Marketing Trends 2018 — Become “Facebook Famous” with This Simple Brand Awareness Strategy

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You may not have the marketing budget of Coca Cola, but that doesn’t mean you can’t become the Coca Cola of your niche and the ‘top of mind’ expert for your audience.

In the past, this was expensive. You had to buy TV spots and build a robust PR campaign. Few people had the money or resources to do it, so only the ‘big fish’ did.

But in today’s online driven world, you can become the big fish in a small pond, and it doesn’t have to cost you a lot (in fact, you may find you save money by using this brand awareness strategy).


It’s All About Omnipresence + Relevance

If you want success in 2018, don’t focus on creating more leads, focus on building trust and intimacy with your audience. Your customers are overwhelmed with content and messages, but starved of significance.

The bar is set low, and with this brand awareness strategy you can rise above it.

I’ve found this works best with Facebook advertising, but you can replicate it with other online marketing. The point is to be top of mind and seem to appear everywhere. With this approach you can become ‘Facebook famous’ practically overnight, and transform into your industry’s go-to expert.

It utilizes something I like to call ‘Retargeting Stacks’.


What Are Retargeting Stacks

The standard way to approach online marketing is to treat all your leads the same. They enter the same funnel via the same lead magnet, before you share the same content in the same order.

This no longer works!

When someone enters your marketing funnel, you need to take them on a relevant experience so they get to know, like, and trust you. You do this in several ways, leveraging social proof and case studies, and educating them to a methodology or process that will help overcome their pain.

Much of this is done within your marketing funnel, but you can blow this up further with Facebook advertising and these ‘retargeting stacks’.

These ‘stacks’ allow you to timestamp certain content so it reaches your audience at the right time. This is based on their engagement and how immersed into your content they are, how far along in the funnel they are, and how long they have known you.


Deliver Relevant Content at The Relevant Time

Which of these people is most likely to buy your latest offer:

Sarah visits your landing page, watches the first 7 seconds of your sales video, before leaving the page altogether after 23 seconds.

Sara visits your landing page, watches your entire video, spends over nine minutes on your page, and scrolls all the way to the bottom.


With this information, it’s obvious Sara is the most likely to buy. Yet most entrepreneurs and marketers re-target their audience with the same messages in the same way. But as you can see, these two ladies are at a different point in the journey (even though they both visited the same page).

Sara is ready to buy, so needs intimate messages that invite her to a sales call.

Sarah isn’t ready, so you need to build greater trust with her (through content, social proof, etc…).


Create an Experience in Their Newsfeed

Most entrepreneurs have access to this information, and by utilising engagement levels and these retargeting stacks, it allows you to create a meaningful experience for your audience.

Your job here is simple: build their trust.

This doesn’t just happen. Yon cannot give everyone the same message. You need to create an experience for your audience, and you need to nurture them with a journey that builds their trust.

And here’s the thing… we live in a world where this is so easy and cheap to do.

In fact, using this re-targeting approach may save you money on your current Facebook advertising, because you aren’t wasting impressions and clicks on irrelevant content and messages.

You serve the right people at the right time, which results in higher conversion rates and a greater return on your investment.

This is a core focus inside The ROI Method, as it helps you become relevant, omnipresent and intimate (therefore building long-lasting trust with your audience).

We won’t go into the full ins and outs of how to build and use these retargeting stacks here, as I’ve created an in-depth guide that does this (as well as cover the entire ROI Methodology).

Grab it here for free, if you want to dive deeper >>>


The point I want to leave you right now, though, is simple… become the big fish in a small pond.

The days of more-more-more are over. More leads and more customers mean nothing if you aren’t taking them on a meaningful and memorable experience. There’s too much competition and too much noise, so unless you have a budget like Coca Cola’s, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

In 2018 and beyond, success comes through:

  • Relevance
  • Omnipresence
  • Intimacy

ROI… it’s the solution to your problem 😉

If you want to dive deeper and uncover the full ins and outs, grab this now and commit to becoming the authority you, your audience and your niche deserves.




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