7-figure Letter Issue #5 – The cost of alignment

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There is a hidden cost inside of business and it’s the cost of “alignment”…

In my experience, it either costs you a lot…
Or, like a great investment, it pays you a lot.

The problem is… most Entrepreneurs, go against alignment, almost every single day.

The reasons?
Self Worth.
Self Trust.
And perhaps in all, self love.

And the truth is…
Alignment isn’t exactly is to keep.

I joke that my full time job, as an Entrepreneur?
It’s simple to keep alignment, every day. 

Alignment is costly, upfront.
Because at times, it requires you to do things that aren’t just uncomfortable, but they don’t make sense.

 It requires you saying no, when you want to say yes.
It requires you saying yes, when you want to say no.
And it requires a level of self-responsiblity, that most simply don’t have.

 However, the cost of not being in alignment, is so high.
Due to the fact, that you’re working against the flow.
Willing your way to success, some might say.

 There isn’t a problem with this per se.
However, when you start making choices not based on what makes sense in your “head” and what’s aligned. 

Everything changes.
It’s as if, all the stressful, difficult times as an Entrepreneur start to fade..

But… what happens if you must transition into alignment? 👇

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How do you transition to alignment?

Many times in my life, I’ve been out of alignment.
One of those times was in 2017.

I didn’t really even know what alignment “was” at that time. Majority of my past years were spent waking up at 3AM and doing whatever I could to get out of debt.

Eventually, a tax had to be paid.
I was so out of alignment, a quick shift or even a few months of shifting wouldn’t do it.

I knew something was “off”…
But I didn’t know what to do to get “out” of the pattern.

At that point, I decided to sell everything I had, shut down my business and travel the world.

I had a 7+ figure business (in profit) at the time and it didn’t make “sense”… but I knew waking up feeling how I felt every day wasn’t going to cut it.

It took months and months of deep work… painful choices left and right, yet, I finally found that alignment.

And from that place, I realized what alignment was…
and that it was critically important for the success of a business and an Entrepreneur.

Since then…
When I hear the whisper of aligmment, I listen.
And if I hear it talk to me directly? I move even quicker to align.

The easiest way to understand what alignment is
or isn’t?

It’s to ask yourself these few questions, weekly:

1. If I didn’t need anymore money, what would I eliminate from my life?

2. If I had an extra 30 hours in my week, what else would I do?

3. What isn’t bringing me happiness and joy each day?

This brings us to the reasons why we aren’t in alignment.
Which is quite simple…

We are either afraid of not making money, not having enough time or being judged by someone in our life (or ourselves)…

The easiest way to understand alignment for you…
is to ask those questions and from there
continue to the next question which is…

“What feels really easy and why?
What feels really hard and why?”

I promise,
if you do this at least once a week.

Eventually, the things will come up that much be changed in your life.

The more you’re creating alignment in your life and business.
The easier your life and business get.
And the easier true success can come into your life 🙂

– Scott

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