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In 2014 I was nearly $1million in debt, but by the beginning of 2017 I had two multi-million dollar companies to my name. You may assume my change in fortunes was due to “hustling” and a big push in marketing and sales, but the truth goes much deeper than this.

You see, I stopped doing what I had always done, and instead focused on what separates those at the top of their game from everyone else…

The Six Business Pillars of Success

If you want to take your own success to the next level, you need to do the same — and it takes a lot more than ‘hustling’ or a fancy marketing funnel. Which I imagine goes against a lot of the advice you hear, because most people assume if you work harder than everyone else, you will succeed.

This is NOT the case. It takes commitment to these specific categories to help someone become a truly successful entrepreneur. Without these, it’s hard to have a business, let alone one you will scale to seven-figures and beyond.  In fact, without these, all you have is a “hustle” that keeps you on the six-figure-hamster wheel.

If you want to evolve to the next level, get to know these 6 pillars of success…

1: Marketing

When it comes to marketing, you need an automated lead generation. Without this, your business relies solely on you and your team, which is not a business because a business is a system.

Your job as an entrepreneur is to build this system, so it provides value to those you serve in a variety of ways.

Without an automated system like this in place, you will never escape the ‘Six-Figure Hamster Wheel’. So as you focus on your marketing, don’t just focus on bringing in new leads… focus on creating a system that will bring them in while you sleep (and work on your next big project).

2: Sales

Likewise, if you don’t have a sales process that automatically lets you sell to those you attract through your marketing, you make it almost impossible to generate meaningful revenue and profit.

This once again forces you to hustle and spend all your resources on each sale, which means your business is reliant on you. Again, this is not a business (at least not one you can scale to seven-figures and above).

In the same way you need a marketing system that brings you leads each day, you need a sales process that turns them into customers. Depending on what you sell, you may not be able to automate this entire sales process.  But until you have it working seamlessly on autopilot, you will never scale to the next level.

3: Operations

Of course, none of this works if you are the only person in your business. No matter what it is you’re selling, you need a team of people to make these systems work.

If you’re an entrepreneur working sixteen-hour-days, it’s a clear sign to not only build a team but also a set of operational processes that allow your sales and marketing to work for you.

Without these systems in place — and the ‘right’ team of people running them — you don’t have a scalable business. You’ll remain in ‘hustle mode’ and never build the business you desire.

4: Finances

As good as your marketing, sales and operations may be, it means little if you don’t have your finances in order (and know what your revenue, profit, and cash flow looks like at all times).

I see many entrepreneurs talk about having a million-dollar business, but this is no more than ego if their business isn’t turning over a solid profit. This is how I ended up nearly one-million-dollars in debt, because I was good at making money, but I lost sight of my bottom line (spending more than I brought in).

This makes growing your business an almost-impossible task, and it severely limits the impact you can have now and in the future.

5: Customer Delivery

Above all, it is vital you actually deliver great results that have a massive impact on those you serve.

When it comes to placing your marketing and sales on autopilot, the best way to achieve this is to have an army of raving fans who do the hard work for you.

The problem is, the only way to build this army is to deliver great results time and time again.

Customer retention is the best way to keep your costs down, period. But as you grow and scale your business, operations, and processes, it’s easy to lose control of what you’ve built, which ends up having a negative impact on those you serve.

So as you may have noticed, all five of these pillars feed into one another, which brings us to arguably the most important pillar of success…

6: Mindset

Your mindset determines everything in your business (and everyone you come in contact with: your team, customers, and partners).

If you’re not upgrading your mindset on a daily basis, you limit your ability to scale your business. A scarcity mindset will keep you at a 6-figure plateau, always competing and doubting how much impact you can create. Mindset affects the decisions you do and don’t make, which prevents you from building the processes and systems that allow you to evolve to the next level.

Combined, these six business pillars of success allow you to scale from six-figures-to-seven (and beyond). So as important as marketing and sales are, it means little in the long term if you don’t take control and upgrade all six pillars.

And right now you can take a significant step in the right direction by doing this quick exercise:

  1. Take out a pen and notepad, and write a header for each of these six pillars…
  2. Under each, make a note of every single risk and problem you currently face…

This simple exercise lets you see what your current issues are, and once you know this, it’s often easy for you to fix.  Most people are stuck in “hustle mode” and have no idea what it is wrong in the first place. It’s time to put an end to this. Your job as an entrepreneur is to find these problems and then… fix them!

