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2 Major Lessons for Scaling your Business

I wanted to share with you two lessons as I reflect on my recent
launches and just how important these lessons are in everything you do
as you scale.

1. Be open to change

When I was doing ads last week, I had someone who commented and said
low-ticket doesn’t work. He spent over 10 million dollars… so he has
the experience.

But guess what?

It worked for me in this launch. It worked for me last year.
My average customer value was around $80 and I was spending around

And it wasn’t an optimized funnel, it was my first version.
If I do it again? It’ll work even better.

If we even forget that, when I do these workshops they do between $500K

  • $1.5M with all of those who want to work with me in a higher-level.

The lesson?
Be open to change and don’t get set in beliefs.
Reaching success doesn’t mean that you stop testing or experimenting.

I actually used to think like that person who said that low-ticket
doesn’t work.

I never thought that a low ticket workshop would work.
Now, it’s a major profit generating revenue line that is also some of
the most fun in my business and takes the stress out of a “launch”.

If I wasn’t open to change?

I would still make money, maybe more, but I would still have those
stressful launches that aren’t aligned with the way I want to grow my
business going forward.

Which brings me to the next point…

2. Have fun in every step of the process

Fun is the language of money.

If you want to make more money (and keep it), you have to have fun.

“But couldn’t I make more money if I just hustle and forget about

This is the question that may be running through your mind right now…

Truth is…
Seriousness is what people want to run away from.
Fun and being relaxed? It’s what people truly want.

Last year was the most profitable year I had.
It was also the year I worked the least.


Because I cut out all the things that were stressful.
I started to make having fun a priority.
I go on at least 2 trips a month.
I take plenty of time away from the business.
I do what I want, when I want.
I don’t sweat the small stuff (or the big stuff)

And when I didn’t feel like working…
I didn’t stress about it and push myself to overwork.

Start having more fun and infuse it inside of EVERYTHING you do…

More work isn’t always better.

For example…
You don’t need more launches…
You don’t need more clients…
You don’t need more products…
You don’t need complex funnels…
You don’t need to do sales calls every day to keep growing…
You can cut out the clients who you don’t want to work with (or start
planning for how to do so)…
You can choose to only work with people you align with…

And most importantly…

You could take breaks and recharge…

The ego says we need to do more.
Success doesn’t have to be 14 hour work days or picking up your phone
250 times to check messages, emails, sales and everything else.

You’re worthy of having more fun and having a business that aligns
with what you want.

So what are you doing to start having more fun in your life and your

Reply to this email and let me know.

  • Scott

P.s. What are the things you want to know more about when it comes to
scaling a business that is in alignment with your values and goals?

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