7-figure Letter Issue #21 – It doesn’t matter how much you yell at the sea

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It doesn’t matter how much you yell at the sea. 

The sea just keeps moving. 

The waves crash, no matter if you’re happy or sad.

No matter if you just had the biggest year or the worst year. 


It flows

No matter what your flow incurs. 


You can toss all your problems at the sea

And the sea doesn’t care. 

It ruthlessly doesn’t care. 


Perhaps one of the problems that is universal with Entrepreneurs? 

It’s the fact that we focus too much on the problems we have

Instead of simply letting them go. 


We obsess about problems.

Our mind increases the relevance of those problems

And we might even have a difficult time sleeping because of it. 


We miss right now

In the pursuit of solving problems that

Most people won’t care about it in 200 years. 

Perhaps even in a year from now. 


The other side of this is that the solving of problems

Is the literal thing that creates success in a business. 


To solve a problem is to bring value and to bring value 

Is the foundation of success. 


So how do we solve problems?

Without the frustration, obsession, and inner urgency that can create an environment that makes it difficult to solve a problem in the first place?

That’s what we’re going to discover today 😉


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#1. When we believe we have a problem, it automatically creates 

A scenario inside of our mind that we aren’t powerful. 

Perhaps believing there is a problem, is the problem. 


#2. When we believe that anything is urgent, we automatically

Creep into a scarcity mindset. 

This mindset is in a true state of reaction and reaction creates

A series of scenarios in our lives that are generally not aligned. 


#3. We are obsessed generally due to an inner wound that

Has been healed. 

When you want something “out there” to be solved, it generally

refers to “in here”.

There’s nothing wrong with this, we would still be in the stone age.

Ages if this wasn’t the case. 

However, knowing this is the case is critical to your overall happiness.


#4. When a problem occurs, we must instantly reframe it from every

Being a problem to start with (as per #1) and instead of the frame

Should be. 

What do I get to innovate on now? 

What do I get to learn now? 

What do I get to do to help now? 

What do I get to become because of this? 


#5. Presence solves most problems far more quickly than 

Split attention. 

What I mean by that is if you have something that you must solve. 

It’s best to be fully in the problem. 

Instead of thinking about it throughout the day.

Simply stop that and put it on the calendar. 

Go for a walk, a drive, take a shower and schedule time to simply drift into solving the problem. 


#6. Relaxation is perhaps the truest antidote for a problem. 


Because when you’re relaxed, most problems solve themselves

And in a relaxed state, you’re able to see the future more easily. 

When we see the future more easily, we give less emphasis on the problem today

Which gives us the clarity that perhaps our problem, really isn’t a problem

And we don’t need to create a story attached to that problem. 

In truth, to be an entrepreneur is to be a problem solver. 

The great entrepreneurs simply don’t see it as a problem. 

They see it as the ability to be in their full creator mode. 

Turning their vision of a future without that problem

Into reality. 


– Scott 

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