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The easiest way to make money is to be relevant to only 0.005% of people.


The more you realize that you and your business isn’t for almost the entire population…

The faster you’re going to making a stupid amount of money.

Most of us, people please far too much for this and we care what people think.

Further, what I’m about to share get’s stoped with people who think that there isn’t enough people to pay them for what they do.


Assuming that you’re great at what you do…

The number of people who are going to ACTUALLY resonate with you and what you do enough is so tiny…

First, let’s go with… geographical and language.

If you’re selling to those speaking English, you just said “NO” to 78% of every potential customer.

We’re down to 18%, simply by taking a SINGLE element of relevancy…


Who can you actually help?

How much money do they need to have?

Where are they in life?

It starts to narrow, quickly.

And we haven’t even started talking about the MOST important element…

The number of people who ACTUALLY resonate with you…

Which comes down to if they like you…

If they look up to you…

If they are in the “right” level of consciousness…

I mean, I look at me…

I help English speaking

Online Entrepreneurs

Who sell courses, programs, high ticket, education, certifications

Who are generally intellectual / intuitive consciousness

Have a sense of humor

are open minded

do a lot of personal development

have a spiritual edge

that make at least $10K/mo

and have likely been in business for 3 or more years


Most of those I work on top of this…

are millionaires

that became it not by inheritance but by being an Entrepreneur.

Only 4% of Entrepreneurs get a business past 7-figures, in their ENTIRE life.


You can look at this and say…

That’s scary

or you look at it from an abundant place

and you start to realize

the more “you”

you are.

And the less you care…

The more you’re going to attract the perfect people

that resonate with you…

And that in reality.

You’ll almost always make more money (at least for the first $10M/yr) this way.

Relevancy is about being for less than 0.005% of a population.

And allowing them to be seen so deeply

that they have no other choice than work with you.

Further, when you’re so deeply concentrated on your customer and exclude ALMOST everyone else.

Well… relevancy allows you to charge FAR more and allows for being ULTRA-relevant.

How to Scale from $100,000 to $1,000,000 in 12 Months (THE 29 STEPS)

Let me tell you something that is very important.

It’s easier to build a $1,000,000 business, then it is to build a $100,000 business.

I’m talking really easy.

A $100,000 business is a job.

A $1,000,000 at least has some level of impact.

Here’s the step-by-step process of scaling the business.

Note: You can likely change these steps and I’m no expert or guru on scaling, I’ve just done it enough time in this format that has worked for me.

1. Get clear about exactly what you deliver, take a look at your products and services, then understand the profit margin of those products and services if you had to hire someone else to deliver it. Keep the highest percentage, kill the rest (for now).

2. Get clear on the audience that you are actually serving, your first $100K, typically is built around delivering to anyone who will purchase, now, it’s time to get very specific so people know exactly who you are helping and how you help them.

3. Don’t get to set on a “vision” or a “mission”, while it’s important to understand your product and audience, you may have to pivot, which means that PERSONALLY you can have your vision, but your business should be flexible at this stage, until you prove your specific model, or it will keep you up at night, at many times and deter you away from momentum.

4. Eliminate all other opportunities, once you know you want to scale, I’m talking every other business idea. The compound effect of focus is so high that when you’re starting out, you must be obsessed with taking ALL ideas, concepts and opportunities and throwing them out.

5. Understand why someone will actually buy from you… is it because of YOU as an Entrepreneur because you have a certain “magic” or is it because of the message and process you bring someone through.

If it’s because of YOUR magic, this is a roadblock.

Remember, the sale process is a simple one…

a). Find someone’s pain

b). Find someone’s vision

c). Find the gap

d). Show the commitment for a new reality

You can do this on the phone… via a webinar… via a sales page, however, you must take YOURSELF out of the sale process and build a process that someone besides YOU can do.

I discovered this from Jesse Elder in 2016 and it’s made me millions.

6. Understand what your zone of genius is, this means taking a look at EVERYTHING you do in your business and simply taking out everything that you SUCK at and what you DON’T enjoy doing.

In my business, I’m good at…

– Keeping Money in the Bank

– Ideas, Concepts and Strategy

– Content Creation

– Partnerships and New Channels

– Mediating Attention

– Investing and Advising

– Finding the right fit people

That means everything else…

well, I shouldn’t be doing it.

Now, this doesn’t mean you’ll be able to let go of all of it.

However, you need to know your superpowers and what to let go of..

7. Take a look at where you want to grow, if it’s $1M, take a look at how many customers you need, in order to get that many customers, how many sale conversations are required?

Based on that how many leads at what % of purchasing is needed?

Then, what does your team need to look like in order to deliver that and to be able to run this?

Remember, the idea is to create leverage as much as possible, so if it can be leveraged, make sure you take it off your plate so you can get to #6

8. What type of life do you want? A question that most people ignore when growing a business, based on this, it will largely change either your PROFIT MARGIN or your RATE OF GROWTH.

If you want fast growth, but more free time, your profit margin will suffer.

If you want fast growth, but a higher profit margin, your rate (time) of growth will be lower.


Now you have a lot of your planning and high-level strategy developed… now it’s on to the next part… which is implementation.


In order to grow from $100K/yr to $1M/yr, it’s a 10x increase, however, it doesn’t take 10x the work.

9. Figure out which piece your weak on…

Marketing / Sales OR Operations/Finance/Management

and then hire your #2…

This is critical…

You’re either good at one of the two, most aren’t good at both.

If you are good at Marketing/Sales and have no one for the Operations/Finance, you’ll get yourself into a hot mess.

If you are good at Operations, but not Marketing/Sales, you’ll have no customers to buy your stuff.

10. Plan and Implement a Marketing Funnel that can turn strangers into customers, base it on the first part of this strategy, thinking about your product, your sale cycle/conversation, audience and base it on the numbers you need to reach $1M, if you don’t know your finances, you’ll be screwed.

You need some repeatable format for scale or your business will be a house of cards when scaling.

11. Build an audience/community besides just leads… if this means a Facebook Group, do it… Linkedin Group, a Meetup Group… I don’t care HOW you do it.

However, if you don’t build a business that has a community, you’re screwed…

Every single lead coming through the door should have the chance to both become a customer and part of your community.

By doing this, you are future-proofing yourself…

12. Be a “Big” Fish in a Small Pond… This is actually really important, because if you don’t do it, your message won’t get signal in the noise.

It’s important that for those inside your “community” and those that you attract that you’re omnipresent… that you are in front of them always.

You want make them feel like you are the ONLY girl in the world for them 😉.

13. Hire the RIGHT people at the RIGHT time…

If you hire too soon… or hire before it hurts, you’re wasting money and your team actually is less effective.

Hire too late and your operations will hurt and your team will burn out.

14. Invest in Relationships and Knowledge

Invest HEAVILY in Relationships and Knowledge, expect NOTHING in return, but realize you will get a LOT in return.

Invisible ROI is where you should invest a lot of time and money.

15. Get a guide up the Mountain

If it wasn’t for a few key people in my life that has acted like mentors and coaches, I would never have any sort of momentum.

Remember… that business isn’t this unique game… we typically all have the same problems, just with our own perspective.

If you can buy access to solving a problem that would take you 4 weeks, that someone else can solve in 5 minutes…

VALUE that 5 minutes and look at the money and time you’ll save… that you’ll never get back.

16. Double Down on What Actually Works

When you see something working… DOUBLE down and DOUBLE down quickly.

Most opportunities go away quickly for new growth… if you see Facebook Ads working… or JV relationships, DOUBLE DOWN and do it quickly so you can secure that revenue for yourself.

17. Innovate and Iterate QUICKLY

Every single time you do something… do it quickly and don’t make it perfect, this is required for momentum.

Innovate and iterate quickly… always change SOMETHING when your doing ANYTHING so you can compare.

There are two levels of feedback

a). Data

b). Gut

And remember that #B is just as important as data…

You have an amazing ability to look at data, but sometimes before data, you have to make the call of what iterations make sense for your business… this is in your marketing, your finance, in your sales… everything.

18. Pay Attention and DIVE into the DEEP END

Every 30 days, write down EXACTLY WHERE you are… and all the risks and things that are going right and wrong.

Then, look at what you can eliminate in the next 30 days… wherever there are blind spots, share with your team and make sure you are working towards moving away from those blind spots.

19. Drink your Own Kool-Aid (but don’t swim in it)

It’s important that you believe in yourself… so drink your own kool-aid… however, don’t become arrogant enough to swim in it.

Your doing great stuff, but so is everyone else. Stay level headed, regardless of how much #winning you do… someone else will always win more than you.

Respect that.

20. Mitigate your Risk (of Lead Generation)

Don’t rely on one source of lead generation… use multiple sources… partners, Facebook, YouTube, Organic, PR…

Get one working first, then keep expanding… this is SUPER important, as if you don’t do it, it is the SINGLE biggest risk in your business.

21. Mitigate your Risk of Revenue

This means, that you should have a couple different sources of revenue.

You want to be able to ensure that if something didn’t “work”, you wouldn’t be screwed.

22. Do a profit IPO

At some point during your growth pattern, I suggest doing some level of an IPO… this means more than anything, doing a “launch” or something that allows you to generate 3-4 months of cashflow in less than 2 weeks.

This could be launching a new product to your audience…

It could be have a partner launch…

It could be trading some time for money, for example…

However, getting your bank account having 90 days of cash in it… which typically doesn’t happen in fast-growth is CRITICAL so you can make LONG-TERM choices.

23. Use 90-Day Plans

I write myself a letter every 90 days… further, I write down everything I want to accomplish… then I put it on my wall broken down on 30 day intervals.

This allows me to easily know if I’m getting closer (or further away) from where I want to go.

Review this daily, weekly, monthly and then quaterly.

Daily for 5 minutes.

Weekly for 30

Monthly for an Hour

Quarterly for a Day.

This isn’t a goal list…

It’s just what needs to happen next.

24. Stack “Short-Term” and “Long-Term” together

There are short-term choices

and long-term one’s

Short-term keeps money in the bank

Long-term makes you have a sustainable business

In this area, you’ll need to do both…

This means, you may need to host weekly live webinars while still working on your Evergreen marketing system to ensure you hit your revenue goals.

That’s OKAY.

You can stack them here and it’s OKAY.

You need cash.

25. Growth SUCKS Cash

I wish I got to keep all the money we generated… I might actually be rich.

High-Growth SUCKS cash… however, it also allows you very quickly to get leverage and get to a place where you can become very very profitable…

This means, that while growing, you shouldn’t change your lifestyle and keep your expenses as LOW as possible, until you have true sustainability.

Profit at a higher end $ is easier.

Aka. In 2020, I did $5M in profit because it was easy for me to be high revenue from years of growth beforehand.

High growth and high profit is tough to do, not impossible, but generally it’s better to cycle through growth and profit seasons.

26. Remember where you’ve come from

It’s difficult to remember our past… we always want more… remember that EGO is never satisfied.

So, as much as possible and at least every 90 days, have you and your team write down EVERYTHING you’ve accomplished.

Take sometime to reflect and have perspective… pat yourself on the back. You’ve done a good job!

27. Keep taking things off your plate… keep delegating… keep getting to that “zone of genius”. Keep assessing what you do on a weekly basis and get to the place of pure genius.

28. Get a GOOD financial company that just doesn’t do “tax management”, make sure you get someone who is MANAGING your finances and helping you grow the business.

Warren Buffet says the #1 skill you need in business?


Most people forget this…

If you don’t know your finances, you don’t have a business.

Your basing your life on dumb luck…

If you make your choices based on what is in your bank account, your screwing yourself.

Fly by numbers, not by sight.

29. Work Hard… Work Smart… Stay Focused

As a last note… work hard, but work smart… further, stay focused. Be yourself, be comfortable in your own skin, don’t try to impress others, just do this because it’s important to have freedom, impact and to have money in your life.

Don’t follow to many people, simply look in the mirror.


And I believe in you.

What I Learned As I Eliminated Calls

2019… I eliminated sales calls… 100% text-to-close only…

In 2021… I eliminated almost all calls from my calendar that weren’t those people paying me.

In 2022… I eliminated calls besides my highest paid program, halved group calls & now have 8, 30 minute slots of time per week for calls, all which I do while walking…

In each instance…

My impact became stronger and have had more depth.

I adopted better and new ways of mentoring and advising that didn’t require something that I didn’t want to do as much.

When I switched to no sale calls…

My conversion rate went up.

When I switched to less calls in my programs, people got more results because they didn’t needed calls, they needed real time feedback.

When we go for what is in alignment with the best way we work and serve, harmony occurs.

In the process, did I lose clients who didn’t like that? Yep.

Did I lose people I could of closed on the phone? Yep.

And… that’s okay.

Designing the right way of your business and life and building what works the best allows for your highest level of presence which is what people much of the time will pay for…

Can anyone do that?


It started in 2018…

Knowing what my life wanted to be…

And knowing I didn’t want to be on back to back phone calls…

Because for me…

I’m cool making way less money…

If it means being on less phone calls that didn’t need to happen in the first place.

And now?

When I am on the phone?

I’m ready, I’m there. I’m excited.

You CAN build your life so you’re almost always excited.

People are just too afraid to do it.

And are too afraid of what people will think…

Or they will somehow “miss out”.

It takes time.

But all great things do.

The hardest thing to do is to stop something that is WORKING…

Between 2018-2019, within a 16 month period, I generated over $10,00,000 in revenue.

Thing is… It was working.

But not working for ME and

What I desired.

So I changed it up to work for what I really wanted.

It worked

even better than the last thing.


Then I realized it needed to be more fine tuned.

Which is what happens.

Your vision becomes more fine-tuned and then it allows you to fine tune your business and life.

However, each time you change things.

It feels like you’re stopping the thing that works.

In 2019, I had 40 team members.

Letting go of that business seemed like the dumbest idea of my life.

The following year, after the most profitable year of my life (up to that point), taking 6 months off to find my true purpose…

That also seemed pretty dumb.

During that time, I realized that if I kept building my short term businesses…

It wouldn’t ever bring me to where I wanted to be…

Further, I knew that if I kept being soley an entrepreneur and not an investor…

That also wouldn’t work.

That’s why I’m 2020, I started spending more and more time investing and advising instead of completing paid mentorship.

This was a massive and uncomfortable shift.

It meant…

Taking a much larger bet…

It meant…

Making less revenue and income, versus more in the short term…

It meant…

Deep levels of commitment to business partners of the span of 5+ years…

And it meant operating not as a “hustle-focused” entrepreneur but as an empire builder.

I was taking to a friend of mine last week and he said…

“It takes the highest level of self trust to walk away from the thing that works.

And even more when it works and gives you a lot of money…”

At the end of 2020, I made these changes.

In 2021, I spent 30% of my time investing and advising for equity.

In 2022, I’m spending closer to 50% of my time doing that, all while having restructured the way I mentor and taking massive amount of time for my family — as I will continue to do…

And after 2 years of what to me felt like a massive “slow down”.

Now, it’s all clicked.

Businesses I’ve been building and investing in are flourishing.

My identity of an investor and advisor, deeply woven into what I do.

My paid mentorship business, in the exact direction I wanted, perfectly balanced for impact, profit & harmony.


