutes of talking to Scott, everything feels easy and clear”

Christine Eartheart, Center for thriving relationships

“We paid off six figures in debt and grew a successful business without compromising time with my children”

Yummii Nguyen, The Motherhood Mindset

“Went from making 6-figures, stuck on the hamster wheel to 7-figures and loving my business”

Safrina Kadhri, Feng Shui and Prosper

“Scott showed me how to stop doing sales meetings and scale from $30k to $70k months”

Joella Skoogh, Business & Marketing Mentor

“Transitioned from agency owner to offer owner and 7x my revenue”

Harold Røine, Marketing Mentor

[If you’re making $1-5M/year]

I joke that life truly starts at $1M+/year and when you see someone talk about freedom, I find that true freedom and success is much easier above $1M per year.

The thing is… scaling at this point can be extremely difficult. 

Having to scale each pillar of the business in succession while managing the potential stress of responsibility and leadership. While having to innovate your business model, diversify your business model, traffic sources and manage your finances in a way that you can’t learn from Mom or Dad. 

It isn’t easy and it’s why those at 7-figures+ hire me to help them both on the strategy, tactical and framework side. But also from the mindset and “I’ve been here a hundred times” side. 

Generally when someone at this level comes to me they either want to transition their business into one that is more in alignment with what they want their life to look like. 

They are ready to scale and desire an “insurance policy” or they are at a place inside of their business that they want to get the business ready to sell in a few years. 

In all cases, I can help on a very deep and intimate way with more experience than anyone I know in the online space.

“Maintained a 7-figure run rate while massively decreasing the amount of time I was working”

Hallie Bulkwin, Business Mentor

“Created a $550k launch on her first go”

Niyc Pigeon, Unstoppable Success

“From a successful 7-figure revenue business to 7-figure PROFIT business–while working less”

Tatiana Arias, Business Mentor

“Had one of our best months, nearly $500k”

Jorge Contreras, Coach & Real Estate Investor

“After my first coaching call I made back my whole investment and got an action plan for the next five years”

Olly Richards, StoryLearning

“Being coaches ourselves we have maybe impossible standards for how we want to be supported…Scott met all of those requirements and more.”

Shelby Kurz, Co-Founder The Successful Coach Nurses

“Scott not only helped us get from $3m to $5m but in a way that felt good, without burning out”

Jesse Elder, CEO Harv Ecker Online

“Scott helped me massively grow my audience and go from solopreneur to building a team”

Sam Miller, Sam Miller Science

“I had a lack of clarity and focus. Scott gave me a gameplan that helped me scale to $200k in year 1 and then $700k in year 2”

Anna, Health Coach

[If you’d like the “entry” point to my world]

Most of the time those who work with me are inside of my “world” and have my frameworks, strategies and help through a specific part of their journey. 

While you can do that through my email list, social media or online resources. 

Many like to have access to my group trainings, all of my content, my community and to be on the “inside”. 

For that I’ve built Modern Business Academy where you can join thousands of other Entrepreneurs that are building and scaling their business.

Check Out The Results of Entrepreneurs That I Have Helped Scale Their Business

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He’s always looking for ways to invest, partner, and work with entrepreneurs looking to improve the world and help others.

If you have an interesting opportunity, he’s always open to taking a deeper look. Feel free to email him at

If you’re not looking to spend money right now…

That’s totally cool and I have a ton of resources for you. 

While I do know that the biggest return comes when I can work with you in a more involved way.

I’m a big believer of moving at your own speed and conviction. 

Knowing that we’re always perfectly on time and never in a rush

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