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I used to struggle with this, and chances are you do too.

I loved the idea of appearing in Inc,, Business Insider and Forbes. I assumed it would lead to a bunch of traffic and customers.

Hell, maybe it did back in the day.

But not today!

The first time I appeared in Inc Magazine, I buzzed. I assumed some big results would follow. I was ready. The entire team was ready.

And then… not much.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a good article, has helped me build trust, and I’ve since used that article to build momentum.

But at the time it didn’t lead to much new traffic.

It DID NOT lead me to become an overnight success story.

And this is the problem, because so many people see PR as the end game. It is not. It helps, but only if you take control and create viral content on the back of it.

So if you want to create viral content, be sure to watch this video and unearth the PR Hack that helps you blow up your social proof marketing.

It isn’t enough to create engaging content anymore, you need to get it in front of the right audience at the right time.

With this PR hack, you’ll create viral content again and again and again…

But again, I learned this the hard way.

Like many, I assumed PR would be the end game, but I now know better. I appreciate that a great article in an authority site like is great, but only if I leverage it with my internal audience first.

There’s a specific process you need to take, and it’s something hardly anyone does.

But the moment you do, you not only make your article more popular, but you can use to it to build authority and trust in the future (on auto pilot so you can set it and forget it).

In this video I show you the process, so be sure to watch and dive in.

If you want to create viral content it’s a must. And once you do watch, please remember to Subscribe + Like + Comment on Youtube, as your support there ensures more people like you get shown the video. My aim is to help more people hack their PR, so please help me reach more peeps 🙂

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It’s a guide that helps you turn 6 figures into 7, and it’s become the “go to” guide for anyone with ambitions to up their game in a big way. You can grab this guide for free here, but if you do, make sure you read it and take action.

The content in there is gold, but only if you do something with it 😉

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