The vision I had 3 years ago while on a beach at Necker Island facing me as reality.

Over the next 18 months…

– My profitable income will be the highest it’s ever been.

– My networth will be multitudes higher than it’s ever been.

– My balance will be far more balanced than it’s ever been.

– My ability to mentor, advise and invest in ways that stay true my highest excitement and alignment will be possible.

– My ability to plan & invest in the long term will be available like, it’s never been before.

– The drug all entrepreneurs desire: Momentum will back in my life, after a 3+ year departure. Now fueled by vision, not ego or desire for growth for the sake of growth.

This is a defining moment in my life, one I care to document.

And profess to you for a simple reason.

If you want quantum leaps in your life.

They don’t happen in linear of exponential fashion.

They can feel slow.

They can make you feel like you’re going backwards.

And then…

It switches, quickly, almost impossible to even put on a chart or graph. 

The only thing you have to do

I’d keep up with the quickness of

the universe conspiring for you…

Once you leave your ego

And your belief that you must

will it all into existence.

And once you relax into the timeline of the universe.

Then, it opens a level of creation.

Few know

Or will ever find.

Here’s to you

Also finding this treasure island I’ve found…

Because it’s possible…

But it’s not unless you’re ready to let go of “your time”

And the label that you’re ever


1/10/100 Rule for High Ticket…

I’ve advised 1000’s of high ticket programs and the BIGGEST problem is that people don’t get this “right”…

If you get this wrong you will either..

A. Not sell to its highest potential

B. Won’t be able to deliver the results

C. It won’t bring you energy needed to sustain the model.

It’s really simple.

Your model.

For your customer.

With a high ticket program should…

Return 1X the ROI in the first year.

Return 10X within three years.

Return 100X within the lifetime of that person.

So, when I sell someone a $25K mentorship program I expect…

They will make back $25K within a year…

$250K within 3 years…

And $2.5M within their lifetime…

Let’s say you’re a health coach…

Same model applies but instead you have to look at the resultant of having great health…

Or whatever it is…


If you can’t take your high ticket model, apply it through this and have almost a guaranteed “of course” they’ll get that ROI.

You either…

– have priced it wrong

– have the wrong customer

– have built the wrong product

– probably aren’t good at helping others

– have an internal mindset issue


On the opposite side…

If you look at this rule…

And you say…

“I’m charging way to little”.

Then it means that you need to either find a better customer that can pay that or charge more.

In my case: I charged $300K/year for 1 on 1.

I looked at it…

On average my customer made…

$300K extra in less than 60 days…

$3M extra… if not 10M extra in 3 years…

And $30M? Totally possible in their lifetime.

So, for me.

I needed my price to be more in alignment.

However, charging more than $250K (and I only accept upfront cash/cash equivalent)…

Didn’t make sense for most businesses I was helping…

Which meant…

I stopped direct intensive 1 on 1…

And started advising for equity…


It’s an equal return.

If your business doesn’t make sense for the customer first, your screwed.

If your business doesn’t make sense for you, you’re finished.


It never fails.

P.S. Want to know more about creating a successful high-ticket program? Check out this behind the scenes workshop that I did on the top lessons I learned after selling 50 Mil+ in high ticket offers.

Having What You Want… vs. What You Need…

Yesterday, I was hanging out with one of my good friends Jesse Elder and we were talking about the difference of…

Having what you want…


Having what you need…

There’s a huge difference…

There was a time when I simply aimed for building my business and my income based on what I needed.

For example:

If I knew that I needed $50,000.

I would go into my month saying…

“I need to make $50,000 this month!”

I would be purely focused on what I needed for the next little time period.

Instead of opening up who I was and what I was for overflow and allowing the universe to give me even more than I needed.

In order to do this, I had to change my preference to having what I wanted.

Since I changed this years ago, I see most Entrepreneurs that I work with do this.

It’s the reason why so many Entrepreneurs have less than 60 days of cash in the bank.

It’s a shift, that requires you to both know what you really want, to claim that as something you really want and to increase the horizon view of the future.

This requires you to know…

I want “X” over the next “Y”.

Instead of…

I have these expenses and so I have to make “X” this month.

Overtime, this has changed my life and those I help doing it with.

Instead of making choices…

or adding expenses…

or buying something and having to “go make the money”…

You can simply have what you want.

Instead of playing the fun “ego” game of…

“I can go easily make the money and be a money magician”

You simply have the money and the resources to start with…

It’s a different game.

Built in allowing the universe to provide not just for your needs but your desires and then the overflow of your desire.

And in truth…

The universe WANTS to give this to you.

However, it can only respond to what you ask.

Are you asking for what you want and desire

or just the breadcrumbs?

– Scott

The New Millionaire “Problem”…

The New Millionaire “Problem”…

It’s predictable.

It’s almost as if it can’t not happen.

You start out…

You’re humble…

It’s easy for you to learn…

Things start getting better and better.

At first, you can’t believe your eyes.

You look at your bank account, it keeps rolling in.

It’s almost as your invincible.

Are you?

Maybe you think.

You continue.

Every launch, every product.

It’s almost as if you can’t fail.

And when you do, it doesn’t feel like a failure.

You keep going.

You hear all these people talking about you.

You sense people treating you different.

Looking up to you, even.

You go to an event…

There’s a line of people to see you…

To take selfies with you…

You read your own Forbes article…

You keep checking your bank account to make sure it’s real…

Time passes…

Money is predictable.

And now you believe you’re invincible.

Anything you do, touches to gold, doesn’t it, friend?


You start to buy into the reality that others have created.

You don’t text people back.

You don’t do what you once did.

There are things that are now below you.

Outsource everything they said.

And so you did.

More time passes…

You get more and more high on this endless supply of ego.

She’s a promising mistress.

You’ve upgraded your lifestyle.

You’ve upgraded your friends.

You’ve let people go that no longer “serve” you.

You’ve outsourced everything.

You’re living like no other.

People worship the ground you’re on.

And you…

You look in the mirror and you worship the version of you that they’ve created.

Then it happens.

The day of reckoning.

The day where you have to deal with all that you’ve brought upon you.

The day where you realize that you aren’t that “great”.

That you’ve been drowning in the kool-aid you once swam in.

That your new friends, aren’t friends.

That you have to stand on the shoulders of giants,

not stomp them to the ground.

That the reality that others created for you,

might not even be the reality you wished for.

You’ve given up who you are.

For who they wanted you to be.

You treat people good, if they are above you.

But terrible if they are below you.

You say you don’t resonate with people.

The truth is, you’ve gotten away from your heart.

Piece-by-piece, the house of cards reveal themselves.

It could be a bad investment.

A break up.

A bad client.

But… you have that rush of anxiety that hits your chest.

“I’ve screwed up”.

Most never get to repair the damage they caused.

The team that they trampled over.

The clients that they didn’t serve.

The relationships that they “cancelled”.

The first time millionaire

or influencer is a dangerous combination.

Of unlimited potential

and unlimited demise.

For the ego loves the kerosine that

is fans or money.

And for the ego will bring you as far as it can.

Until you wake up and realize.

You’re still, human.

If this is you.

You can turn it around, right now.

Today isn’t too late.

I’ve been here.

It’s okay, I love you.

It only can get better.

And you don’t have to be super human.

It’s okay not to be perfect.

Just know

it’s more normal and usual than you’d ever expect.

The Simple Formula to Create A Great Launch

Wanna know what creates a great launch?

Relevancy… to exactly who you can help


Omnipresence… showing up 25+ times in a small period of time.


Intimacy… Allowing for connection to your lead

Add in

Audience size

Dialed in offers (no more than 2)


Engagement tracking

Mindset 🔥

And a deep intention to help people…

And this is what has created all of the 100’s of successful 6, 7 & 8 figure launches I’ve advised on 🚀

There’s a lot of pieces to it..

Not easy.

But not hard.

Want to know more about the ROI method? Check out the ROI method guide.

Lesson Learned From Buying a 250k Car

More than almost anything I’ve ever invested in…

My car taught me, a very important lesson.

When I bought it, it cost $250,000.

Could I afford it when I bought it?

Probably 10 of them if I’m honest.

But… being able to afford it wasn’t what stopped me and wasn’t my lesson.

My lesson?

Giving myself permission to have what I want.

Any not allowing my inner-judgment of what is “smart” and “dumb”. 

For other peoples voices.

You want it.

Get it.

No need to justify it.

No need to see if it has a return.

No need to show others it’s a good experience.

Giving yourself permission to simply have what you want, because you want it, for whatever reason you want it.

It’s the most difficult thing.

And the lesson of permission has made me more money than any single lesson, since buying the car in 2020.

Because when we give ourselves permission.

It’s giving ourselves full freedom.

To build the world we want.

A story from 2018 (+ a bank statement, )…

This was a bank statement from 2018, for a single month…

I share it with you…
because if you look closely you’ll notice.

Past the “impressive” number is…
the reality of so many Entrepreneurs.

Make a lot.
Keep almost nothing.

The number of Entrepreneurs I see on a weekly basis that is living some
reality that I knew FAR too well in 2018…

It hurts
and it inspires me to do a better job helping Entrepreneurs…


There are entirely different skills as an Entrepreneur.

Getting work done… a skill.
Getting paid for your work… a skill.
Getting paid A LOT for your work… a skill.

Keeping what you make… a skill.
Saving what you make… a skill.
Investing what you make… a skill.

Nearly no one teaches these skills…
because most people are only good at 1 or 2 of them.

The most stressful experience as an Entrepreneur…
is to finish a month…
or even finish a year…

and feel like…
“Was that even worth it?”
You may of hit the number you wanted…
You may have hit the number of followers… clients… team members..

… whatever # matters to you …

But if your business doesn’t feel like it’s giving energy BACK to you…

It’s a business that will eventually not work.

In 2018, I learnt that first hand.

While I had an amazing business.
While I had an amazing team.
While I had amazing results.

On paper, it was amazing.
Turning nothing into something.

If you end the month…
or the year…
or the series of years…

And it doesn’t “add up”?

I’ve found you either…

1). Aren’t in alignment
2). Are letting your ego get the best of you
3). Don’t understand forward financial management
4). Or the pillars of your business aren’t aligned & working

Most of the time.
It’s at least 2 of those 4.

No matter where you are financially right now…

Don’t ever under-estimate how important it is to look at your business
and feel the energetic flow BACK to you.

Some years that might mean money…
it might mean feeling progress…
it might mean feeling massive impact…

A business that can answer YES to all those 4?

That’s the winner.
And when an Entrepreneur
becomes a true Business Owner and Investor.

And when an Entrepreneur becomes those things.
They truly have the ability to impact themselves & the world instead of
riding the rollercoaster 😉

  • Scott

P.S. If you want to discover how to achieve alignment in your business, check out this masterclass I did about The Harmony Triangle.

“THE” plan… vs. “YOUR” plan for 2022…

I think this is important…

In planning 2022…
and being able to develop what you want in your business and life.

There is “THE” plan…
That others might think is the right one…
Or is even the logical one…
Maybe, even the “best” one…

And then there is YOUR plan…
Built for your season…
Built for what YOU want…

Always follow YOUR path…
for every other path can never
give you the fulfillment you desire.

  • Scott

When should you “take out” money of your biz?

When should you “take out” money from your business?

Some people are going to say… pay yourself first…

Others are going to tell you to invest as much as possible outside of
your business.

It makes sense…

because, the answer is…

it depends.

So… what does it depend on?

These are the questions, I tell those I mentor that are deciding how to
invest in the future of themselves and their business…

Q1: What is the potential growth of your business in the next 3 years?

Q2: What do you need to spend money on in order to help it grow?

Q3: What potential return is that growth look like in terms of profit?

Q4: Would you invest actual money in your business, if you were an

Q5: Is there a tipping point in which investing more, won’t mean more

Q6: What’s the end-game of this investment? Do you want to get “out”?

Q7: If not investing in your business, where would you invest it? Why?

Q8: What’s influencing your beliefs of how you just answered those

Truth is…

I don’t believe most Entrepreneurs, if they are believe they are going
to have more than 40-50% growth, year over year, should take their money
and invest externally.

I’m sorry.
The market, crypto, real estate, or anything else isn’t going to have as
good returns.

Yes, I’m all for that.

ONCE you have something that actually works.
And it’s much easier and faster to get something that works with focus.

Once you ask those questions, it’s really simple to understand where to
put your money.

Where to invest, inside your business.
When you start taking money out.

Generally? It’s best to take money out, when you simply don’t have the
ability to invest it inside of your own business because it won’t have
continued returns.

Further, it’s best to start taking money out, if you believe the
industry or market will start either decreasing, or the ability to
capture market share will be more difficult within 3 years.

As an example: In 2020, I simply didn’t have the ability to invest more
money into my business. So, I started for the first time, I doubled-down
on investing outside of it.

I had a limited product, no need for a larger team and a wait-list that
was over 6 months long.

Investment into marketing and sales, wasn’t needed because no matter how
many people I showed my “stuff” to… I couldn’t take more clients…

However, I knew that the way I wanted to do business was changing and so
in 2021, I made a larger investment back into the business to change the
way I did business.

Going into 2022 and because I have an extremely positive outlook for my
industry for the next 7 years, I’m increasing the investment inside of
the business, along with the fact that I now have business that has the
ability to keep up with scale, without having to resort to a wait list,
as much.

One last point for you… where do you invest the excess capital?
My best piece of advice, comes from a Billionaire that mentored me when
I was 17.
“Don’t invest in things you don’t understand. If you don’t have unfair
advantage with an investment, I can almost guarantee it won’t give you
the return you desire”.


  • Scott

Go back… to go ahead… *The Truth on Scaling*

There are times when it’s critical to step back in order to move

I was on the phone with one of my Accelerator clients this morning.
I’m helping her go from $2.5M to $10M over the next few years.

In every business that has massive shifts.
No matter if it’s from $10K to $50K/month…
or $2.5M to $10M/year…

Momentum will require massive changes that will for a period of time
feel like you’re going backwards.

In this business, it’s going to require an entirely new way of
using marketing & sales that hasn’t been used up to this point.

Further, it’s going to require a large amount of investment and a lower
profitability for the short-term in order to gain enough momentum for
the rest of the business.

I’ve also seen this time and time again in my business.
Going into 2021, I knew that I wanted to spend more time on the
investment and advisory side of what I do.

That meant that my short-term revenue and profit would be lower because
what I’m spending my time inside of wouldn’t profit me until 2023-2025.

However, when we are clear and have focus on what we want in the future.

We understand the market and the short and long-term investments?

It’s much easier to mentality adapt to this “seemed” slowed momentum.

Because sometimes it means…
a lower profit margin…
less revenue…
less clients…
spending more money…

or simply put…

Exponential results require non-linear investment.

Rarely do I see a business go from
$500K to $1M to $1.5M to $2M on a year-by-year…

I see…

You get the picture…

This goes back to “seasons”…
I talk about it… a lot.

There’s a season for everything.
And remembering that momentum doesn’t have to be linear…
is one of the most powerful things you can remember as an Entrepreneur.

