7-figure Letter Issue #6 – The cost of the “right” people

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Today, I want to talk about the hidden cost of not being around the right people…

I’m just settling in after spending time hosting my Mastermind Retreat in Napa Valley, California.

Nearly 50 Entrepreneurs flew in from 13 different countries to spend 2 days with the intention to connect and build the vision for the future.

It was a incredible experience and while the room will generate far in excess of $100M in 2023, there’s something even more interesting that I wanted to share with you today.

It’s the cost of not being around the right people.
And in truth, there is truly a cost. 

In business…

If you know the wrong people, they will hold you back.
If you know the right people, they will help you. 
If you help the right people, they will help you even more. 
If you spend time around people that are aligned to you, the energy of being around them, will fuel your own energy. 

This doesn’t mean you have to spend your days “in person” with people
However, one thing that I know many Entrepreneurs DON’T do is spend enough time connecting with other Entrepreneurs. 

And I get why that is the case…
From social anxiety… 
to fear of being “too much” or being “annoying”…
Or simply not having enough time. 

It’s really easy NOT to spend time around those who really serve you. 
Yet, if there’s a singular thing I can tell you to do to grow your business, it’s to spend more time around people that are a step ahead and aligned to who you want to be…

Simply… a funnel or marketing isn’t going to have as a dramatic shift, as simply being in the presence of another human being “like you”. 

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What is it that you need to create magic?

Nina who came to the event, had a great post on Facebook and it reminded me of this…

No matter what, it’s almost always the people we’re around that will help create the magic for our business.

And a lot of the time, as Online Entrepreneurs we forget this.

You generally don’t have the idea when you’re in front of your screen or in some training.

It’s when you’re by yourself
or with other people, that the aha’s come.

You generally don’t feel inspired scrolling through social media or when you’re meditating.

It’s when you’re with others and
seeing how they see the world, that you feel that rush of energy.

It’s easy to get trapped inside of your own life
not spending enough time with people in general
or with the “normal” people.

I remember when that occurred for me.
What did I do?

I decided I would change that and started inviting strangers for group lunches and dinners.

In less than 2 years, I met 2,000 new people.

Then I launched a podcast to interview some of those people and my first Facebook Group.

That was 10 years ago now.
I knew that my old pattern back then was to suffer in silence.
To be around those people who I was always around.

I remember going to my first Mastermind in 2013.
I could barely afford the flight.

However, I knew I needed to be there.
It changed the entire course of my life.
If it wasn’t for that single event in Toronto, Canada in May of 2013, it’s entirely possible that I’d still be in debt today.

People change people
and then the cycle continues.

Don’t ever forget that,

– Scott

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