Full Video Transcript 

The Six Business Pillars of Success

If you’re going a seven-figure business there are six pillars of success scuttle for here and today if you want to be able to grow your business successfully it’s gonna take a lot more than just a marketing funnel.

So a lot of people believe that a marketing funnel is going to save their business. A lot of people believe that marketing is the business well the thing is that’s not true it takes six specific pieces to be able to help someone become a successful entrepreneur without them it’s incredibly difficult to be able to actually have a business.

See the thing is I want you to have a business, not a hustle. A lot of people get stuck on the sixth bigger hamster wheel I talked about this in Forbes.

Right now I want you to realize that outside of marketing there are sales, there are operations, there’s finance there’s client delivery and of course, there’s a mindset. And as entrepreneurs, we must manage all six successfully to be able to scale our business past seven figures. Now of course why doesn’t matter that you have a seven-figure business?

Well, the profit from a seven-figure business allows you to impact and create massive impact for those that you serve those people that mean the most to you, and of course, that’s why you became an entrepreneur in the first place.

So let’s detail these a little bit further when it comes to marketing. We need to have automated lead generation. If you’re the one that is utilizing referrals or networking to be able to actually get all of your clients and your customers then the problem is your business relies upon you and you solely.

That’s not a business because a business is a system. Your job as an entrepreneur is to create a system that is flawless, that allows you to take value and distribute it to those that you serve.

Your customers secondarily you need a way to be able to sell if your sales process doesn’t allow you to automatically sell to those people that you attract through the marketing. Then your ability to actually generate revenue and profit of course is pretty much impossible.

The third part witch is operations and the team comes down to ensuring that you have the right team so that you are running a business. Iif you are doing everything inside of your business if you are working 16 hours a day. If you are living the hustle life it means that you perhaps need a team further than that. 

You need to have the right operational processes you need to be able to create a true business of systems and if you can’t do this then of course it becomes harder and harder and more difficult to be able to actually develop the business you want.

The next is finances and it’s the number one thing that I see the majority of entrepreneurs and perhaps you’ve been in this spot. I know I have. I’ve been seven hundred twenty-six thousand dollars in debt just four years ago. You can have marketing you can have sales you can have operations but if you do not have your finances in order, if you do not know what you need to know when it comes to your finances, your cash flow is your profit & your revenue, then you’re also going to have a very difficult problems.

Just because you generate a million dollars in sales doesn’t mean that you have a successful business. All it means is that you were able to convince enough people to buy from you. There’s further than this, it goes into client delivery. See it’s incredibly important to be able to actually deliver amazing results and further than that results that allow you to have people that are raving fans.

It’s important that you retain your customers because without it it’s going to be incredibly expensive to continue to grow your business. And as you scale that’sgoing to be a problem.The last thing is your mindset. Arguably the most important part of you inside of your business is the mindset of both you and everybody that you come in contact with. 

If you are not changing your paradigms and upgrading your mindset on a day-to-day basis then that means that your ability to get to seven figures and beyond will be very difficult. Now these six business pillars have a lot of pieces in between and that’s why I want you to get that PDF guide but further than that I want you to do the exercise. Right now take a piece of paper, take those six pieces and put it down and put under each specific element every single risk, every single problem you have when it comes to your marketing.

If it’s not working or your funnels not converting or whatever it may be your sales. What is your conversion rate? Do you have a salesperson that is turning leads into customers or is that your job right now and how do you get out of that? 

Go through and look at your business because the thing is when we know what the problem is it’s really easy to fix it, but as entrepreneurs, if we don’t know the problem we don’t know the challenges, then we have no ability to fix the problem.

Because guess what as entrepreneurs people like you and people like me we’re problem-solvers. We’re visionaries and we can tackle any problem we are quite honestly limitless, and so today I want to ensure that you’re not just focusing on marketing, you’re not just focusing on sales, but you’re building a true business.

When you do, the impact that you can have inside of your world for the people that you care the most about, it’s absolutely amazing. Today I believe that you are here right now to be able to create that impact. 

So go ahead download that PDF guide but before you do I just wanted to quickly say that I’m grateful that you are here today and have stepped up to be an entrepreneur because it’s us who are going to change the world change society and we have a job to do so let’s do it together.

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