7-figure Letter Issue #23 – Algorithm Ownership

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Perhaps one of the most important elements of your business? 

Being able to find ideal customers. 

 And… as I’ve taught for almost the past 10 years, building an audience of your ideal customers is one of the most effective ways to do this. 

 Part of building an audience is email marketing.

Being able to push, send and be in front of your audience, regardless of the algorithm. 

 A few years ago, at a Mastermind I was hosting, I got to know a guy called Adrian. 

Adrian is a genius when it comes to ensuring that emails end up in the inbox. 

 At the time, I had some high level understanding of what was needed to ensure that I didn’t end up in the spam box. 

 However, I didn’t realize how important this relationship with Adrian would be…

 The truth is this…

If you don’t own the ability to be in the “inbox” of your potential customers…

 Spending all of the time building an audience is kind of silly. 

It’s like being shadowbanned on Instagram. 

 For most of my time up until I met Adrian I thought that showing up in the inbox was luck. 

I always thought… as long as I sent valuable content and didn’t use the wrong words, I’d be okay.

 That isn’t true. 

 I remember when Adrian did an audit for me. 

He said… “Scott, you’re on the edge of a really bad place”. 

 I was dumbfounded. 


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The truth was I didn’t know the first thing about email deliverability. 
Even though 50%+ of my revenue was being generated by email. 

We got to know each other more and more. 

Today, Adrian and Evan (his business partner) run the email deliverability for all of my companies. 

We currently have more than 15 newsletters and the minimum open rate on these newsletters is 50%.

See… it doesn’t matter what type of traffic you use. 

If you’re using a funnel.. Or an email list to build audience and increase your revenue (you should be)…


You need to ensure your email deliverability is ace…

You need to ensure your open rates are high…

You need to stay out of the promotions tab and spam (or outright being banned) boxes…

You need to increase engagement and the chance of high engagement…


And here’s the truth…

There is an art and science to this…


It isn’t just “luck”…

Further, it’s a bit of work and while other people might tell you that there is some hidden “tricks”…

There isn’t. 

What Adrian, Evan and their team built? 


A step-by-step system that allows you to ensure you own the algorithm of email. 

So, I wanted to give you a few things today in this letter.

  1. A nudge that this is something you need to look at right now. 
  2. A guide that Adrian’s team developed to give you an overview of just how important this is for you and your business. 
  3. An opportunity to get an audit (free for the first 20 people) if your business has more than 10,000 email addresses or you’re generating more than $250K/yr. 


If you want the guide, take a look here

If you want the audit, simply forward this email to s@scottoldford.com with the subject “audit” and I’ll connect you. Please include a few details such as your email system, how you use email and size of email list. 


Until next time, 

– Scott


Disclosure: Adrian’s company, EmailSmart is partially owned by The Wisdom Group, which I have majority ownership. I’ve known Adrian for over 4 years, have mentored him and advise the company. Further, we use EmailSmart on dozens of our businesses. 


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