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More Money… or More Alignment?

During a certain period of time…
Entrepreneurs are obsessed with more.

More leads.
More money.
More clients.

There’s nothing wrong with that.
Without more, we wouldn’t be able to have momentum.

There comes a time and you realize
that more isn’t going to solve your “problems”.

What does?

But… what does that even mean?

Would you give up 50% of your profit
if you could get more alignment…

How about if I change the word alignment
with happiness?

So much of the world give up their alignment…
happiness… their soul

for fame.
for success.
for money.
for their ego’s pursuit.

One of my 1-on-1 clients sent me a testimonial yesterday..
I’ll send it at some point.

However, the major thing that she said?

Yes. The business has grown.
However, what she did more than anything else?

She got into alignment.
So she could get her business into alignment.

She started living a new reality.
So that her business could build a new reality.

She risked the “big launches”…
She risked the her ego…
She risked short term growth for a long-term empire.

Truth is…
Without alignment…

It’s impossible to reach the new level
while having that feeling inside that
makes you feel the deepest and purest
form of peace.

If you’re reading this…
and you’re in alignment…
you’re out of alignment…
you don’t even know your alignment…

That’s fine.
What’s important is just a moment of awareness…
a realization…

That business
isn’t just about success…

That true success
is about alignment.

And when you read
what I just wrote
and you get it.

Your entire life
will transform.

  • Scott

Written By Scott Oldford

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