How To Structure & Scale High Ticket Offers

I’ve always loved the life of an entrepreneur; enjoying the high highs and surviving the low lows. I cannot imagine another plain of existence, but there was always this “one thing” that drove me insane…

… and on more than a few occasions, it led me to question everything.

What is this toxic part of the rollercoaster? LAUNCHES!!

Don’t get me wrong, there was a time I liked them. I still do, in some ways—although only because I approach them VERY differently today

What I hated was the constant grind from one launch to the next.

How you would have to start from zero each time.

That the only way to build momentum was with one live launch after another.

Where it felt like I was a constant convey belt, never close to keeping up.

(or getting off!!)

This all changed once I honed in on a few high-ticket offers that were valuable, relevant, and immensely impactful to my audience. But these weren’t just any kind of high-ticket offers and I certainly did not (and still don’t) approach them as most people do.

It took a little trial and error, yet I soon developed a process to not only structure and build a high-ticket offer—that’s relevant in almost any industry—but also scale it in a way that brings ease, flow, and harmony into your business and life.

… let alone money, growth, momentum, and all that other entrepreneurial goodness!

In this article, I’ll reveal all, showing you what to do, how, and when. Here’s the plan…

Table of Contents

  • Why High Ticket Offers
  • 1: Work with 5-10 One-to-One Clients
  • 2: Launch Your First Group
  • 3: Turn Evergreen
  • 4: Launch a “High” or “Low” Version
  • 5: Optimize, Fine Tune & Grow
  • Conclusions & Next Steps

Why High Ticket Offers

Hi, I’m Scott and I have helped hundreds of online businesses scale up to and beyond seven figures. I have done this myself (multiple times) and I continue to help entrepreneurs like yourself build, grow, and scale in a way that doesn’t keep you in the hustle.

I won’t share my story here. If you want to read that, this is the page you want.

(you may also want to check out my YouTube Channel where I share A LOT of insights)

In this article, I don’t want to make it about me. This is about you. About your business. Your journey! You have dreams and a vision, and you’re committed to having an impact on this world. How you do this is unique to you. It’s what lights me up because everyone I work with is unique.

But I imagine you’re tired. You likely have built a decent degree of success and have made huge progress in recent months/years. Yet you’re stuck, moving from one launch to another, always caught up in a cycle between marketing → sales → fulfillment → rinse, and repeat.

I was there. Not long ago, this was my life. It was tough. A part of me loved it. Yet another part of me couldn’t believe that this was it… surely there was another, easier, more efficient way!

There was, and it came in the form of HIGH TICKET OFFERS.

But look, this isn’t one of those articles you’ve read multiple times before. This isn’t about charging $1,997 and stacking a bunch of bonuses on top of each other, promoting it on a live-but-not-really-live webinar.

So much of the advice out there promises you a solution to your specific problem. But that doesn’t work because where you are right now is unique… your business, your audience, everything… is unique!

That means the only solution I can give you right now—without working with you personally—is a holistic solution that empowers you to approach all “of this” in a new way. That’s my aim with this article because next, I’ll walk you through how I personally build, transition, and scale high-ticket offers.

… and how I have helped and continue to help hundreds of entrepreneurs do the same.

The specifics and minor details differ from person to person. You have to embrace this. I cannot (nobody can) give you the exact answers you need in an article. It doesn’t work like that. But you know that already. 

Instead, I can give you the roadmap you need to take the steps you need to. So get your notebook because this is how to structure, build, validate, and scale your high-ticket offer…

1: Work with 5-10 One-on-One Clients

Your first step in this process is to push the idea of having a high-ticket offer to one side and instead find five to ten people to work with one-on-one.

There are a few reasons you need to do this:

  1. You learn a lot (and I mean, A LOT!)
  2. You hone in on what your audience needs rather than what you think they do
  3. You develop proof and results to back up your claims later (very important!)
  4. You make money while regaining the flexibility to adapt quickly

For many years, I was known as Scott Oldford the Online Marketer. I had built a lot of success and credibility, but I didn’t want to be known as just a marketer. For starters, there are a lot of people like that. Beyond this, I wanted to get to a point where I could gain 25% equity in a business, which isn’t possible if all you do is marketing (usually all you get is 0.5%).

So I came up with a plan to personally work with five six-figure businesses over six-to-nine months. My entire focus at this stage centered around intimacy, connection, and huge results.

I charged a fraction of what I do today, and I knew my worth was much more.

But I wanted each business I worked with to get a massive return on their investment.

… which they did, all of them scaling to seven figures—two of them going beyond eight figures.

Even though I could have charged a lot more, I now had

  1. Proof that I could do this beyond my own business
  2. The ability to rebrand myself as Scott Oldford, Advisor to 6-7 Figure Businesses

This gave me everything I needed to lay the foundations for what came next, which is what you need to focus on right now. Yes, you may earn less than if you jumped straight into a program. Yes, this is more work. But it is absolutely worth it because you learn a ton and you gain massive credibility.

Once you have this, everything that comes next is much easier…

2: Launch Your First Group

At this point, you’ve worked with a selection of people one-on-one and have learned a lot. In theory, you have *most* of what you need to create your high-ticket program/offer.

Yet now isn’t the time to do that.

Instead, you want to build your first Group Cohort.

This is fun. It’s still intimate and built around connection, but you now get to leverage your time better—as well as make more money.

