7-figure Letter Issue #24 – Solving problems…

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“I feel like I’m fighting a fire all day long”…

I’ve heard this a lot being a mentor and advisor to Entrepreneurs.

I’ve also heard…

“There’s always so many problems…” 


Now, the truth is this: 

An Entrepreneur creates value by solving problems. 

The bigger the problem (or the more problems) the more revenue you’ll make. 


If you solve a million dollar problem.

You generally generate a million dollars. 


When someone complains about solving problems…

And that’s how you have a business in the first place? 


I’m always dumbfounded. 

The problem? 



Filtering runs our entire life. 


We filter everything. 

We see things as we filter them. 


I’ll give you an example…

For years, I’ve listened to customers asking me…


“Hey… what do I do for legal?” 

“Do you have any templates I can use?” 

“I need a contract for XYZ”


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Now, I have three options here…

1. Do nothing

2. Do nothing and complain (“Why do people think I’m a lawyer?”

3. Do something and solve the problem


Generally money attracts itself to those that do #1 and #3.

What do I mean by that?


If you do nothing because you need to focus…

You attract more energy to what you’re doing.


However, if the problem becomes a big enough problem to solve and you decide to do something about it.


It’s a problem that now is an opportunity.


In this example… tomorrow we’re launching Online Business Owner: Legal…

Because… quite frankly I’m into the thousands of entrepreneurs who’ve asked me for contracts and legal help and I wanted to do something about it…

(You can take an early look here)


Back to filtering…

See, if we wake up every day and our filter is that things are problems.

We will be surrounded by problems.


“How do I make more money” vs.

“I get to make more money!”


“I’m overwhelmed” vs.

“It’s time to delegate!”


“I don’t have any leads” vs.

“It’s time to help some people!”


The context of our internal conversation and filtering defines someone who will have a massive problem building their business and life, versus someone who won’t.


Show me your filters

And I’ll show you where you are in a few years from now.


Successful people solve problems.

– Scott

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