Work With Scott To Scale Your Business Using Certifications

Certification programs are one of the most powerful additions you can make to a business already generating $500,000/year.

Why Work With Scott For Your Certification Business? 

Charge More

Offer More value

create The gold standard

You might be familiar with software certifications offered by tech giants like Google and Microsoft…

But in an online environment where trust is at an all-time low, people want to be certain they’re hiring the right people.

Certifications provide the extra certainty that someone can competently do the work…

Which means that by building a program offering this, you’re not just giving people skills… you’re giving them credentials, which in the online world (especially in the business of expertise) is everything.

But you get that. It’s why you’re here 🙂

Now, I want to help your future clients “get” that too…

So you can charge more, offer more value, and create a gold standard in your industry that drives more word of mouth traffic and builds your brand.

However… certification businesses are uniquely challenging to start and scale.

it takes a lot more prep and planning, team, curriculum, workbooks, and in general things that are inside of your head that aren’t always necessarily easy to get out of.

On top of that the marketing, sales, and operations, team and delivery are completely different than any type of program that is a course, group program, live program, live workshop, or anything in between.

Being able to do it right the first time sets this business up not just for success and profitability, it sets it up for a long-term business that can actually be sold as an asset in the future unlike most coaching, online businesses, or personal brand businesses. 

Since 2020 I have been mentoring, investing, and advising in certification businesses and entrepreneurs to have a deep, expertise based expert and knowledge based background that are helping build the next generation of online education.

Utilizing certifications at the forefront allows us to create more value for students which in-turn allows for people to pursue their dreams, create more money, raise consciousness, and truly build a better planet. 


Certification businesses are NOT for everyone. Specifically… It’s almost for nobody. 

There are a few foundations you must build upon:

  1. You’re already a notable expert in your field OR have a deep understanding or knowledge in your field
  2. You’ve partnered with a group of experts whose experience you can leverage

They also have a long term investment cycle, which is why by time you start one…

You must already have all the income you need and be focused solely on making an impact on your industry, not your bank account.

This means most entrepreneurs I work with have a 7-Figure or Multi-7-Figure business that’s running, stable, and sustainable. This allows them to build the certification as an add-on to their current existing business as an investment into their future and as a place to invest their capital to build a business that is much stronger that can one day be sold and go beyond their own impact.

Certification businesses aren’t for everyone… but if this model is for you, I want to help you make it happen.

Just fill out a quick application below with your regular details and I’ll get back to you personally to see how I can best help you…

Looking forward to it 🙂

If you are looking to create a Certification or scale a Certification Business, I would love to see if I may be able to help in doing that. Reach out via the application below and if you are serious about this I will share with you my training that is only inside of Modern Business Academy (starting at $3,000) to see if this is something that you would like to consider building and scaling in the future.