If you correlate short-term revenue and profit to momentum…

Instead of seeing the big picture…
You might be “fighting” yourself over pennies…
When the real “riches” pass you by 😉

  • Scott

The 3 “levers” to push in 2022…

Wanted to check-in on you…

And tell you, I appreciate you.

Being an Entrepreneur?
One of craziest experiences.

Yet… you’re doing it.

I also just wanted to give you a reminder…
In 2022…

If you want more revenue (and profit)…

Either increase how relevant you are…

increase the level of omnipresence you have…

Or the level of intimacy you have your potential customers…

You can build a business with just one…
However, the more you increase each?

The more powerful your business becomes
and the more people want to work with you.

Doesn’t matter the niche.
Doesn’t matter the size of the business.

Each is a lever.
Invest in them and good things happen 🙂

  • Scott

Scaling past $50-250K? 27 things you need to know

You’re going to love this braindump 🙂
‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌

Wanted to share some “good stuff” with you if you’re scaling your
business past multi 7-figures…

27 things to know when scaling a business past $100K/mo…

  1. Just because you made it here, doesn’t mean you’ll have the magic
    touch on everything going forward.
  2. Know what you’re good at, focus on it and hire others for the
    outcomes over everything else. Task based hires are needed, however,
    outcome-focused will give you the highest ROI.
  3. Be extremely clear on your financials and if you are ready to be in
    growth mode or profit mode and then dedicate your business based on
    which phase you are in.

Without clarity, comes the inability to properly plan and strategize.

  1. Everything in your business will come down to systems, anything that
    isn’t, will be broken. Focus on hiring people who can create amazing
    systems that create a predictable outcome or understand that building
    systems will create long-term ROI.
  2. Don’t let your 8-year-old self run the business, use therapy or forms
    of mindset evolution to get past it.
  3. It’s no longer about what YOU want, it’s about a vision, if you want
    to have customers and a team that really stick, the person who sells the
    best dreams, will win.
  4. What you will do on a daily basis, will change so much, don’t even
    attempt to try to “define” your own role, even if everyone else’s role
    will be defined.
  5. If you don’t hire a COO to manage the business and you’re a hard-core
    Entrepreneur/Creative Type, you will become stressed out, burnt out or
    will blow up the business.
  6. Your main job is to figure out how to take yourself out of business,
    create attention, see the vision, build relationships and become a
    better leader.
  7. Opportunities will be everywhere, the faster you say No, the faster
    you will grow.
  8. The more time you spend on yourself and outside of the business in a
    flow state, the faster your business will be able to grow.

A business will typically only grow to the evolutionary path of the
owner or co-founders.

  1. At this stage, things can change VERY quickly– 3 mistakes stacked
    can put you almost bankrupt. Mentorship, Advisory and having a feedback
    loop for helping the choices you make aren’t optional.
  2. Pay yourself what you’re worth and ensure you’re giving yourself
    what you want. If that’s a car, a house, an experience. You MUST have a
    reminder of why you do what you do.
  3. Build a business model that has 4 different types of offers:
    Audience Building, Intimacy, Core and Freedom (recurring)
  4. Focus on being able to increase Life-Time Value, those businesses
    who can do this, will grow much faster, it’s easier to sell to the same
    people 🙂
  5. As fast as possible, extend the traffic channels and the places you
    are going to have new customers. No one traffic source should make up
    more than 30% of your revenue.
  6. Hire as many people that help you with outcomes, versus, just
    helping the outcome. These people will be expensive, however, the more
    people who “get it” on your team, the faster you can solve problems and
    move forward.
  7. You are not your business, your business is it’s own entity. This
    means, that your own values, mission and vision may not be identical.
  8. Ask yourself everyday…
  • How could I put myself out of business
  • How could the economy put myself out of business
  • What are my biggest risks
  • What am I not doing, that I need too
  • What am I doing, that I shouldn’t
  1. As you grow, your speed of getting things done will increase
    quickly… however, remember that the faster you want something done,
    the more expensive it will be.
  2. If you aren’t responsible for your emotions and patterns, they will
    be amplified 10x the more you grow your business.
  3. If you don’t focus on being a Business Owner and an Investor, you
    will eventually burn out. It’s not as much fun as being an Entrepreneur,
    however, it’s critical to the longevity of you and your businesses.
  4. You can do whatever you want, never forget that. You create your own
  5. Building a business to sell, will always create the best business
    even if you never want to sell it.
  6. If you need to pivot, fire people, shut it down, sell it or whatever
    else you may need to do… remember, don’t let your ego lead.
  7. Momentum isn’t about moving forward, it’s about moving in the right
    direction and following your intuition
  8. Don’t let your ego take the front-seat.

Keep making things happen…
I’m beyond excited for you…
And if you need help… reach out

  • Scott

P.S. #28? Trust yourself.

My excitement for the 2020’s…

I’m in bed right now, writing this…

Tomorrow is Monday and I just spent the last few days hanging out…

As I finish a few things for an upcoming workshop…

I started to think…
What is important to share right now?

I’m incredibly excited for what is to come.
I don’t know if you feel this way…

However, each day I wake up.
I simply feel at the “right place” and the “right time”.

As if, I was meant to be exactly where I am.
Almost, as if an invisible hand helped guide me to this exact moment.

Specifically, for you and me…
The next 10 years are some of the most exciting.

Chances are, if you’re reading this…
You help other humans.

And the business of helping other humans
specifically helping evolve others has only started.

While in Cancun a few weeks ago, at our Spanish-Speaking event, I saw
first hand the transformation of some of the Entrepreneurs have had from
being Entrepreneurs.

It deeply impacted me and the “why” I have each day.
It made me very excited for the future of the evolution of human-beings.

See, I believe that us humans evolve more quickly with help.

No matter if it’s from Level #1 to Level #2 of the hierarchy of needs,
or from Level #3 to Level #4.

The planet, regardless of what the media might want to tell you, is
becoming a better place to live.

The reason?
The ability to level “up” on the hierarchy of needs.

And… the next 10 years are going to include a massive shift in the
level of consciousness that society (as a whole) is on, on a daily

For you and me, that means more people who want better…

  • health
  • better relationships
  • more fulfilment and happiness
  • deeper inner peace & love

It means that more people will go past societal programming and want the
most for their life and more people will become Entrepreneurial in the
way they earn money.

It means more people taking responsibility for their life.
More people living out of the drama triangle
and less people seeing themselves as victim of their reality.

This won’t happen by itself.
It happens because of people like you and me.

I don’t care if you’re a coach or mentor…
author or expert…
service provider or transformational healer…
selling information, courses or “secrets” on the internet…

You are aiding the leveling up of human-kind…
and you likely don’t even realize it.

The next 10 years…
and lets be honest (the next 50)

Are about human beings, living at a higher level on the hieracy of

And you, me, and this industry of Entrepreneurs are the one’s who lead

You aren’t behind.
Because this industry, this entire niche.

Hasn’t even hit mainstream.
We are in at the end of the early adopter phase.
Entering the early-majority in a mere few years.

I’m excited
and you should be as well.

  • S

What’s the return on clarity… ?

What is the return on investment of clarity?
What’s the cost of lack of clarity?

Earlier this week, I launched my new Scaling Guide for those wanting to
build 7+ figure businesses.

(You can get it right here)

I just spent the last few days in-person with my Spanish-based
and while I had a lot of fun…

The theme of the entire event and the help I was giving almost always
came back to clarity.

Those Spanish-based Entrepreneurs paid a lot of money to be there…
And I was reflecting on the return of clarity…
and the cost of lack of clarity.

While there, I was introduced to someone who just joined my Accelerator
program .
He has a $1M+ business…

And in the conversation, it was clear.
He was lacking clarity.

And clarity is difficult when you’re doing something for the first time.

On paper, his business is working.
In his reality… because he doesn’t have clarity of how to grow…
how to ensure it builds him wealth…
how to ensure it doesn’t kill his energy…
how to ensure that he’s able to manage team…

For him, it’s extremely overwhelming…

And overwhelm makes it so your momentum is slow…
It makes it so you can’t grow…
and if you do, likely in the wrong direction.

I’ve found that the return of clarity and understand how to make it
happen is one of the best investments we can make in our business and
our life.

Not to toot my own horn.
However, what I’ve found for giving you the most clarity?

Someone who is able to give you a fresh perspective.
Further, someone who has done what you want to do so often that it’s
second nature.

It’s why I love what I do so much.
Yes I help with strategy, tactics, principles and scaling…

However, what I truly get to bring Entrepreneurs, like you,

  • Scott

Biggest year yet… & its fun? (is that possible?)

Question for you…
Can you grow a business and scale…
Even double it? If not more…

And it not be stressed?

Most would think more equals more responsibility… and more

I’ve found that’s not true.

I got this screenshot from a client from my Accelerator program this
It reminded me of a couple of things…

1. You can have a business that scales and grows and that doesn’t

mean that it means MORE of you… generally, it actually means LESS…
or just DIFFERENT.

2. There are two very important elements of being able to scale…

We have strategies, tactics and frameworks…
All the stuff I talk about in my book and programs…

And then we have who you are, your identity, your mindset and how you
see the world.

When we combine these two together…
And then enter our lives combining our…
Do. Plan. Be. & Play?

We’re able to build and scale a business…
w/o having to be serious…
w/o having to hustle…
and with having a level of balance that will ACTUALLY help us create
more profitability and internal (and external) success.

Talk soon 🙂

  • Scott

Do. Plan. Be. (Which works?)

Yesterday was a SUPER fun day for me…

I went live and shared the principles that made up The Harmony Method…

While I went through a LOT of concepts from yesterday…

One of the things that I’ve learnt on my Entrepreneurial Journey?
We need to bring in four ways of being into our business…

Without it?
It’s difficult to get the momentum you likely desire.

What are these?


See, I think it’s important for us to structure our businesses and our
lives in a way that allows us to integrate these 4 things inside…

By themselves, each are wonderful.
Building a business with just 1 or 2 of them, can stop the growth,
momentum and even scale of what it is you do…

If you only do… without a plan.
You’ll spend far more time trying to make it work, than you need.

If you plan… you may have one that works…
But if you don’t spend time being…
You won’t know if it works, for you.

If you only play, while you’ll have a lot of fun…
You won’t get results for your business or your clients in the long-run.

If you only be, you may have wonderful visions and dreams…
Only for them not to come to fruition the way you desire.

It can be hard to do this..

We get stuck in 1, or 2 of these modes.

Good at work, not at play.
Good at being, not doing.
Great at strategy, not being.

Integration of all 4 inside of an Entrepreneur?
It’s an unstoppable force because you get to use the advantages of all

  1. Too much work? Burnout.
    Too much strategy? You don’t see the big picture.
    Too much being? Nothing moves forward in the 3-D
    Too much play? It’s a lot of fun, but people only buy so much play.

It’s a balance. It’s a way of bringing in Harmony.
No matter if you’re at $0/mo or a LOT $/mo…

And the more time you spend in those you aren’t natural in?
The better your business (and life) become.

  • S

Can you live in the middle?

When I find something I love…
I jump all the way in…

I’ve always been that way, since I was a kid.

While it does have a lot of advantages…
It has had me reflect on the “middle” more than once…

Can I have Pizza without the entire thing?
Can I work AND play?
Can I do something a little bit, without doing the whole thing?

I remember a good friend of mine was in the forest with me a few years
ago and I said…

“Ya know… sometimes I wish, I could just come here and not work”.

He said in his normal stoic response.

“Well, you can do that. Yet, if you did. You’d tell me how sometimes all
you want to do is work. Why not do both?”

It’s a wonderful reflection at the time.
And from time to time, it continues to come up for me.

Does every week have to be the same?
Every meal the same?
When I like something… do I need to ALWAYS do it?
Or can I live in the middle?

As time has gone on…
I’ve realized that the middle ground in life (and business) is almost
always the best route.

Sometimes we get something we like…
A pattern… a routine…

And we put the blinders on and just continue the journey…
Without realizing that by not living in the middle…
Or seeing the world through a middle-ground…

We’d have a lot more balance…
and inside of our business a lot more harmony.

Right now… going into the last part of 21’…

Where do you wish to see the middle ground?
And further, where do you want to live?

“All in” may be heroic.

Do you want to be happy… aligned… and in balance…

Or a hero?

I never met a hero
that was happy.

  • Scott

About your consistency…

Consistency sounds great doesn’t it?

Every month, make more money…
Every day, feel really great…
Every moment, feeling totally present…
Every minute, structured, productive…

I mean…
It works, doesn’t it?

Is someone successful because they are a genius?
OR because they are consistent?

It’s likely neither.

Consistency isn’t possible.

Fall isn’t Summer.
Summer isn’t Winter

Consistency overrides the way the universe operates.

Yet, most of the time, we desire it so deeply.

To wake up and know what to expect.
To have a business and know it works.
To have a relationship that will be the same yesterday, today.

To have consistency fulfills our desire of certainty.
Which is a pursuit that will always fail.

When you believe that you should post every day on Instagram.
When you believe every month should be massive.
When you believe you should always be on.

That you can be consistent in a season.
You can’t be consistent for your whole life.

Unless you that consistency is embodied in the knowledge that you’ll
just consistently wake up and be who you’re suppose to be for the season
you’re in.

Embrace what’s next.
Embrace the past.
Embrace the moment.

  • Scott

More Money… or More Alignment?

During a certain period of time…
Entrepreneurs are obsessed with more.

More leads.
More money.
More clients.

There’s nothing wrong with that.
Without more, we wouldn’t be able to have momentum.

There comes a time and you realize
that more isn’t going to solve your “problems”.

What does?

But… what does that even mean?

Would you give up 50% of your profit
if you could get more alignment…

How about if I change the word alignment
with happiness?

So much of the world give up their alignment…
happiness… their soul

for fame.
for success.
for money.
for their ego’s pursuit.

One of my 1-on-1 clients sent me a testimonial yesterday..
I’ll send it at some point.

However, the major thing that she said?

Yes. The business has grown.
However, what she did more than anything else?

She got into alignment.
So she could get her business into alignment.

She started living a new reality.
So that her business could build a new reality.

She risked the “big launches”…
She risked the her ego…
She risked short term growth for a long-term empire.

Truth is…
Without alignment…

It’s impossible to reach the new level
while having that feeling inside that
makes you feel the deepest and purest
form of peace.

If you’re reading this…
and you’re in alignment…
you’re out of alignment…
you don’t even know your alignment…

That’s fine.
What’s important is just a moment of awareness…
a realization…

That business
isn’t just about success…

That true success
is about alignment.

And when you read
what I just wrote
and you get it.

Your entire life
will transform.

  • Scott

The 5 “things” you need for scaling…

After helping so many Entrepreneurs with growing their businesses…

I realized, the most important aspects that an Entrepreneur need in
their life is…

  1. Having the right information…
  2. Coaching & Mentorship…
  3. Strategy & Frameworks…
  4. Community & Connection…
  5. Mindset & Personal Development…

Let’s dig into this…

1 –> Having the right information

There is SO much content out there…
What do you listen to?
What do you tune out?

A lot of the time, I see an Entrepreneur following the wrong information
at the right time…

Or the right info, at the wrong time…

Or the wrong info for who they are as a person…

Having the right information…
at the right time…
and at the right place in your business
will save you years on its evolution & growth.

