7-figure Letter Issue #3 – Levels of consciousness

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Over the past number of years, one of the most valuable things that I’ve discovered?

There are multiple “Levels of Consciousness” when building our business. 

Today I want to share why, in 2023, it is more relevant than ever before…..

There are multiple “Levels of Consciousness” when building our business.
Today I want to share why, in 2023, it is more relevant than ever before…..
Have you ever done something in your business that “made sense” to your brain….but then all of a sudden one day, it no longer feels good?

Or perhaps, something that used to work suddenly stops.

Perhaps it was the way you sold.
Or perhaps it was the way you used social media.

Generally, I’ve found that as we build our businesses, we evolve.

We grow through a variety of “Levels of Consciousness”. And as we grow, we change how we must do things.

There are 4 core levels in which business occurs:

– Reactive
– Willful
– Intellectual
– Intutive

If you can understand both where you are and where your customers or clients are within these 4 levels….

…you will find that nearly everything in your business gets taken care of with greater ease + flow.

The problems inside of your business?

They generally occur when you’re attempting to operate your core departments (aka The 6 Pillars) in a way that is out of alignment with the “proper” Level of Consciousness.

What do I mean? 
Let’s take reactive marketing and sales for a moment…

Let’s say, for the first few years of your business, you were in a reactive mode.

If you saw a shiny new tool or strategy; you may have abandoned what you were doing to chase the new thing.

Your time and energy and money were up for grabs; there for the taking by people with clever enough marketing or positioning.

For many people….reactivity is their default mode.
And in this mode?

Scarcity marketing…..bully-tactics in marketing + sales….sales pages with countdown timers…..value-stacking with endless bonuses…..and every “tactic” like that for marketing…. works

And if that is where your business and your market are at….
It’s totally okay.

However, as time goes on…
Something begins to feel off.

You feel as if it’s difficult to wake up and “turn it on”…
And in truth, it is difficult because something is out of alignment…

And, the real truth?
You’ve likely transitioned into a new “primary” mode of consciousness

…and now the way you market and sell… might need to be different.

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So… what do we do?

Instead of talking about it…

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Why am I doing this? 
Because… if you use the right “levels”…

Inside of your marketing… sales… and operations…
It’s quite possible, that your entire business changes. 

As you shift your “default mode”…
Business as usual, isn’t usual any longer.

See you next Sunday, 
– Scott

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