It starts by approaching your one-on-one clients and offering to renew their agreement. But rather than working with you one-on-one, you pitch this new group you’re building that will:

  1. Save them money
  2. Give them access to you
  3. Connect them with others in the same situation they are

Will everyone jump on board? No. 

Yet if you had ten one-on-one clients, chances are five-to-six of them will. This means you only need to find another 5-20 people to create your first Group Cohort.

(the right number for you comes down to your time, your industry, and the kind of work you do)

At this point, there are certain things you need to make this happen and other things you don’t.

You do not need a:

  • Sales Page
  • Website
  • Funnel
  • Onboarding Process
  • Systems and Processes

All you need is a:

  • Google Doc (with the core details of your offer)
  • Vision
  • The ability to help and provide huge value

That’s it. Do not overcomplicate this!

The reason someone buys at this stage is so they can get access to you. This is why your focus has to remain on intimacy and connection, as well as producing huge results.

From here, you get to work with this group.

Maybe you rinse and repeat with a second and third group.

Each situation differs, but what matters is that you continue to 1) learn what your audience needs, 2) hone in on how you can best help, 3) gather results to back up your claims, and 4) fine-tune your process, methodology, and offer as a whole.

3: Turn Evergreen

At this stage, you have learned a great deal about your audience, what they need, and how you can best deliver results. You now have all you need to build a more automated and comprehensive program, and to an extent, now is the time you do.

BUT … you still need to remain flexible at this stage.

This is why I like to package what I’ve done up to this point and turn everything evergreen.

Beforehand, it was a very personal process where you onboard a new cohort and work with them in a live setting. It’s time to transition away from this so anyone at any time can join.

For example, I have three programs that someone can join at any point in the year…

  1. Strategy & Scale
  2. VIP Program
  3. Accelerator

Each one of these has a different price point, serves a different type of business, and offers a different solution. But they were all borne from the same work I did in stages one and two.

This is why you go through the first two stages because you learn A LOT.

You develop a greater understanding of your audience and the different situations they’re in.

I cannot say what your programs will look like or how many you will have.

But you will discover this as you go on.

Now is the time to flip the switch to evergreen so you can both scale your operations and make better use of your time. You still don’t need a funnel per se, or websites et al. But you will need some systems and processes, and likely have to grow your team.

Again, this looks different for everyone.

The point here is to level up but keep everything as simple and lean as possible.

4: Launch a “High” or “Low” Version

You’ve now built huge momentum and you are seeing growth month on month. It’s great, but you are likely still caught up doing some one-on-one work left over from stages one and two.

This isn’t ideal because you’ll never fulfill your potential if you keep working like this.

Intimacy and connection are great, but you do need to evolve them so it doesn’t rely on you.

That’s why you need to create either (or possibly both) a…

  1. Low-Ticket Version (ex: a course)
  2. High-Ticket Version (ex: mastermind)

This allows you to transition away from your one-on-one work while you continue to give your audience what they need, while you simultaneously replace your one-on-one revenue with a more predictable and scaleable income stream.

Again, what your low or high-ticket version looks like depends on your journey up to this point.

But the point is, you will figure it out so long as you go through all these steps.

5: Optimize, Fine Tune & Grow

Once you transition away from your one-on-one work, you are left with two valuable resources:

  1. Time
  2. Money

You can now invest both of these into your business…

  • Growing your team
  • Building processes and systems
  • Optimizing how you onboard your customers
  • Leveling up your sales and marketing (yes, now is the time for a funnel!)
  • Automating as much as you can!

It’s during this period you can take everything you do to the next level while you step back and have the bandwidth to pursue other ventures. Because at this stage, it’s no longer about you. 

In the beginning, people bought into your process so they could work with you.

Now, they buy into the process because the process works!

You have multiple offers that serve different people in different ways.

You offer different price points so you can serve people at different levels.

You provide multiple levels of intimacy so your audience can choose what’s right for them.

… and this all began by working and going “all in” with five to ten individuals.

You then took what you learned and created a Group Cohort. 

You expanded upon this until you felt comfortable flipping the evergreen switch. 

Step by step by step you evolved in a way that didn’t break what you had built!

Conclusions & Next Steps

Today, this is how I both build my own high-ticket offers and how I advise those I mentor. When I start a new business or invest in an existing one, this is the approach I take.

I wish I had learned it years earlier. If I did, I would have saved a lot of money and time.

(let alone make a lot more money on the back of it!)

As I’m sure you can imagine, the details of this depend on you and your situation. But right now, you likely don’t need to worry about the details. All the details do is force you to think about funnels and systems and all that other stuff so many other folks online focus on.

You don’t need it. In fact, you may never need it. Often, the simplest processes are the best.

But if you do need all that… it can come later.

First, you need to lay solid foundations that set you up for success—now and in the future. So take a step back. Have a deep breath. Think about who in your network you could help one-on-one and what sort of HUGE impact you can have in their business/life.

What can you offer that will provide a 1X ROI in the first year?

What can you offer that will provide a 10X ROI in the next three years?

What can you offer that will provide a 100X ROI throughout their lifetime?

By focussing on this now, the answer you need will become clear later. Just follow the process and take it one step at a time. To help you do this, you may like to study my guide: The 21 Laws Of Scaling A Profitable Business.

Similar to this article, it shows you the steps to take to build success today and tomorrow.

For many entrepreneurs, this is the missing piece. I hope you find value in it, and good luck taking these lessons and leveling up your current situation.

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