2 –> Coaching & Mentorship

Having the right information is great…
Knowing how to get up the mountain for your situation..

Having clarity…
and focus…

Along with accountability and being able to know YOUR next steps…

What to work on when you get out of bed…

Again… saves you a LOT of time and a lot of MONEY.

It makes it so that it’s REALLY easy to make the right choices.

3 –> Strategy & Frameworks

Being able to use a framework or a strategy that has worked for others
is really important as you scale.

It’s also important that these strategies and frameworks have two

Fit into who you are…

I’ve seen it over and over again.
Entrepreneurs use a framework that isn’t flexible.

Meaning they have to go step A-Z…
That generally doesn’t work for the innovative and creative types…

and further…
following frameworks and strategies that are in alignment with who you
are as a human being?

Makes it difficult to fall asleep at night.
(and create true success).

4 –> Community & Connection

Entrepreneurship can be really lonely…
Doing things that must of the world will never do… is also lonely.

Community & Connection, I’ve found allows you to quickly become
inspired, motivated and helps you feel not as crazy while you are so
different than those around you.

It also allows you to normalize the Entrepreneurial life…

I’ve found that the biggest unfair advantage I’ve had in my life as an

Is those connections and friends I’ve built relationships with along the

5 –> Mindset & Personal Development

Entrepreneurship is the greatest personal development journey in

Without evolving your mindset and having the right modalities it’s easy
to create very unhealthy patterns.

Further, without working on your mindset and yourself, at a certain
point, you won’t be able to evolve your business.

Your business, is generally limited to your own mindset and while that
work isn’t something that is as easy as looking at a spreadsheet, it’s
the work that has helped those Entrepreneurs I’ve mentored scale to the
next level.

In every success story that I’ve ever shared.
In every Entrepreneur I’ve mentored.

These 5 things have always been present for massive growth.

Most Entrepreneurs get this by trial and error and it takes a long time
to make it happen…

And it’s why over the past 6 months I’ve been building my next business,
specifically designed to help Entrepreneurs get everything they need.

My question is simple: Which of these 5 do you need to work on in
bringing it further into your life?

  • Scott

P.S. if you want one place where you could get these 5 things, check out Modern Business Academy.

Do you respect your season? (Going downstream…)

I wanted to make sure you remembered something so extremely important today…

Respect your season…

No matter if it’s a season of hustle…

a season of play…

of hardship, or of lots of laughter.

Embracing the season your in, right now…

For a week, for the month, or for the year is critical.

It’s so hard to do this…

There’s so many things we think we’re supposed to do…

So many people we compare ourselves against…

Yet… here we are…

Every day, the majority of society going against their cycles…

Wishing their season away.

When I was a million dollars in debt…

I wish I embraced that experience.

I’ll never experience it again.

When I worked 18 hours a day and didn’t know if I could pay the bills –
that’s a once in a lifetime feeling.

When I spent most of my day crying and thought I was going to die
because of the “dark night of soul”, I wish I didn’t wish it away.

Have you ever been in a moment and wished it away?

Your working and you say…

“I can’t wait until __

Then you get there and you think…

“I can’t wait until __

With more and more time on this planet, I’ve found that the most
important thing we can do is to enjoy every moment, for what it’s
bringing us.

And then… enjoy the next season.

Enjoy this season of your life…

This season of your kids…

This season of your relationship…

And know that you can’t ever keep this season.

That each season is going to bring all the lessons you’re suppose to

Instead of waiting for the next thing…

Knowing that every season will pass…

and you simply get the lessons and the memories.


No matter what your experiencing…

Presence in that moment…
Even if, it’s not that fun.
Or even if, it’s the most fun.

Is the key to no regrets
and never feeling like the “good ole days” have passed.

This too shall pass

compare yourself less

You’re never behind

always on top and always
flowing, effortlessly downstream.

  • Scott

Heart // Mind // Soul // Body

I’m on the way back from some vacation time…

While I was out chilling by the ocean I started sketching based on a new
framework I’ve been developing…

More on that a different day…

And I started to think about the relationship we have in our business
when it comes to our…

and Body

And how it can easily explain what may be
out of “balance” or “harmony”.

Here’s what I mean…

Our mind (and sometimes our wounded ego)
might want the goal…
it might want the big month…
it might want to go from mountain top to mountain top…

And it might want to go, go, go…
Do, do, do.

It’s keeping track.
It’s counting the numbers.

Our heart?
Well, this is the part of us that really would like to help others.

It’s care and deep compassion for those who we work with…

It’s the feeling I get after getting off an amazing mentorship

Or feeling so connected with those that you work with.

The heart isn’t counting. It doesn’t keep tabs.
It’s simply present with care & compassion.

Our body?
This is what makes or breaks so many Entrepreneurs.

Because if our business is out of alignment.
Not so fun things can happen.

Our body, keeps track of the 5AM mornings.
It keeps track of not doing things to take care of yourself.

It remembers when you slept in.
It remembers when you pushed through.
It remembers when you went on vacation.
It remembers when you ate food that felt good.

And it gives you the energy
or doesn’t based on what you do for it.

Our soul?
It’s the source of our alignment.
It’s the source of our purpose and passion.

Our soul knows what we’re meant to do on the planet.
Our soul doesn’t judge, it simply desires to take us on the best path to

Our soul allows us to know whats for us.
What business model is the best.
What makes us feel good, or not.

It’s what ensures that we have a life of fun and fulfillment.

It’s pretty easy to think of these and quickly realize that if any of
these are out of balance…

Harmony is difficult to achieve.

If your mind and body aren’t aligned.

It’ll be difficult to put in the work
or you’ll burn out.

If your mind and soul aren’t aligned.

You’ll build the wrong business.

If your heart and mind aren’t aligned
You’ll have a great launch and spend all the money on useless things
that your mind (ego) might want that will never bring you happiness.

When I work with and mentor Entrepreneurs it’s really easy to see what
is needed in their business based on which of these 4 are not aligned.

Because… while I help a lot of Entrepreneurs with strategy…

A strategy without using these 4 elements of who someone is won’t bring
them to True North.

And I believe the more people who are fully bought into their true

The more our planet will become better and better.

Question is easy…
Where are you making it difficult for yourself by not listening to these
parts of who you are?

And remember…
This just doesn’t work for your business…
It’s every area of your life.

Enjoy your week, friend.
I’m thinking about you

Why “Goals” are flawed

Do Goals work?

I’ve made them.
Hit them.
Exceeded them.

Our world is governed, it seems by goals.
Every motivational speaker
or person who desires
to inspire others.

Set the goal.
Get it.
Do it.
Achieve it.

In School
from the time we’re kids.

Get the grades.
Get the awards.

All in pursuit of a “better future”.

You hit the goal.
You feel excited.
You celebrate.

In the lonely moments of the next evening…

You ponder.
You don’t rest.
You decide, what’s next?

And if there isn’t anything else?
We become sad.
We become depressed.

Not by our ancestors.
By our society.

To get it.
To do it.
To achieve it.

In the pursuit of “getting it”
We fall away from who we are.

Even giving up who we are
so we can become who we need to be
in order to get it.

To achieve it.

Looking in mirror…
later in life.

We wonder
who we become.

We collect the awards.
The things we said we wanted.

Yet our heart breaks
because in the pursuit of what we wanted
“out there”

We lost what we really wanted
“in there”.

I’m not a hater of goals.
Nor, am I hater of anything.

However, in my experience.

Are short-sighted.

They focus us on a specific period of time.
They distract us from perhaps, our true self.
They are wonderful construct to ensure we know what to do when we wake
in the morning.

Where do they come from?

Do we really know why we set out to do what we do?

And perhaps a better question that I’ve pondered is…

How do we achieve
without losing ourselves in the process.

Without burning out…
And with enjoying every stage of the process.

I’m personally done, at this moment in time.
At letting go of the present
in the attempt to make the future…
“so great”.

Instead realizing, that right now is just as great.
And so was, yesterday, the week before and the month before that.

I think it’s time to take a look at our goals.
At what we really want.

And to actually understand what it is…
and where it came from…

Our wounded ego?
Or our deepest desires.

Our parents telling us something at Age 7?
Or ourselves knowing our true destiny.

And in pursuit of a goal.
If you have one.

I’ve found
that you might never be able to actually understand
just what you can achieve
when the universe is conspiring for you.

It’s why every goal.
No matter how big.

Might actually be stopping you
from what is really ready for you.

The key?
Surrendering to just how wonderful life can be.

The problem?
We think we need goals in order to have a life of success, enjoyment,
fulfillment and harmony.

As if achievement
brings us happiness.

When in reality.
We bring ourselves happiness.

No matter if it’s a launch.
No matter if it’s a business.
No matter if it’s a new client.
No matter if it’s a number in your bank account.

Why do you have that goal?
What does it mean?

Is it YOUR goal? Or someone else’s?

And is holding on so deeply each and every day towards that goal
actually allowing it to occur?

Or is the desire in the goal itself
creating the resistance against ever having it?

There’s no answer to this.

If you want a goal. Go get it.
If you don’t. That’s great too.

All I know.
Is that what you think the goal will bring…?
Is just another goal.

Enjoy the process
and the journey.

The destination?
It’s fun.

But never as fun
as each and every day
following the bliss
towards your

  • Scott

40 “dumb” things Entrepreneurs do

I’m here on a trip today, writing from my hotel lobby with Cooper by my

And today, I wanted to give you some of the things that Entrepreneurs

That in hindsight, they may think is silly or “dumb”.

Of course…
Hindsight is 20:20 and…
You can’t always flick your fingers and make mountains move to change

Yet… I thought it would be super helpful for you today 🙂

Here we go!
40 Dumb Things Entrepreneurs Do…

  1. Hire too early, or hire too late.
  2. Take forever to make up their mind about something– hesitation
  3. Under value or over value team members
  4. Under value or over value someone who’s done something before.
  5. Follow advice of others that have only done something 1-time…
    sorry, you might be following a 1-trick-pony.
  6. Don’t have automated marketing
  7. Don’t have a projection document, for at least the next 90 days of
    expenses and revenue.
  8. Don’t have monthly recurring revenue or payment plans, so each month
    they start at $0
  9. Only have 1 traffic source for leads
  10. Don’t outsource and delegate what they suck at because they can’t
    trust themselves or others
  11. Go into their main business with their significant other (Legit less
    than 10% success rate)
  12. Use their business as a means for personal development instead of
    profit generation
  13. Think profit is dirty
  14. Make choices on finances based on what’s in the bank, instead of
    actually thinking about it logically (or like an investor)
  15. Thinking that social media will fix the fact that what they offer
  16. Not taking customer feedback seriously– your customers aren’t
  17. Listening to people in the comment section on Facebook– those
    people are probably broke and 39 living with their mom.
  18. Ignore the parts of your business that you don’t like, hoping they
    don’t come up
  19. Not planning for taxes (as if they don’t happen or something?)
  20. Not having life insurance, critical life insurance or disability
  21. Be afraid of making mistakes (as if you’re trying to get acceptance
    from your mom)
  22. Be afraid of success
  23. Don’t track their numbers… I mean… none of them.
  24. Spend more money and time getting new customers vs. taking care of
    your current customers.
  25. Get their best business ideas from a Facebook Group… chances are,
    someone in their is trying to sell you
  26. Not taking enough time to just be in stillness, meditate or do some
    level of not doing… your best ideas come from being, not doing.
  27. Being on every social media platform because you have fOMO even tho
    you have no budget or time to do so.
  28. Comparing yourself from other entrepreneurs on the feed… unfollow
    anyone you do this with
  29. Not making friends because you’re scared of being judged.
  30. Being afraid of letting go of people in your life, even though, you
    know you need too.
  31. Being afraid of how you’re being seen to people or what people care
    about (sorry– but people are too obsessed with themselves to actually
  32. Spending 10x the amount of time to do 10x less work because you
    over-analyzed it
  33. Not seeing the invisible ROI in everything, even if it wasn’t what
    you wanted.
  34. Trying to save money like the 99% who have jobs…
  35. Not realizing that you’re at the right time and place and that
    you’re probably not as amazing as you think you are
  36. Investing in anything has a massive ROI… because you believed in
    yourself enough to take action on something, most never do this.
  37. Not taking time to be grateful and appreciate yourself.
  38. Not investing in enough time or money into understanding your own
    mind and how things work so you can change your mind and beliefs.
  39. Holding onto beliefs too closely.
  40. Holding onto who you “are” instead of having an identity that is
    ever changing.

I could keep going… forever…

Simply put…

Change what you do

by changing what you think 🙂

Sending love

You’re right “on time” 🙂

Just wanted to drop you a note
and let you know…

You’re right on track.
You’re perfectly on pace.
You’re divinely guided.

You’re not behind.
You don’t need to catch up.

It’s going to be more than okay.

Embrace this moment.
Someday you’ll look back
and say…

“The good old days…”

Sending love your way today 🙂

  • Scott

What should you do? (Energy vs. Mind)

What should you do…?

What makes “sense”…
Or what gives you “energy”…

The easiest
and the hardest thing…

can be the same, so often.

In every area of your life,
you’re going to get a choice on a daily basis.

Follow what energizes you…
Or follow what you “should” do…

Most people, are going to tell you what to do…
based on what makes sense.

Logic & your inner energy…
What makes you excited and lit up?

Isn’t always the same.

That isn’t a call for you to realign your energy…
or even your logic.

What if…
You just did, what you wanted to do…
Because you wanted too.

It didn’t need a complex reason.
It didn’t need justification.
It didn’t need a spreadsheet.
It didn’t need a plan.

You woke up
and you followed
what you knew was right.

For so many years, I didn’t do that.

I believed so many things that made me feel helpless.

I’m in debt.
I don’t have enough time.
I don’t have … followed by…
I’m __

What we identify with
we become.

And so…
My deepest suggestion isn’t to have the best plan.

It’s to follow what gives you the feeling of being alive
and energized.

That brings you towards your greatest gifts
the deepest alignment
and the depth in which your soul
can create its most wonderful miracles.

Energy must flow
which means you may need to learn some things…

Mind, Logic, Intellect
can only bring one so far
until the inner knowing says.

That’s for me.
Or it isn’t.

  • Scott

Your “NO” defines you

Many years ago, a very successful Entrepreneur told me…

“You become what you say NO too in life”.

I see this as complete truth in my life and business.

A good story of how this would come to be…

When I opened the mini-launch I did for my Low Ticket Intensive program
over the past week.

I had a LOT of interest and a LOT of applications.

The success of the program wasn’t defined as much by who I said “YES”

My financial success in the month of July would have been…

However, if I brought in just anyone who could of paid the 15K?

It would of been bad for the culture for the group.
It would of impacted the results of the group.
It would in the long-term create refunds.
It would in the long-term hurt my reputation.

Simply put…
Saying NO now for many things in your business, allow you to say YES
later, in a bigger and even better way.

This is one of the biggest reasons why great Entrepreneurs fail inside
of their business.

It’s really hard to say NO.

It’s hard to tell someone it’s not going to be a good fit.
It’s hard to turn down money right now.
It’s hard to not go with your ego and go with your heart.

