7-figure Letter Issue #17 – What’s the reason you do what you do

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“What’s the reason you do what you do?”

I mean, not the reason you tell others… what’s the actual reason… 

And what’s the reason, if you didn’t need to generate revenue. 

It was 2020 and for the first time in my entire life, I could do whatever I wanted. 

It was one of the best feelings and perhaps, one of the worst. 

Unlimited choice can feel as difficult as no choice at all. 

To be able to do anything, sometimes creates the inability to do anything. 

I took a 6 month sabbatical to figure out the next steps in my life. 

It was a magical time. 

It was a journey within. 

At no point in my life did I ever sit and say…

“What do I really want to do right now… and for the future”…

Eventually, I emerged.

With a glimpse of what I wanted to do. 

What I wanted to change. 

Since then, I’ve been building that. 

For 3 years, in the background, I’ve silent built… and built…

Piece by piece. 

With nearly no one knowing. 

But… for a long time…

I remember the affirmation…

“I welcome clear vision and inspired action”…

In truth, for a lot of my Entrepreneurial career, I was lost. 

At first… I was just doing it because I was running away from something.

Then… I was doing it… for my ego… for who I could be…

And then… I was doing it… because I didn’t know what else to do. 

Without slowing down to know why…

And not the ego version why…

It’s difficult…

Because the waves of emotion required for scaling and growing a business is difficult. 

It will break you, if you don’t know why. 

It will chew you up and put you on the floor crying on the regular. 


When the vision is deep.

When the vision has held you

As if you are a child in the arms of the parent? 

You become without limits… because it’s the truest surrender. 

To know… why you were on the planet… 

Or perhaps even just a hint of the reason…

It’s nirvana…

It’s happiness… 

It’s what everyone alludes to desiring…

It makes the great days feel like heaven 

And the bad days feel like lessons.

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So… how do you find that vision? 

I don’t have great advice. 

But I do know a few things… from my own life

And those I’ve mentored and advised. 

And it comes down to 4 simple things…

#1. Don’t wait until you have the vision… follow the breadcrumbs… it’s most easily to look back and see the vision in the rearview mirror. 

Further, as you stand confidently in the direction of your vision, it will become stronger– a force, larger than you. 

#2. Stop the search– I know, it’s weird to say that. However, the more you relax, the more you have fun, the more you dream, the less time you spend asking “why”… the easier it comes.

It’s much like love in a relationship– if you’re looking for love, it’s oceans away. 

#3. Time horizon– True vision, requires decades. It’s not months and it certainly isn’t years. Remember, the further you can think into the future, the easier it will be. 

#4. Short vs. Long Term– In the truest sense, your vision will take a LONG time to come fruition. Thus, in your business and your life, you always have to play the short term and the long term.

That means, sometimes, doing things that you know aren’t your future reality, but they are your today… never allow your ego to discount what works today… until your vision is your reality, it’s not your reality. 

For a long time… I went to bed with the affirmation. 

“I welcome clear vision and inspired action”…

Eventually, one morning it occurred. It took years. Now, I’m building that vision and it might just take me my entire life. 

I’m so excited for you to be all in on your vision. 

– Scott 

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