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Heart // Mind // Soul // Body

I’m on the way back from some vacation time…

While I was out chilling by the ocean I started sketching based on a new
framework I’ve been developing…

More on that a different day…

And I started to think about the relationship we have in our business
when it comes to our…

and Body

And how it can easily explain what may be
out of “balance” or “harmony”.

Here’s what I mean…

Our mind (and sometimes our wounded ego)
might want the goal…
it might want the big month…
it might want to go from mountain top to mountain top…

And it might want to go, go, go…
Do, do, do.

It’s keeping track.
It’s counting the numbers.

Our heart?
Well, this is the part of us that really would like to help others.

It’s care and deep compassion for those who we work with…

It’s the feeling I get after getting off an amazing mentorship

Or feeling so connected with those that you work with.

The heart isn’t counting. It doesn’t keep tabs.
It’s simply present with care & compassion.

Our body?
This is what makes or breaks so many Entrepreneurs.

Because if our business is out of alignment.
Not so fun things can happen.

Our body, keeps track of the 5AM mornings.
It keeps track of not doing things to take care of yourself.

It remembers when you slept in.
It remembers when you pushed through.
It remembers when you went on vacation.
It remembers when you ate food that felt good.

And it gives you the energy
or doesn’t based on what you do for it.

Our soul?
It’s the source of our alignment.
It’s the source of our purpose and passion.

Our soul knows what we’re meant to do on the planet.
Our soul doesn’t judge, it simply desires to take us on the best path to

Our soul allows us to know whats for us.
What business model is the best.
What makes us feel good, or not.

It’s what ensures that we have a life of fun and fulfillment.

It’s pretty easy to think of these and quickly realize that if any of
these are out of balance…

Harmony is difficult to achieve.

If your mind and body aren’t aligned.

It’ll be difficult to put in the work
or you’ll burn out.

If your mind and soul aren’t aligned.

You’ll build the wrong business.

If your heart and mind aren’t aligned
You’ll have a great launch and spend all the money on useless things
that your mind (ego) might want that will never bring you happiness.

When I work with and mentor Entrepreneurs it’s really easy to see what
is needed in their business based on which of these 4 are not aligned.

Because… while I help a lot of Entrepreneurs with strategy…

A strategy without using these 4 elements of who someone is won’t bring
them to True North.

And I believe the more people who are fully bought into their true

The more our planet will become better and better.

Question is easy…
Where are you making it difficult for yourself by not listening to these
parts of who you are?

And remember…
This just doesn’t work for your business…
It’s every area of your life.

Enjoy your week, friend.
I’m thinking about you

Written By Scott Oldford

Updated Weekly

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