The NO’s you have in your life…
Are what defines where you end up…

It defines your integrity to self.
It defines your ethics.
It defines your authenticity.
It defines your principles.

All of which are extremely expensive in the moment…
But the only investment that builds long term (inside and out) success.

  • Scott

Are you taking care of yourself?

I’ve been away for most of the last week…

I’ve taken a small vacation with Libby.
Completed some amazing advisory for Entrepreneurs whose businesses I
help build…

Along with a photo shoot and a 2-day video shoot…
(Some pretty cool stuff is about to be launched over the next 90 days).

It’s been a lot of fun building the next version of what will be seen by
millions of Entrepreneurs over the next year.

The other night at Dinner with my Videographer, Kyle we were talking
about the interview video that we shot…

A pretty important topic came up…

Can you truly help others until you help yourself?

I don’t believe we can.
I believe that the most powerful place you can be as an Entrepreneur is
in one where you have your own needs met, so you can help others.

That’s why I believe it’s important to be able to have money in the

I believe that’s why it’s important to not be hustling 24/7.

I believe that’s why it’s really important to get yourself “right”…
and the things in your life “right”.

Because until you don’t have the stress of the day-to-day…

When you can take care of you and your family…

That’s the day when you wake up and ask…
“What do I really want to do, today?”

That’s a powerful day and one that I’m so excited for you to be able to
experience, if you haven’t yet.

That’s what’s embedded in all that I get to bring to you in my work.

Harmony in your life,
automatically allows for you to support others
for harmony in theirs.

This happens in steps…

So the question is…
Right now, how can you feel up yourself, even more…

10 minutes of meditation?
A drive in the car?
Some alone time?
Booking a little travel?

Taking care of yourself,
isn’t something that only you can do…

Once you’ve “made it”.
The habit, starts right now.

Talk soon 🙂

  • Scott

What’s your preference?

Libby and I are about to hit the skies and have some fun this weekend
away from Northern California, this weekend…

Before I left, I wanted to talk about…

What is it that you actually want?

Do you have clarity on that?
If so, what clarity?

I’ve found that our life generally fits our preference.

When you are ready for a different reality, you change your preference
and your life becomes different.

A lot of Entrepreneurs I meet and mentor can feel trapped by their

“How can I get here… or there…”

Being a victim to our circumstances is a really easy option because it
doesn’t require self-responsibility.
When you have something in your life…
It’s because you prefer it…

I’m not going to tell you that the moment that you change your
preference everything changes.

However, when your preference changes, you start to see the world
differently and what actions you take and how you think changes.

By looking at our life as a set of preferences that we have the ability
to change, it allows us to take responsibility for our outcome and
further, the ability to have the life we truly want to live.

For example…
I prefer to take 2-3 vacations with Libby on a monthly basis.

Your mind may tell you…

  • I don’t have enough money
  • That’s a silly thing to do
  • That’s a lot of time
  • I’m not __.

However, if I actually really prefer that.
I’ll make it happen.

This week, I’ve had more phone calls than I normally have because last
week I delivered amazing content to almost 1000 Entrepreneurs…

And next week I prefer to not have any phone calls or group calls
because my photographer and videographer is in town shooting…

So, because of my preference of being able to take a weekend vacation
after my launch and before my photo + video shoot…

I preferred to have more calls over the last 3 days…

When I was nomadic, I preferred to not own a home or rent a home.

When I wanted a home of our own, I preferred to live on a beautiful
mountain in California.

Our life is created by preferences.
Then us simply surrendering to the time it takes for it to become a
reality through our daily practice.

This weekend…
Really meditate, journal & think on this…

What am I preferring that I don’t actually prefer?

Enjoy the weekend.
Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing & whoever you’re with…

I’m sending love, light & super fun vibes!

The best thing about being a mentor?

I’m off an amazing high from the first day of the workshop that I’m

And as I was here getting ready for Day 2 of the workshop…
I was thinking…

“What’s the best thing about mentoring and advising Entrepreneurs?”
All of my 1-on-1 clients generally become friends and business partners.

See, one of my core rules for being in business with someone is that I
need to have worked with him for at least 6 months beforehand.

In mentoring someone for 6 months,
I get to know them REALLY well.

While majority of my effort & time is spent on the businesses that you
never see me talk about…

I’m beyond excited for the types of businesses I get to help.

And the Entrepreneurs I get to empower to the next level.

For example, Theresa (picture below) who over the past year, I’ve helped
truly craft her business, while scaling it in the medical education

And now…

We’re building a certification program together to help the medical
field gain education that isn’t possible any other way.

In 2020, I finally had the ability to ask the question…

“What do I want to do?”

After months of asking that question…
It came down to help businesses who…

  • Help raise consciousness
  • Help change education
  • Help optimization of time and energy
  • Help disrupt normal thinking

Beyond excited to wake up &

do what I really want and think about

the planet for the next 30 years.

Feel so truly lucky being able to work with amazing Entrepreneurs who
are doing things I could never do by myself.

And the truth is…
I could of asked myself this question much sooner.

I was simply afraid.
Afraid of the answer.
Afraid of having to pick up the phone and doing the “big” thing that I
was scared of.

And now?
I’ve never felt more on fire…
I’ve never felt more on purpose…
I’ve never felt more like I’m here to do EXACTLY what I’m do.

With ZERO hesitation.

Moral of the story…
If you’re building your business, take a moment, to really make sure you
know what you’re building and if it’s what you REALLY want to do.

Giving your permission isn’t easy, but you CAN do it

Reflections from my 30th Birthday

First off…

I just wanted to say thank you.
If you’ve been here following me and my work for a day or for years.

You’ve been a massive part of my last decade.
And I want to thank you.

No matter if you simply read an email time to time.
Or if we work together in whatever capacity, we might.

Thank you, for allowing me to do what I’m called to do on this planet.

While most of my 20’s wasn’t like this.
As I reflect today, I feel so proud & happy that I get to wake up each
morning and ask…

“What do I want to do today?”

And actually get to do it.
I feel so extremely lucky to be able to do what I do.

In reflection, as today is my 30th Birthday I wanted to share a few
things that I’ve learnt that I’m bringing into this next decade…

  • Control is the master addiction of humankind, if you can surrender and
    let go of outcomes, expectations and goals, your happiness will expand
  • Building a successful business is mostly about being able to take
    responsibility of everything inside of your reality.
  • We all have a series of wounds, triggers and things that we can either
    ignore or evolve. The more we ignore them, the more the universe
    reflects it.
  • It’s never about the funnel, or the sale page, or the team, or any of
    that “stuff”. It’s how you’re relating to the “strategy” or the “tactic”
    that makes it so you can or can not do something.
  • People study money, if you really want to master money, study the flow
    of energy, it makes far more sense and gives you a mastery that is
    universal for everything.
  • Relationships are everything and the more of them that you can have
    where you expect nothing, fully receive and can fully love and give
    increases your fulfillment on the planet.
  • Never underestimate just how impactful being around the right people,
    particularly your life partner is for your growth and being who you want
    to be.
  • Trying to grow without the help of coaches, mentors, advisors,
    friends, healers and those who’ve done it before you, is irresponsible.
  • Presence and Awareness is by far the most important skills a human can
  • Anything is possible through patience and never ever giving up.
  • Meditation and channeling your inner world will guide you to your true
  • Everything is figure-out-able.
  • The ego is a powerful ally, that can turn into the enemy if you don’t
    nurture the relationship.
  • What you identify with, becomes your reality.
  • An open belief system is what allows true evolution and for you to get
    what you really want.
  • Following the $ or a # in your bank account will never ever make you
    happy for more than a day.
  • The destination is never what makes you happy, being present and
    enjoying the journey and who become during the journey is what makes you
    happy (or miserable).
  • Love, Patience, Compassion & Empathy is what makes a successful
    Entrepreneur (inside & out).
  • It can only be as good, as you can take it.

I could go on…
My time is up for now.

Sending love to you.
I love you & your journey, deeply, friend.

No matter where you are.
I’m so proud that you’re taking the path that so many won’t.

  • Scott

11 things that make an Entrepreneur freak out…

Hope you had an amazing weekend.

Take a moment:
What are you most grateful for this week?

Once you’re done that…
I wanted to share the 11 Things that will turn
successful 7-Figure Entrepreneur

into a Full-Fledge 7-Year Old within 5 minutes…

Like most adults…

Entrepreneurs are simply over-achieving kids

with bigger bank accounts and amplified emotions 🙂

In my business, I help them grow and most people

think that I can do that because I have some ninja

bag of strategies and tricks.

Maybe it’s that…

Or maybe, it’s because my real job is helping Entrepreneurs evolve who
they ARE and who they BECOME.

Here are 11 things I’ve noticed that will trigger Entrepreneurs, until
they build the tools & have emotional resiliency and the ability to
observe themselves, instead of reacting.

  1. When they don’t hit anywhere close to their goal

Simply put — they set a goal and they didn’t get anywhere near it,
because of it, it hurts their own ego, they become hard on themselves
and typically shut down.

One of two things happen:

Either they set a BIGGER goal for the next month or DON’T set a goal for
the next month.

  1. When they look at their bank account
    and feel like “this is all I have?”

Building a business takes a lot, most Entrepreneurs have less than 90
days of money in the bank.

If you’re growing your business, the chances are, unless you have an
exit, or you don’t grow quickly you aren’t going to be hanging on to
millions of dollars in the bank.

This can feel like imposter syndrome (if you are in the B2B space), or
it can feel like you’ve “done all this work” with nothing to show.

Meanwhile… chances are… you have a LOT to show for it.

Money isn’t the only currency.

  1. When a team member, which helped them build the business is no longer
    a good fit

This person feels like your best friend, they matter to you, letting go
of this person or making them redundant, is difficult because you have a
level of loyalty to them.

They took a chance on me, when I had nothing, you may think.

This is like staying with a girlfriend just because they supported you.

Either they do their job and help you get to the next milestone.

Or you’re screwing both of you.

  1. When someone has disrespected them

It doesn’t matter what it is, if someone disrespects most Entrepreneurs,
they will go on a warpath.

Perhaps it’s a competitor, or someone who just didn’t know the better.

Regardless, disrespect an Entrepreneur… and it’s all over.

  1. When they feel they are trapped inside of their business and can’t
    get out

When businesses scale up, Entrepreneurs typically can feel “trapped”
inside of their business once it’s becoming stable, because, it’s no
longer “fun”.

Money is made in repetition, not innovation (most of the time) and that
can feel like you’re trapped inside of the business.

So, a lot of the time people feel trapped and when they do… they do
crazy things.

Like start new businesses… destroy things… sabotage…

  1. When they feel like someone is trying to tarnish their reputation

Entrepreneurs value their reputation, A LOT.

Even more, if they have a personal brand.

If you ever want to see someone have a breakdown, see an Entrepreneur
have their reputation tarnished by something or someone.

They will freak out.

Thankfully, most people don’t remember past 7-days, so it truly doesn’t

However, it is a lesson–

If someone knew what you were doing right this moment, would they be
proud of you?

Are you proud of you?

  1. When someone on their team messes something up that they feel they
    would never do

Your team just sent an email to the wrong segment,

your facebook team just spend $1,000 on the wrong ad set

and a customer didn’t get a phone call they were suppose too.

When you’re scaling, it’s impossible for you not to have mistakes.

Growing takes a lot of mistakes.

And just because you wouldn’t do it, other’s may.

Most Entrepreneurs want to put their hands up and fire their entire team
at this point.

  1. When their marketing and sales simply doesn’t work “as seen in
    Facebook Ads”

Ever see an Entrepreneur lose their mind when their marketing doesn’t
work like it’s seen on Facebook Ads… or their competitors…

People compare how well they are doing, connected directly to how their
marketing is working…

And people feel like they’ll put up a Facebook Ad and all of their
problems will be fixed…


You have to try new angles, new things, innovate, iterate.

This is the same as how Porn has distorted reality of what Sex is really

  1. When their operations and processes doesn’t work as well as a Fortune
    100 company

“Why can’t it just work”

Because… everytime you grow, you break things.

“Why can’t it be simple”

Because… if it was, anyone would do it.

Your operations, processes and internals of your business will continue
to break, over and over again.

If they don’t — your business is broken, because it’s dying, not

  1. When they feel insignificant, or not important

Entrepreneurs, a lot of the time are driven by significance, or the act
of feeling important.

In order to be a business owner, this cannot be present.

However, fast-acting Entrepreneurs are driven, largely because deep down
they are trying to prove something to themselves.

For me, it’s been like that for my entire life.

Well, if someone doesn’t feel important, as an Entrepreneur.

They’ll start freaking out.

  1. When they pay their bills each and every month

Don’t talk to Entrepreneurs on the day when they pay all of their bills.

They are a mess.

They check their bank account 4 times, they start freaking out, they
start losing their mind.

They think they are failing.

Of course, if they had proper projections, financial controls and
understanding, this wouldn’t happen.

Because your bank account, isn’t what you’re really using to run your

Or at least it isn’t.


There are plenty of others…

However, what you should remember is this…

Entrepreneurs, people like you and me.

Are just little kids, who are doing this “adult” thing…

And at any given moment, we can freak out.

And it’s okay.

There’s something that’s driving us to what we’re doing in the world.

What I’ve found is…

The more successful you are (and happy)

The more you don’t sweat the little things.

The less you react to the outside the world.

The more you trust the universe.

And you play like a 7-year old.

Instead of freaking out like one 🙂

  • Scott

“How did I get here?” (for successful entrepreneurs)

A lot of Entrepreneurs will get to a point
where they ask…

“How did I get here?”

Between 2018-2019, within 16 months I made over $10,000,000.

I remember my first million dollar month.

I’ve never told this story, before.

See, while I was building this in 2018,

there was a little voice in my head…

“Scott, this isn’t what you really want”.

I ignored it.

I continued.

It felt “good” on paper…

A big team.

A lot of impact.

A lot of cool things for my ego.

I felt “cool”.

Being a kid that wasn’t really liked

and certainly not cool.

I really, really, really liked this.

But… want to know the truth?

In the time in making over $10M.

I kept less than $900,000.

And then in April of 2019.

I had “the moment”.

Where the whisper becomes an echo chamber.

I gave up my alignment and truth to achieve growth, for the sake of

Every month that went by?

I was spending over $500,000 in just fixed expenses.

Further, I ended up here, not because I wanted to change something.

I ended up there, because I wanted to prove something.

And whenever you prove, anything, to anyone, including yourself.

You lose.

I remember the moment, I realized that I couldn’t keep going.

That it was out of integrity to keep building a business, even if it was
good on paper.

Even if, someday, I could sell it.

Even if, I had people, who wanted to invest in it.

Even if, it has impact.

It wasn’t MY calling.

It wasn’t MY vision.

It was out of ego, not from my heart or passion.

I called my CEO at the time and told him.

He tried REALLY hard to talk me out of it.

I knew my truth and I was finally ready to follow it.

See, when you follow your ego.

You generally don’t get what you really want.

In those 18 months, I kept less than a million dollars and the business
had almost zero profitability and managing a business, even
energetically, was so difficult.

Because it didn’t come from who I was…

It felt like I was working for my team…

I was making money for no other reason, but to spend it.

Energetically, it was completely off.

