The 11 Step Method for Getting in Front of “Influencers”

The 11 Step Method for Getting in Front of "Influencers"

The 11 Step Method for Getting in Front of “Influencers” and STOP being an arrogant, annoying piece of shit. 

Why you want to connect with influencers is beyond me…
I was told not to meet your hero’s…
I suggest you do the same…

However, here’s the NO B.S. way to get in front of people that have a LOW attention span and are bombarded with people trying to get in-front of them.

I’m writing this… as people keep trying to contact me and I’m bombarded with how ineffective people are…

So… here you go… I’m using “me” as an example…
I’m not considering myself an influencer, but people keep being influenced by me… so does that count?


The KEY to connecting with ANYONE is RELEVANCY…

If you are RELEVANT to me.
I will give you the time of day.


#1. Don’t connect with me without a purpose

If you want to get in front of an influencer, do it for a reason…
A mispelt word on their website isn’t that… email their team.

It’s easy to see ways that you can be relevant to them…


#2. Don’t stalk me

I have someone who keeps friending me and unfriending me to be at the “top” of my requests.

He’s fucking annoying.
I blocked him.

Persistence without relevance is annoyance.


#3. Connection

No one “cares” about business… people care about their lifestyle…

Why does anyone want to grow a business?

So what does that person do with their freedom?

That’s the driver of an “influencer”.

Connect at their human level.


#4. Buy their shit

I can almost guarantee you…
if someone buys my stuff, I will give them the time
of day if they contact me 100000x before some who doesn’t.

It’s simple… if you like someone enough, buy access to them.


#5. Don’t say “Hi”

I don’t get the people…
If you’re going to contact me, tell me in less than 140 characters what you want.

I don’t care about you, until you pique my interest.


#6. Don’t tag me in some dumbass post



#7. Don’t add me to some dumbass group


#8. Find something I want and give it to me…

I have countless examples of this… 
Look at my business and say “I have this, could it help you”.

I won’t return the favour right away, however, I’ll give you my attention.

I got one guy who got me to give him 2 hours of my time by doing this..

Another guy filmed my video shoot in exchange to me helping him and his funnel


#9. I’m human 

Everyone is human, we have bad and good days… 
Remember everyone has feelings.

One person reached out to me when I was going through a hard time in May…

He wrote poetry to me, when I was having a terrible day.
I ended up hiring him last week.


#10. DON’T PITCH until I ask

I get so many people pitching…

  • Make yourself relevant
  • Pique my interest
  • Engage me in conversation about my interests 
  • Talk about how you see a potential need in where I am
  • Offer Value
  • Allow me to engage with you and ask questions
  • Just offer value, never pitch
  • When I ask… “How can you help me”
  • Pitch
  • Boom


#11. Stop connecting with influencers

Stop trying to chase the “dragon”… 
Learn through us, but not from us. 
Don’t be starstruck
Get your head down and produce shit
that’s how you become an “influencer”

My best connections are from the past 2
years when I haven’t strategically attempted
to connect with anyone.

Be yourself, do yourself and stop seeking validation.

P.S. Most influencers DON’T enjoy the number of messages, emails and people trying to get to them…

So cut to the chase, cut the noise and just be human and you’ll do great.

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