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Does success bring happiness? 

I heard a quote recently…

It said…

Happiness is easiest to see, once you don’t feel it…

Most Entrepreneurs are driven to find success, along with happiness. 

What you might not have realized yet is that success and happiness are

not combined. 

If you are successful, you may not be happy. 

If you are happy, you may not be successful.

So, how do you have both? 

I’ve been both.

When I was $1M in debt, I had a lot of happy days.

Yes, it was stressful.

However, I felt happy.

Because I was “onto something”.

I had a deep purpose.

Even if it was simply getting out of debt. 

I felt “on fire”.

Because, I was learning and I was doing it. 

I was going up the mountain. 

In 2017, that stopped.

I went from being in debt, to start really seeing success in my life. 

My happiness went, but then success was birthed. 

It was one of the most confusing moments of my life. 

In retreat in the mountains in September of 2017. 

I stood, in deep sobbing. 

Releasing myself from both. 

The easiest way to have what you really want is to give up the desire.

Because when you do, the resistance also vanishes. 


I was trying to follow happiness…

and I was trying to follow success at the same time. 

Yet, I knew little about both. 

Maybe, I still don’t. 

What I found was this…

Happiness is simply small moments that occur. 

Which our perspective reality enjoys. 

We have more control over these moments than we actually realize. 

Because our perspective can be changed and influenced so easily. 


Success on the other hand is a definition that we invented at some point

during other moments in our life. 

Our dream house.

Our dream car.

Our dream partner.

Our dream body.

Our dream bank account. 

And the tragic downfall is believing that those things you obtain on

your journey of success influence your happiness. 

Yes, you get a few moments of happiness when you achieve something you


However, I’ve found that happiness comes from having a perspective, it’s

more about being than what you create from your doing. 

Because of that…

My biggest piece of advice if I could give it to 21 year old Scott, or

for you  is this: 

Don’t connect success and happiness.



Success are mindsets.

They aren’t destinations. 

The happy ever after ending? 

You didn’t see 30 minutes later. 

Society, books and movies have made us believe that getting what we want

makes us happy or that success allows us to finally “make it”.

Your mind is the sole creator of happy.

Your mind is the sole believer of your success. 

Be happy, or not.

Be successful, or not. 

First, change your mind. 

Then you’ll find that time collapses 

and you get exactly what you want. 

– S

Written By Scott Oldford

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