I felt resentment.

At the end, I sold part of the company.

I shut down the other part.

And I took another part back.

It cost me almost a million dollars to shut down that business.

If we do a little math.

I worked for 18 months, for free.

Again, another lesson.

Following your ego, doesn’t pay well.

The next 6 months of 2019, were some of the most difficult.

I built an 8-figure business.

Internally, I felt like I failed.

Or rather, my ego did.

I tell you this, because the road of Entrepreneurship is full of your
ego taking control.

You hire team, because you think you should.

You take on clients, you know you shouldn’t.

You expand your lifestyle.

You buy into the hype that others have created, for you.

You swim in the kool-aid that your ego’s created.

You become consumed by an identity.

And so, your heart and your soul?

They get drowned out, so you can’t hear them.

I’ve spent every moment since May of 2019, rebuilding this relationship
with my whole self.

Following flow and intuition.

Instead of what’s cool.

And you know what?

It’s worked really well.

I have no stress.

I have no anxiety.

I have a business that in 2020, generated more collected profit that I
was able to take out of the business than 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019

YET… it was my lowest revenue year since 2017.

On average, I worked 25 hours a week.

I took 4 months off last year.

I STOPPED following and comparing to others.

I STOPPED buying into the kool-aid of who others think I am.

I STOPPED having a dream that wasn’t mine.

I STOPPED doing things that didn’t make sense for me.

I STOPPED having a business model from scarcity.

On this journey of Entrepreneurship.

It’s DIFFICULT not to allow Ego to control you.

Ego isn’t “bad”.

It’s needed.

While 2018 and 2019, certainly were no failure, in hindsight and I
learnt so much and helped so many people.

When you follow ego, blindly.

You can never arrive at true north.

And True North?

That’s what will always feel the best.

That’s what will always be most profitability.

That’s what will always be less stressful.

That’s what will allow you to never wake up and ask…

“How’d I get here?”

  • Scott 🙂

Getting back to being you

Here’s the truth about entrepreneurship.

Nearly every entrepreneur loses themself at some point along their

If we take the concept of losing ourselves too far, it’s not healthy.

We betray our health…
We betray our relationships…
We betray ourselves and who we are as an individual…

Sometimes, I even see people betray their values and principles as a
human being.

It’s time to stop betraying yourself and go back and define who you
actually are.

In order to achieve success, we sometimes cut things out…
We sometimes create crazy calendars and journals
along with routines and habits…

But you may find that you’ve lost more things that you wanted to do…

…those are the things that you should plan on getting back to doing
more often.

Our true selves, can be difficult to find, because we abandon them so
quickly in the pursuit of success.

You go on a journey to know yourself.

You go and find things and see what you like and what you don’t.

Write a list of things that interest you…
That you actually enjoy.

But perhaps you now judge instead of allow with open-mindedness.

Remember that you’re always recreating yourself and your identity all
the time.

Once you do something repeatedly… you forget why you started doing it.

It’s not until you put a spotlight on that thing that you’re doing
and start thinking about why you do it that you start to evolve as a

Now you have the choice to either continue doing it or do something

This is how you find your true self and evolve as a person.

I’ve found that your business is the portal for you to actually
understand who you are.

People get into entrepreneurship for the tangible results:
the money in the bank…
the nice house…
the lifestyle…

but then they realize that doesn’t really fulfill them…
Not to mention that they get lost in the process.

They then go outside to look for another goal they can go after to feel
fulfilled, or what we like to call a purpose (more on the purpose trap

What we don’t realize is the fact that destination doesn’t matter.

It’s the journey that allows you to develop as a person and evolving
is the important part of entrepreneurship.

After all, this is why you’re here.

The only way to know yourself is to put yourself out there on the edges
to be uncomfortable and see what it’s like to mess up…

to see what you can do, and most importantly…
how you treat yourself while you’re going through all of that.

The goal is to learn how to be compassionate, loving and understanding
with yourself no matter what happens in your life.

Entrepreneurship is the fastest way to get you there.

Money disappears pretty quickly.
It doesn’t become important when you get to a certain point.

So today, take a few moments…
What do you enjoy?
What did you give up?
What are you really feeling right now?
Who are you.

Because the more of YOU, that YOU are…
The more fun you’re going to have
and the more magnetizing you will become.

Being YOU is the biggest unfair advantage, you’ll ever have.

Until next time,

  • Scott 🙂

2 Major Lessons for Scaling your Business

I wanted to share with you two lessons as I reflect on my recent
launches and just how important these lessons are in everything you do
as you scale.

1. Be open to change

When I was doing ads last week, I had someone who commented and said
low-ticket doesn’t work. He spent over 10 million dollars… so he has
the experience.

But guess what?

It worked for me in this launch. It worked for me last year.
My average customer value was around $80 and I was spending around

And it wasn’t an optimized funnel, it was my first version.
If I do it again? It’ll work even better.

If we even forget that, when I do these workshops they do between $500K

  • $1.5M with all of those who want to work with me in a higher-level.

The lesson?
Be open to change and don’t get set in beliefs.
Reaching success doesn’t mean that you stop testing or experimenting.

I actually used to think like that person who said that low-ticket
doesn’t work.

I never thought that a low ticket workshop would work.
Now, it’s a major profit generating revenue line that is also some of
the most fun in my business and takes the stress out of a “launch”.

If I wasn’t open to change?

I would still make money, maybe more, but I would still have those
stressful launches that aren’t aligned with the way I want to grow my
business going forward.

Which brings me to the next point…

2. Have fun in every step of the process

Fun is the language of money.

If you want to make more money (and keep it), you have to have fun.

“But couldn’t I make more money if I just hustle and forget about

This is the question that may be running through your mind right now…

Truth is…
Seriousness is what people want to run away from.
Fun and being relaxed? It’s what people truly want.

Last year was the most profitable year I had.
It was also the year I worked the least.


Because I cut out all the things that were stressful.
I started to make having fun a priority.
I go on at least 2 trips a month.
I take plenty of time away from the business.
I do what I want, when I want.
I don’t sweat the small stuff (or the big stuff)

And when I didn’t feel like working…
I didn’t stress about it and push myself to overwork.

Start having more fun and infuse it inside of EVERYTHING you do…

More work isn’t always better.

For example…
You don’t need more launches…
You don’t need more clients…
You don’t need more products…
You don’t need complex funnels…
You don’t need to do sales calls every day to keep growing…
You can cut out the clients who you don’t want to work with (or start
planning for how to do so)…
You can choose to only work with people you align with…

And most importantly…

You could take breaks and recharge…

The ego says we need to do more.
Success doesn’t have to be 14 hour work days or picking up your phone
250 times to check messages, emails, sales and everything else.

You’re worthy of having more fun and having a business that aligns
with what you want.

So what are you doing to start having more fun in your life and your

Reply to this email and let me know.

  • Scott

P.s. What are the things you want to know more about when it comes to
scaling a business that is in alignment with your values and goals?

11 things I want to tell you about launches

I’ve completed hundreds of launches through those clients I’ve mentored
and personally have had over a dozen 7/7+ figure launches, while of
course, operating an evergreen-centric business.

In that time, I’ve learnt how to create stress-free, easy launches.

See, the reason I love launches is that it allows you to birth new
things into the world.

While in the past, launches would be stressful, take for example this,
Skip the Pitch workshop launch.

In total, I’ve spent 14 hours of time building it.
I developed 4+ hours of amazing content that will go into my upcoming
book based on the same topic.
I spent $50,000 on ads.

It’s generated close to $500K in collected revenue, which will likely
turn into even more in the future and my “sequence” of allowing people
to work with me has only been 4 days long.

I wanted to share with you 11 things I’ve learnt from generating tens of
millions through launches and having helped 100’s of 6/7 & 8-figure
Entrepreneurs have launches that have massive profit, aren’t stressful
and are chill.

  1. Launches that are created for simply the reason of making more money,
    has always been out of alignment for me.

Instead, I look at launches as a way to be able to do three core things.

First, it allows me to get something out into the world that is new,
that isn’t there yet. This thing must excite me and has to have a level
of passion.

Second, it allows me to build a system that can be turned evergreen,
shortly thereafter.

I’ve found that if you have a deadline and a thousand people who are
showing up to see the “thing”, you do a better job than if you build
something with a “whenever” deadline.

Third, the energy around a “launch” is just something I enjoy so much
fuels me.

  1. Launches allow you to infuse profitablity and investable cash into
    your business.

A lot of people use launches to be able to show their business profit,
they think, I’ll do two launches a year and that is my revenue and

I don’t love this way of doing business.
If your evergreen marketing and sales isn’t building you enough revenue
and profit to have a business– there is an underlying issue.

See, I look at launches at being able to help fund something.

Sometimes, that is personal.
Sometimes, that’s the business.
Sometimes, it’s the external investments.
Sometimes, it’s for mentors, coaches or education…

It doesn’t matter, however, relying on launches isn’t a great model in
my experience.

For example, in this most recent launch, I’m using 70% of the profit to
future-fund, Modern Business Academy and the development of my business,
with the other 30% being used for out-of-business investments.

  1. There are 3 specific levels of consciousness that go into a truly
    effective launch.

Intuitive — to be able to understand what you want to feel and what you
want others to feel.

Intellectual — to be able to understand the 80/20 of what you need to
do, when you need to do it and how everything should be structured.

Willful — to be able to do what you need to do in order to make the
launch a success.

Live from a single one of these and your launch will be stressful.

Will, without intellect, will make 14 hour days, that don’t need to

Intuitive, without Intellect will make lots of meditations without the
needed attention to directing energy towards your launch.

  1. Launching, if you allow it to be can be an emotional rollercoaster.

From the start “high” to the middle of the launch which feels like
everything won’t work.

Technology breaking…
Ads not working the way you want…

The attitude needed inside of a launch is…
“Everything will happen in perfect time”.

I’m not telling you it’s always that easy.
I’m just telling you the alternative isn’t fun.

  1. Planning the energetics of your launch is really, really important.

That could mean a vacation before and after a launch.
That could mean a daily massage.
That could mean playing video games every evening.
That could mean a million things.

However, self-care during a launch allows you to stay in a relaxed

Relaxation is one of the things we must have during a launch, as it’s
this energy level that ensures abundance.

  1. You’re always going to feel like you can do more…

More ads..
More emails…
More outreach…
More webinars…
More, More, More.

My business choice?
Decide what feels in alignment before you launch and stick to that.

You’re going to feel some scarcity based on a feedback loop of your

However, doing these things can bring you out of integrity with
yourself, which then brings the energetics of the launch away from you.

  1. No matter if the sale happens now, or later, you won.
    If your launching because you want to birth something into the world…

If your launching because you want this to be an evergreen system…

If your launching and you’re doing it for all the right reasons AND you
can release from expectations.

Realize that you’re setting up new customers far into the future.

Bringing sidewalkers into the slow lane.
Slow laners, into the fast lane.
And fast laners to being customers.

  1. A launch has a lot of side benefits, that you may not know about.

Partnerships, you didn’t know were possible.
People who want to work with you 1 on 1.
Attention from those that you may not of had the attention of.

  1. Ensure that you actually learn after each launch.
    As you’re doing the launch…

Have a check list…
What worked? What didn’t?
What felt good? What didn’t?
What would you do again?

This is a great exercise across the entire business, however,
specifically for launches, it allows us to understand what is and isn’t
in alignment.

  1. Know that you continue to get better and better and it becomes
    easier and easier.

I used to spend 5x more time on the launches I had.
I used to spend 5x more time on the sales process.
And probably 10x more time on the delivery.

It wasn’t always like this.
I remember, my first launch in 2015.

$24,000 in sales and I thought it was too good to be true.
One year later in May of 2016, my first $500K launch.
6 months later in October of 2016, my first $1M launch.

Entrepreneurship isn’t a game of one and done.
It’s a game of 1% better, each day.

That’s all for now.
I’ve got a group call with my higher-end Accelerator Entrepreneurs now.

No matter if you’re launch…
Or not.

I wish I knew all of this.
It isn’t the specifics about the launch.
However, the energetics of a launch is what makes or break the success
of it.

  • Scott

Goals, Intentions & Surrender (thoughts from my trip)

I just got back from a Trip that Libby (my Wife) and I took after our
Skip the Pitch Workshop.

We had this beautiful place in the Forest, overlooking the Ocean…

Before and after every time that I “launch” something, I always take
sometime away.

It helps me to ground & connect with myself and the most important
person in my life, Libby.

After the workshop last Thursday, I had the most incredible “high” one
can get.

The feeling of delivering some of the best information and energy of my
entire life.

Having my most successful workshop ever and simply feeling how amazing
the ripple effect would be.

I had comment, after comment.
Emails, DM’s of love.

People closing sales using the strategies I shared.
Clients telling me just how impactful it was.

Yet, when I woke up on Friday morning…
The feeling subsided, quickly.

See, it’s difficult as a human being not to set goals.
As a society, we are taught to set goals.

Set Goals.
Get the thing.

As you progress, you realize that setting intentions feel better than
goals, because it allows the universe to help you, just a little better.

Yet, it’s extremely difficult to make your mind have this shift.

When I was in massive debt, my only goal was to get out of debt.

I created such a strong creation around the idea of goals, that it’s so
difficult to forget.

While I didn’t write down a goal for my workshop.
I secretly wanted a result.
I wanted more than just to deliver the information.

Even if, that’s not what I said.

Last year, in my 5-Day Marketing Workshop.
I did it twice, both times, it was a 7+ figure launch.

On Friday, I asked Gianna.
“Hey, how are we looking?”

She said with EPIC optimism.
“Really good, it’s going SUPER well, aligned people want to work with

I said…
“How many applications” <– this was my mistake.

She said the number.
And here is where I found my expectation.

See, I was expecting a number based on a hidden goal.

While I thought I was unattached to a goal and living in a place of surrender.

In that exact moment, because she told me a number lower than what I expected…

I thought to myself…
“We need more!”

Even though, it compared to those in the past.
It wasn’t what I wanted, secretly.

I spend the next 30 minutes building an EPIC plan that any internet marketer would be proud of…

(At this point, I didn’t realize what was actually happening).

My brain was saying…

“Scott, you’ve got to get another big launch! You have more people than ever before here, this stuff is so good, you’ve got the best product of your life, this is the BIG ONE.”

I was getting ready for Gianna to do an outreach campaign…
I was getting ready for a personalized email campaign…
I was ready to push, instead of pull.

I was beginning to will my way to abundance.
Instead of follow the truth that is a simple phrase, that since I’ve adopted, has helped me create massive peace, passion, profit & impact.

Surrender: Everything is perfect. Thank You, More Please.

Sound woowoo? Maybe it is.

In that moment, I texted the team.

As a reminder, to them and me.

“Hey guys, I just wanted to tell you that we CRUSHED this workshop.

No matter what the result is, no matter the number of applications, remember our truth is…

Everything in perfect time”.

Now, you can call it the universe, or something in-between, but after that moment of coming back to surrender.

Every moment since Friday morning, until now has been bliss.

Releasing the expectation.
Releasing the hidden intentions & goals.
Releasing the scarcity.
Releasing everything and simply saying…

I surrender. All in perfect time.
While is the most difficult thing, is the truest thing that creates flow and ease in our life and business.

