7-figure Letter Issue #16 – 4 Reasons why your offer WON’T scale…

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Reasons why your offer WON’T scale…

The following is from one of my mentees, Jason Moss

I’ve worked with him over the past 18 months and watched him as he’s scaled from $15K month to upwards of $75K months. 

In March, at my Mastermind, I was able to connect with him and he had the traits that I see in almost every great entrepreneur that is destined for success. 

I thought you’d enjoy this deeply…


It isn’t easy to build a coaching offer that sells

There’s an art and science to doing it well… 

And when people aren’t buying, it can be hard to figure out why. 

Over the past six years, I’ve helped sell over $2.5 million in coaching offers.

 I’ve launched lots of successful offers, several that flopped, and learned a lot along the way.

 Here are the 4 biggest reasons offers don’t sell

 And how to avoid them, so your offer has the best possible shot at success.

 1. Your offer doesn’t bridge a gap

 People buy from you for two simple reasons:

  1. There’s a gap between where they are today and where they want to be.
  2. They see your offer as a bridge to help them close that gap.

 The #1 reason your offer won’t sell

 Is because it doesn’t bridge a gap your people want to close.

 So ask yourself…

 Where are my ideal clients today? Where do they want to be? Is my offer a bridge to help them close this gap?


How to Sign 2 – 4 New Coaching Clients Every Month

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After helping thousands of coaches… he developed a simple, 4-step method for getting coaching clients online. It’s worked for coaches in dozens of different niches, all over the world.

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2. The give / take balance is off

 An offer is really two things…

  •  A take = what you’re asking for from someone (money, time, energy, etc.)
  • A give = what they’ll get in return (a result, outcome, experience, feeling)

 People will ONLY buy when they feel they’re getting more than they’re being asked to give.

 If your offer isn’t selling, it’s usually because something is out of balance here.

 So ask yourself…

 What’s the give and take in my offer? Am I asking for more than I’m giving?

 3. People don’t trust you enough

 Sometimes your offer is valuable, but people don’t trust you enough to deliver on it.

 There are lots of reasons this might be the case:

  •  Your marketing or sales process isn’t doing a good enough job demonstrating your authority, credibility or results.
  • You haven’t shown others enough of who you are (your personality, values, humanity) to make them feel safe with you.
  • You’re trying to sell too early, before people have gotten a chance to know you.
  • You lack confidence in your own ability to deliver, which is being mirrored in your potential clients.

 All of these things are important to examine in your business, as all can impact the degree of trust someone has for you.

 4. People aren’t bought-in to your process

 Sometimes people want the result your offer promises…

 But the process you’re selling to get there just doesn’t resonate.

 This might be because…

  •  It sounds too complicated
  • It’s too slow
  • There isn’t enough support
  • They want 1-to-1 and you’re offering group
  • It sounds like too much work

 The key is to strike the right balance between a process that’s desirable for your clients but also one that works for you and your business.

 So reflect on this…

 How can I make my process more desirable, without compromising my personal or business boundaries?


 Now that you know the biggest pitfalls to avoid when creating your offers…

You’re well on your way to success as a coach. 🙂

 Having the right offer is one of four keys to building a profitable coaching business…

 Inside my free Client Attraction Guide for Coaches, I cover the other three in detail…

 And show you everything you need to have in place to start signing 2 – 4 high-paying coaching clients per month (even if you’re just getting started).

 You can download this free Client Attraction Guide here.

 Hope to see you inside…

– Jason

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