7-figure Letter Issue #8 – It’s time to grow up…

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For years, I was afraid of this singular thing…

… the thing?
Being a leader…


I resisted it, for a long time.
I would say, “I’m not a leader”…


Or, I would try to change the name of being “a leader”…


As an Entrepreneur, a lot of my life I felt more close
to being a creative than a business owner.


Leadership required things that I were afraid
to have in my life.


Namely: Responsibility
For a long time, I was truly a child inside of my business.


Of course, that’s ironic because…

Considering I’m only 31 years old today it’s one way

that I truly showed my age.


The ego, I’ve learnt, doesn’t enjoy responsibility.

It wants everything

and wants no responsibility from anything.

Leadership requires you to do what you’re afraid of…

It requires responsibility, dedication and focusing not

on just what you want to do but what you need to do.


Truth is… leadership is the way to having the business you want…


Most of the time, when resisting… it shows up and makes you say…


“I’m not good at that…”

“It’s not aligned…”

“It’s not the way I do things…”


While you may not outright say…

“I wish not to lead”


Your actions and words define the truth.

Find me a truly successful Entrepreneur that isn’t a leader.

It doesn’t exist.

So what do we do?…

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In my own life, one of the biggest places I had to take massive responsibility and leadership?
Truly being a CEO.


Since starting The Wisdom Group, my portfolio of companies. I’ve had to transition to being an Advisor, an Investor and a CEO.


There’s a big part of me that doesn’t like the “CEO” part…

In truth, however, I’m really good at it.


I remember Richard Branson talking about what a CEO is actually responsible for…


It was…





To create and deliver the clear vision.

To provide the resources for that vision.

To find the people for the vision.


That’s it.

My entire life, until now, I resisted all besides the money part.


I said.. I don’t want the vision, because the vision will change.

I said.. I don’t want to manage people or hire them.

I said.. a lot of things that stopped me.


Part of it?

When I went to build my last big company about 13 years ago, I failed at all 3 of these things.


And… that was 13 years ago.

The other part of it?

I’m really good at making money, but I haven’t become amazing at crystalizing vision or bringing the right people…


Well… until the last few years.

Truth is…


The result of having leadership, might look like a lot of things.

If you want to build a successful business leadership is both internal and external.


How you lead your self…

and how you lead others will either create chaos, struggle and difficulty or profitability, sustainability and ease.


The choice is ours…

However, most of the time, we’ve got to “grow up”…

And realize that we can be a creative and an Entrepreneur…

And a CEO…


And we don’t have to give up a part of who we are…

We just to get to have more parts of who we are.


– Scott

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