Okay, I’m gone to bed.
This week, simply remember to enjoy the flow and mystery of life.

Pull, don’t push.
And remember, that the universe wants even more for you than what you can write on a piece of paper or vision board.

Sending love to you this week.

Scott <3

Thoughts from my road trip

Thought #1: On Making It
I’m just catching up on a few things this morning.
I just got back from a road trip with some friends up the coast and it
made me think If you’re trying to “make it” right now…⁣
I’ve got to tell you something…⁣

It’s worth it. ⁣

I wish someone told me how good it can get. ⁣

When I was work 18 hours a day…⁣
When I felt like I might die. ⁣
When I felt like it might never get better…⁣

I didn’t know if it was worth it. ⁣

I just got back from an epic trip with one of my best friends

And it’s times like these that remind me…⁣
It. ⁣
Is. ⁣
Worth. ⁣
Every. ⁣
Single. ⁣
Tear. ⁣

Never give up on what you know is real and true for you. ⁣

It’s even better than you can imagine. ⁣

As I was driving through the forest in my super car.
As I was hanging out in beautiful resorts.
As I was enjoying time with best friends.
As I was being able to be completely and fully present.

I had a deep realization.
That if you let it, it’s always completely “worth it”.

Thought #2: On investment
Yesterday, an investment I purchased in January went to $0.70.

I bought it at 0.005.
I would have made over 2M if I kept it.

For about 2 hours, I was super bummed.
I texted one of my friends, he made the same investment and made over

At that moment, I had lots of feelings.
I took a few moments to meditate to really experience what I was

See, I followed my intuition and bought it.
I followed my fear and sold it far too early.

That’s lesson one.

The second lesson?
Be careful to never regret anything.
You’re on your path for a reason and regret is simply bad energy that
clouds your judgement of the future.

Thought #3: Meditation
I was hanging out with a guy in 2017 that was doing really well in his
I asked him what his biggest “reason” for success was.

He said.

Back then, I didn’t get it.
It took me a couple years to figure out what he meant.

If you simply went for a walk for 20 minutes a day, meditate for 20 and
connect to yourself for the other 20.

Your level of success will sky rocket.

And don’t give me some excuse that you can’t take the time.
It’s not true.

He’s a billionaire now.

That’s it for now…
Sending love your way this weekend.
Thanks for being here,

79.6% Profit Margin (my 4-Step Business Model for Scaling)

In 2020, I was able to achieve a 79.6% profit margin in my mentoring

All while selling tens of thousands of books…
And adding over 100,000 new Entrepreneurs to my audience…
And help 1000’s of Entrepreneurs scale…

“How the heck did you do that?”

I’ll be honest with you.
Just because bigger is bigger, doesn’t mean it’s better.

In 2020, I collected the highest amount of profit, of any single year in

And it was less revenue than 2018 or 2019.

After seeing what’s worked and what doesn’t work.
I set out at the middle of 2019, to build a business that worked for me.

That built peace.
That built profit.
That built impact.
That built ease.
That built fun.

Through this, I built a 4-part business model.

One that allowed for…

A. High Profit Margins
B. Building Audience
C. Building Increased Levels of Influence
D. Time-Freedom

So, I developed a business model that was based on having…

  1. An audience building product
  2. A core profit building product
  3. A recurring source of revenue to pay for expenses
  4. A intimacy high profit product

This allowed me to…

  • Ensure I didn’t have to worry about my expenses for the business or my
    life each month.
  • Had plenty of money to increase the amount I could invest in building
    a larger audience.
  • Have profit that could be used to invest in other businesses.
  • Maintain a healthy, profit focused business.

Since then I’ve implemented this in all of the businesses I mentor.

It does take time.
However, if you do it right, it builds the perfect mix of profitability,
growth, sustainability and ease inside of your business.

  • Scott

P.S. If you want to dive deep into my business model and how I structure my business, check out this video.

Mr. / Ms. Dunning-Kruger (and the dangers)

have you ever heard of the Dunning-Kruger effect?

In our industry: The Wisdom Economy it can explain majority of the
problems that give people a bad taste.

It can be explained inside of this graph…

Incompetent people tend to: Overestimate their own skill levels.
Fail to recognize the genuine skill and expertise of other people.

Fail to recognize their own mistakes and lack of skill.

What’s the problem with this?

Yesterday, I saw a Facebook Ad for someone who was teaching Facebook

There’s no problem with this.
The problem is…

Less than a year ago, this person came to me and I denied working with
them simply because of their mindset as I couldn’t get them to use a
funnel or paid advertising.

I refunded them.

As I saw their ad, I didn’t even know how to react.

9 months ago… they didn’t have a funnel.
they didn’t ever use online ads.


Now, I don’t have a problem with someone else coaching something that
they’ve learnt.

However, there is a major difference between coaching and mentoring.

Which is where Mr. / Ms. Dunning-Kruger comes in…

It doesn’t matter if it’s for your marketing…
a mindset coach…
or anything in-between.

Dunning-Kruger is the lack of self-awareness that occurs when someone
doesn’t realize that they aren’t an expert.

What you’ll find, even more, is that true experts have imposter syndrome.

When people have Dunning-Kruger activated, they will be extremely optimistic, backed with very little result of that confidence.

Now… the truth is: I’ve 100% seen this inside of my own life.
When I was 19, I had this.
It’s what made me lose all my money and go a million in debt.

I thought I couldn’t fail and I didn’t have the self-awareness to
realize that just because I was good at “X” I wasn’t at “Y”.

Here’s the problem…
People believe that coaches, consultants, etc. are out of integrity in
this industry.

Having seen these people who aren’t aware of what they don’t know,
this isn’t generally true.

The bigger problem is…
They don’t know the difference.

So… the question is?
How do you hire someone who is actually in their zone of genius?

True experts and those who great at what they do?
They are optimistic and risk-adverse.
They know what makes sense and what doesn’t.
They say no more than they say yes.
They know exactly what will work and where they can help.

How do you ensure that you aren’t buying into your own story and
activating this little human condition?

In pursuit of being “different” in your marketing, generally
exaggerating what you can do may work in the short-term and burn your
reputation and credibility, plus give you a massive level of stress.

It’s better to be authentic and relevant than promise the world and
deliver an astroid.

If your going to teach things you’ve just learnt (which is totally
okay!), simply be upfront with that.

There’s lots of people that need to hear it from you, simply because
it’s coming from you.

You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone.
Heck, not proving, is the “yummy” marketing that you’re going for 🙂

  • Scott

Everything has a lifecycle…

I’m just back from vacation and today, I announced that I’m closing my
free Facebook Group.

After years of it being online and it just surpassing 10,000 members, by
June, it will be no more.

It made me think of the fact that everything has a life cycle.
My group, I started in 2017 and I curated heavily.

In many ways, it feels like a part of who I am and my identity, so many
relationships have been built inside of the group.

However, coming into 2021, I knew I needed to let it go.

Everything you have inside of your life and business either creates &
builds energy, requires the maintaining of energy or drains energy.

There’s really only 3 modes.

And the job of a successful Entrepreneur is to manage these 3 areas
effectively by ensuring that there are no drains of energy.

In building my new business and a large part of it is community. In the
past 6 years of building community and connection driven businesses I’ve
discovered a lot.

And… this free Facebook I had…
Because it was draining energy instead of building energy, it wasn’t the
version of community that I believe Entrepreneurs actually need.

In my life, I’ve had a lot of opportunities to stay with “good” instead
of “amazing”.

When I met my Wife, I had to leave a “good” life, for an “phenomenal”

In announcing my new business, I feel that I’ve accepted the
“phenomenal” version, instead of the version that I’m simply “used” to

And the truth is…
Everything you do has a life cycle.

There is a time and place, for everything.
Every business, will eventually die, giving birth something new.

And from what I’ve experienced, the most fulfillment and momentum occurs
when you know when to redirect your energy instead of following
something for nostalgic reasons.

Once you know your truth.
Once you know your path.
Once you know your season.

Dive, as quickly as you can stomach.

You’ll find that the best version of life occurs when you’re not afraid
to let go of what feels normal and pursue phenomenal.

  • S

The consistency myth… (why people lie to themselves)

If you scroll through your ads about building businesses…
or from anyone who is helping you scale a business…

What is the #1 thing that are attempting to sell?

And… I hate to break it to you.
Certainty is a myth, a construct, developed by society in order to allow
yourself to lie to yourself.

There is truly no such thing.

When I mentor Entrepreneurs, I continue to tell them…
Just because you had your best month, doesn’t mean, that’s your

Further, as human beings, we have seasons.
Sometimes, we’re on Treasure Island.
Sometimes, we’re crying in the shower about everything that we’re
experiencing in our world.

Those who I’ve met that are happiest?
Embrace their season, instead of wishing it away.

Entrepreneurs desire consistency…
I want every month, to be better than the last month.

And they define it by how much money they make.

The truth is…
You’re going to have big months.
You’re going to have great launches.
You’re going to have times of great work.

And you’re going to have the opposite.
Most Entrepreneurs I meet that have also done extremely well, made their
most money in just a few years, not because of compound gains

In 2020, I had the most profitable (in both margin and cash collected)
of my entire life.

70% of that money was collected in 3 months of the year.

I’m all for consistent growth.
and I’m all for becoming 1% better a day.

However, trying to build your business…
Or your life…

In a way that is consistent in its results, disregards that we live in

Some more profitable than others.
Some more emotional than others.
Some perhaps even defined by our ego, better or worse than others.

Now, I get why you want it.
I get why it’s so easy to sell to others.

Because something that is predictable is certain.
And our master addiction as a species is control.

Yet… the best love you’ll experience?
That’s not certain.

The best moments of your life?
That’s not certain.

We live in polarity.
Where we desire certainty…

And our best version of every part of our life isn’t certain.

The more you can surrender to the fact that there will be seasons…

And that not every thing you do is going to be the way you expect.

Along with allowing for deep love of every season, no matter what it

Creates the lack of requirement for certainty.
And instead allows you to develop the self trust to say…

“No matter what happens, I’ve got it.”

For most, they will never get here.
If you want to know how successful, wealthy people are made.

It’s that simple phrase
and never relying on each month or year
being the same as the last.

Have such an amazing weekend.

  • Scott

Constraints I wish I followed earlier

In past businesses, I always optimized for the highest level of scale
possible… just because.

There was no reason I needed to scale the business…
I simply thought…

If there is more customers, I must build a business to take them.
By doing this, in multiple businesses I fell out of alignment, was
extremely stressed and the business wasn’t sustainable.

Further… ensuring EPIC client delivery & results, always became more

I’ve been working on the plan for the new business I’m launching (that
you’ll hear more on) for about 3 months now…

And I knew… that it would be important that during any launch, that we
had a real constraint for the number of people we brought in.

I knew, we would have more demand than supply.
However, I also knew that if we scale too quickly, right now, the entire
business will suffer.

Instead, for our program, I’m closing it off at 50 people, after that,
I’ll be adding them to the wait list, for the not-so-distant, future.

This ensures that we have the best process for delivering the results,
that onboarding is smooth and that our new personalized business
planning (that has never been done before) works excellent fashion.

In the past it was always hard for me to do this…
Ego would get in the way…

Truth is…
The launch behind the Masterclass, will likely be one of my smaller
launches in years.

Yet, if I do it any other way, I will create an unsustainable business
model and one out of alignment.

See… the new business I’m about to launch and the way we help
Entrepreneurs, is built for scale.

However, at the beginning: We have to go MUCH slower and use extreme
intimacy to build that ability to scale later.

When you do this, the benefits are massive…
even if it’s one of the most difficult things for Entrepreneurs to do…

But when you invest in the long-term…
the R.O.I is massive.

Questions for your week…
Where do you need to be building constraint?
Where is your ego making you scale…
without you really knowing why and ensuring alignment is in check?

Hope you have a great week!

  • S

Value Investing v. Day Trading (in your business)

Today has been such a blissful Sunday here in Northern California. 

Today, I’m so grateful for you.

I’m so grateful that you’re an Entrepreneur.

That you’ve said “yes” to the highest degree personal development there

is that I’ve found. 

So many others don’t answer the call. 

You did. 

I’m proud of you, no matter what stage or step you’re on . 

The thing is, Entrepreneurship requires a major belief to work in my


Or maybe belief isn’t “right”.

It’s an “action”. 

In the stock market, or any type of investing, there’s multiple ways to


Two popular one’s? 

Day trading… and

Value Investing…

Now, there’s nothing wrong with one way to do business, versus


It’s just which do you prefer?

In Day Trading… it’s stressful. 

It’s high stakes, high leverage and it’s about timing. 

In Value Investing? It’s predicting the future… 

I’m not talking, tomorrow’s future. 

The future. 

Now, here’s the issue.

Entrepreneurs, far too often are trying to day-trade. 

Now, I get why.

Day trading… is far MORE interesting than value-investing.

If you study those who do value investing.

They are kinda boring. 

Yet, if you look at their results and what they’ve created, they results

are exciting. 


Day Trading? 

… trying to time the market…

… trying to maximize returns on ad spend…

… trying the next cool social platform…

… trying the next cool funnel structure…


Value Investing? 

… Invest in what you believe in…

… Timeline is over the next 30 years…

… The how doesn’t matter…

… Returns compound 


In my little investor lesson for you… 

Entrepreneurs that I see are the most successful, over-time. 

Value invest instead of Day Trade

I’m not telling you that day trading isn’t bad…

Nor that those Entrepreneurs aren’t as good as you or me. 

I simply believe that a less stressful, boring business that produces

continued profit feels “better”. 


The other truth? 

Value investing is HARD…


Because it means that it’s about showing up every day.

and it means focusing on helping others and gradually, 1% per day

becoming better and better.

You can’t win the lottery with value investing. 

That means you’ll never be one webinar away…

But value investors, in time, might just own the lottery. 

Choose wisely. 

Owning the lottery, or trying to win scratch offs.


My Christmas gift… (I wasn’t going to share this…)

Since I was 19, I wanted a Mclaren Super Car. 

In December, I bought it.

It took me almost 2 years to get to the point of giving myself

permission to buy what I really wanted.

Further, I wasn’t ever going to talk about it on social media or to you

here in fear of judgement & the guilt or image of being a “marketer” who

uses a car to fuel selling.

Truth is… I don’t really sell to those people.

The deeper truth is, it doesn’t really matter.

When I was 19, I would play video games driving Mclaren’s.

Later, I would play Grand Theft Auto and I would dream about living in

California, having a Mountain Home and having a Mclaren.

That has all now occurred & has been created into the reality in which I


I’ve found that the most difficult part of “success” in the wordly sense

is allowing yourself…

“How good can I take it?”

I’ve uttered those words so much over the past few years.

Followed by…

“How can it get any better than this?”

In 2020, a lot of the year was spent allowing me to “own” the impact

I’ve been able to have.

Part of this, was owning that only I could give me permission to really

enjoy every part of who I am.

And self-pleasure can be taking a bath.

It can be taking a vacation.

It can be buying yourself your dream car.

However, the more permission you give yourself to be you.

The more you can truly “own” who you really are. 

The reason for posting this is simple.

#1. It’s really hard to give yourself permission to own what you really,

really want. Everyone will tell you not to do X, Y, Z in life, or will

judge you for what you actually desire.

#2. My friends, who own super cars, inspired me so much and it truly

made me over time realize… “I can have whatever I wish”.

#3. That this is possible. 

Almost 10 years ago, I was $1M+ in debt, living in a basement apartment,

in the worst place of my entire life.

And truth is…

While the happiness that this car brings will fade in time. 

The ability to live life on your terms

and do exactly what you want

or don’t want.

Is available, accessible and beautiful.

For every single person, that I’ve been able to help & impact & help

evolve to their next level, I’m so grateful that you’ve allowed me to

help you.

Like a client sending me a DM or an email from a customer telling me how

much better their life is because of what I do…

This is a small reminder of just how good it can get 

&& that everything is possible.

Go do what is truly possible,

Your year starts, whenever you want

I was in my Kitchen a couple hours ago cooking dinner and I felt like it

was important to tell you this.

Your new year, starts whenever you want it to. 

I saw a post from someone today…

“One month down! Have you gotten what you wanted to do, done?” 

You may look at your January and feel some level of blame, or guilt. 

Like you didn’t do enough.

Or that you didn’t accomplish what you wanted. 

There’s a voice inside of our head…

Always telling us… 

“You’re not doing enough”.

I want you to know this…

You’re doing exactly what you’re suppose to be doing. 

If you’ve been following along on my journey, back in October, I decided

to only work 2 days a week.

I thought that was going to change in January.

It didn’t. 

I’ve been having so much fun, living life. 

Instead of judging myself for not launching something new, or for

spending so much time simply enjoying this wonderful life.

I’m living it instead. 

You probably know this…

but in 2020, I for 6 months of the year, I worked less than 15 hours a


The other 6 months? 

I really dug in. 

In 4 months of 2020, I made 80% of 2020’s revenue. 

And I generated 3x more revenue and 7x more profit than I expected to

going into 2020. 

The bottom-line is this: 

Your life (and business) is exponential.

You don’t have to put in the same work every month.

You don’t have to have the same number of sales each week. 

I truly don’t believe that your “new year” has to start when everyone’s


It starts when you feel the energy & when you’re ready


It’s likely that you might feel “behind”.

Yet, the truth is…

You’re always on time. 

Because your time

is your time. 

Trust the process. 

Because it’ll bring you to your true North.

The only place where you’ll find all the treasures that you desire in


– Scott

Diamond Hands

I’m here, relaxing today…

You may or may not follow the stock market. 

What has been happening the last couple of weeks has been a wild ride

(Google “GME stock”, if you want an update on what’s happening)

And this morning, I was thinking of a term I’ve continued to hear within

the community & what has been happening in the stock market…

It’s “Diamond Hands” vs. “Paper Hands”.

The difference? 

With Diamond Hands you’re ready to hold a position for the end goal,

despite the potential risk, headwinds and losses. 

If you’ve got paper hands, you exit a position, or fold, early on

because the heat of the situation might be too much.

I don’t suggest investing in the stock market, or really a whole lot of

investing until you’ve created a baseline of success as an Entrepreneur.

It’s time consuming and rarely has a high R.O.I as much as simply

investing in your business. 

However, in my ever expanding universe, I enjoy understanding more and

more about our planet.

And… investing has been a passion of mine for past couple years.

Which has meant spending a lot of time understanding how certain systems


And of course…

How one thing works, is how everything works. 

I see so many Entrepreneurs who have paper hands…

They put a funnel online… and if it doesn’t work in a month, they give


They think they can time the market…

This online business thing and the stock market… or any market are

almost identical. 

Want to know who wins in the stock market? 

The long-term Buffet approach of “value” investing.

The day traders? You’re 4 trades away from losing everything. 

The people who’ve won with Crypto?

They went in long-term.

The people who’ve won with Gold? 

They went in long-term.

The people who’ve won in the Stock Market?

They went in long-term. 

And Entrepreneurship is the same…

Those who win are value-driven investors who have diamond hands and are

ready to figure out how to make it work, even if what they expect to

happen, doesn’t happen.

The number of times I wanted to quit through the years? Thousands. 

The number of times things didn’t work out? 

Tens of thousands. 

You create success through diamond hands. 

Not paper one’s. 

And diamond hands are created by overcoming your default node network

(DNN) aka. your mindset and installing a new one that serves what you

really want (aka. your definition of success). 

So the question today is…

If you don’t have the Diamond Hands…

How do you create them… 

and how does that look in your life?

For life is the best for those

with the highest level of patience 🙂 

– Scott

Follow your ___________

How do you know when you should do something?

It’s been such a wonderful month. The energy I feel has

been nothing less than electric. 

I’ve been working on some truly epic things…

however, I wanted to drop something w/ you today.

Who do you trust? 

What do you trust? 

Your parents? 

The government? 


Your significant other? 

Your neighborly internet guru? 

The more I travel around the Sun, the more I’ve realized that

fundamentally there is just one person that we MUST trust, that we

almost all DON’T trust.


I see it every single day as I mentor Entrepreneurs. 

And do you want to know the difference between someone who trusts

themself and don’t? 

The ability to say… “I’ve got this”. No matter, what it means to

actually “have it”. 

Self-trust is one of the most highly desired traits.

Because trusting oneself is being able to relax into oneself. 

And relaxation is what every human being desires after they acquire


It’s perhaps the highest level of security one can achieve.

I’ve got to run for a group call with my mentorship group right now… 

However, I wanted to send you an email to remind you. 

Self-trust is the most important part of yourself to work on.

Without it…

Everything else is far more difficult.

And with that…

Talk soon

– S

30 things to make your life better

I hope your 2021 is getting off to a great start…

I was thinking the other day and I wanted to share 30 things that will

make you more money, happier

and enjoy life more, from my experience.

&& hit reply and let me know your top 2 that make you happier 😉 

1. Turn off all notifications on your phone.

2. Check your phone once a day.

3. Limit the amount of caffeine you’re intaking, which will decrease

your ego, which will decrease the # of choices that you regret later

(our ego goes out of control when we have more stimulants)

4. Read one book, per week (or equivalent).

5. Focus on one thing at a time and don’t multi-task.

6. Spend considerable time unconditionally loving and being grateful for

everything + everyone.

7. Spend more time walking without headphones or your phone with you.

8. Spend more time with people that give you 100/10 energy.

9. Spend time changing your mind about beliefs that don’t serve you. My

favourite is hypnotherapy.

10. Spend more time using meditation, hypnotherapy, binaural beats and

breathwork to relieve stress, anxiety and to become motivated or

whatever allows you to take care of yourself. 

11. Spend less time following others, follow yourself.

12. Spend more time with your higher-self.

13. Spend time being generous and helping others.

14. Spend time helping yourself.

15. Spend time understanding how the world works.

16. Spend time being fascinated by whatever you find fascinating.

17. Eat organic food that really makes you feel good.

18. Become consciousness of your patterns by journaling about them and

allow yourself to understand why you do what you do.

19. Allow yourself to feel all the emotions but don’t allow them to trap


20. Start the discovery of loving yourself, so that you can eventually

trust yourself.

21. Love everyone– deeply and without judgement, no matter what.

22. Message 3 people per day and tell them something really great.

23. Spend more time thinking about how to can help others, than how you

can help yourself.

24. Spend less time checking your bank account, it won’t get any bigger

by doing that.

25. Limit the amount of time on a computer.

26. Stretch+Do Yoga, you’ll feel so much better.

27. Do things that don’t make money, when you enjoy life, you always

make more money.

28. Get out of the drama triangle in your life. You don’t need to be a

victim, a hero or a villain, you can just be you!

29. Release all shame and guilt — it’s a very low vibrational energy.

30. Share your knowledge and experience freely but guard your time with

a fortress…

Talk soon! 

– Scott 😉

P.a.y Attention


The most valuable asset class, that most give up for pennies. 

It’s almost impossible to get away from…

Everywhere you go…

Online or offline.

Someone is going to attempt to get you to pay attention to things that

aren’t valuable for you.

I wrote about happiness the other day. 

And after sending that email, I realized I missed a piece that is

extremely valuable. 

As I’ve found more and more happiness in my life.

I realized that it was related to a very important thing.

The ability to manage my attention and to direct it towards things that

allowed me to have the life I want.

The problem is…

most of us won’t spend 

or invest our attention wisely.

We’re day traders of our attention

and we’re investing in garbage penny stocks.

Businesses are trying to get our attention.

The news are trying to get our clicks.

Social media is trying to get our screen time.

Everyone wants our attention

because attention is energy.

Energy is what every single organization, association, business and

government runs on. 

Right now…

Human beings have more available energy than ever before due to modern


We don’t need to spend 2 hours to go to work.

We don’t need to spend 15 days to travel to a new city. 

We don’t need to do much of what we had to simply 100 years ago. 

And there is a war on our energy.

A war on our attention.

And you are the only one that can ensure you’re not on the losing side

of that war. 

So what do you do? 

It’s my belief that you’re far happier cutting the noise and listening

to your own signal.

Online and offline. 

The world is trying to get you to PAY attention externally. 

The better way? Pay attention internally. 

The signal is within.




The whisper guides you

more than anything else can. 


P.S. If you don’t think this is how those who are successful in business

are… read it again.

This has EVERYTHING to do with creating success.

Let’s talk about Embarrassment

Embarrassment is an extremely strong feeling. 

I mean… 

It’s the root of so many issues as an Entrepreneur. 

A “failed” launch…

A “bad” month…

A “unhappy” client…

A _____________…

We have these defined beliefs of what our business should or shouldn’t


We compare ourselves with others…

Or we’re just straight up hard on ourselves.

I know I’ve been embarrassed so many times in my Entrepreneurial time…

The times where I was in debt.

The times where I didn’t have a best month.

The times where my client crushed it, but I didn’t.

The times where I had to let my team go.

The times where I couldn’t afford what I wanted.

The times when I wanted to say yes, but couldn’t.

The times when I felt like a fraud.

The times when I messed up. 

Embarrassment in my experience comes down to having a belief around what

should or shouldn’t be. 

That you SHOULD have the biggest launch…

That you SHOULD have all happy clients…

That you SHOULD have it all together…

Hate to break it to you.

You’re human.

And things aren’t as pretty as the Instafeed might make you believe. 

And if you’re an Entrepreneur?

It’s even more tough.

So, here’s a quick reminder: 

Life can be lived in the grey. 

You don’t have to be right. 

And you don’t have to be perfect.

Nor do you have to have it all together. 

Success isn’t about perfection. 

Success is owning what is and isn’t

and changing it, if you so desire. 

Embarrassment, like shame or guilt are nearly useless emotions. 

So whatever you are

or whatever you’re experiencing. 

It’s sexy thing to do? 

Just own it. 

Everyone is too busy judging themselves

to judge you. 

– Scott


Does success bring happiness? 

I heard a quote recently…

It said…

Happiness is easiest to see, once you don’t feel it…

Most Entrepreneurs are driven to find success, along with happiness. 

What you might not have realized yet is that success and happiness are

not combined. 

If you are successful, you may not be happy. 

If you are happy, you may not be successful.

So, how do you have both? 

I’ve been both.

When I was $1M in debt, I had a lot of happy days.

Yes, it was stressful.

However, I felt happy.

Because I was “onto something”.

I had a deep purpose.

Even if it was simply getting out of debt. 

I felt “on fire”.

Because, I was learning and I was doing it. 

I was going up the mountain. 

In 2017, that stopped.

I went from being in debt, to start really seeing success in my life. 

My happiness went, but then success was birthed. 

It was one of the most confusing moments of my life. 

In retreat in the mountains in September of 2017. 

I stood, in deep sobbing. 

Releasing myself from both. 

The easiest way to have what you really want is to give up the desire.

Because when you do, the resistance also vanishes. 


I was trying to follow happiness…

and I was trying to follow success at the same time. 

Yet, I knew little about both. 

Maybe, I still don’t. 

What I found was this…

Happiness is simply small moments that occur. 

Which our perspective reality enjoys. 

We have more control over these moments than we actually realize. 

Because our perspective can be changed and influenced so easily. 


Success on the other hand is a definition that we invented at some point

during other moments in our life. 

Our dream house.

Our dream car.

Our dream partner.

Our dream body.

Our dream bank account. 

And the tragic downfall is believing that those things you obtain on

your journey of success influence your happiness. 

Yes, you get a few moments of happiness when you achieve something you


However, I’ve found that happiness comes from having a perspective, it’s

more about being than what you create from your doing. 

Because of that…

My biggest piece of advice if I could give it to 21 year old Scott, or

for you  is this: 

Don’t connect success and happiness.



Success are mindsets.

They aren’t destinations. 

The happy ever after ending? 

You didn’t see 30 minutes later. 

Society, books and movies have made us believe that getting what we want

makes us happy or that success allows us to finally “make it”.

Your mind is the sole creator of happy.

Your mind is the sole believer of your success. 

Be happy, or not.

Be successful, or not. 

First, change your mind. 

Then you’ll find that time collapses 

and you get exactly what you want. 

– S

2021 & your Ego

It doesn’t matter where you look right now…

If you’re an Entrepreneur, everyone is ready for another year.

No matter if 2020 was an amazing year or something that you’d rather

never do again. 

I want you to be careful of something that happens almost every year for

every Entrepreneur that I meet or mentor. 

What is it? 

Your ego desiring to have a “better” year than “this” year. 

For no other reason than…

You think it should be. 

And a lot of people, like me are going to convince you that you need


Ads, Instagram, Email… everywhere you go, you’re going to find someone

telling you about their 2021, what they are going to do, or what you

should do. 

Truth is, what is good for me, might not be good for you. 

I just caught myself in doing this. 

I almost launched a new workshop in January. 

I was going to try to hit the highest profit for 3 months in 2021. 

In early December, I came across the plan for my 2021. It was in full

alignment with what I wanted. 

Then as I took more time off, I become to get restless. 

Further, I downloaded Clubhouse & started to listen in on other

Entrepreneurs 2021 plans…

Without realizing it, I developed a 2021 and January plan that was

completely out of alignment for what I wanted…

I was going for a revenue goal…

instead of things that actually mattered. 

I was talking about it with my Wife, Libby…

and she reminded me…

“Hey, this doesn’t sound like it did a few weeks ago… what’s up?”

I mediated on it, shortly thereafter.

I realized, I for a moment, fell back into “all or nothing” coupled with

“comparison fatigue”.

I was comparing me vs.

what others were doing.

It’s why I’m typically so diligent with not following what others are

doing. It slipped, so I slipped. 

And I know what happens when this happens.

You make money, not profit.

You hit goals, without happiness.

You become depressed. 

You drift away from alignment and towards disaster. 

So… instead of doing a couple big “launches” in Q1…

I’m just going to continue to do what keeps working for me…

and that’s simply helping people like you :). 


You may not having someone in your life to remind you of this right


So, here it is.

Stay true to yourself.

Forget the comparison or the competition. 

Do what feels right.

And follow your inner compass.

Alignment will always bring treasure island. 

– Scott

Written By Scott Oldford

Updated Weekly

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