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Last week, I celebrated the anniversary of my wedding with my Wife, Libby. 

In reflection, I wanted to share with you something that I believe is important for your business. 


If you want a better business, you must start with love. 

Because, quite honestly, it’s the “key” to having a successful business. 


If you want more customers, find more people to give love. 

If you want to make more money, give more love. 

If you want a better team, love them more. 

If you want better finances, love your numbers more. 

If you want more time, love your systems more. 


When you first fall in love with someone, the reason you “fall”?

Because something captivated your attention and your paying all your attention to that person. 


When you fall in love… nothing else matters. 

You disregard nearly everything else and you become obsessed with this person. 


This is deep levels of attention… creating that feeling. 

The honeymoon effect, in many ways, is an increase of attention upon a person.


We filter out anything not good

And we see only the good.


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While I’m not a relationship expert, I have an amazing relationship with my Wife (and I’m an investor in 3 relationship companies)… 

And the reason I believe people fall out of love? Attention. 

Which makes sense. 

What you pay attention to… increases.

What you pay less attention to… decreases. 


What we think about creates our reality. 

Thus, in our business, when we love something more… and we pay more attention to it, this thing increases. 


Problem is… people don’t do a great job of this. 


Instead of listening to someone’s feedback and loving that feedback and loving them. 

We get defensive. 


Instead of paying attention to our finances, we attempt to ignore it. 


Instead of paying attention and loving our customers, we simply try to write another formulated sales page to “hit the numbers”. 


Instead of loving your customers, you try to upsell them when “the time is right”. 


The more we get away from love, the more difficult it is to grow our business.

The more we fall in love, the easier it is to grow our business. 


To do this we must get out of our head…

Because love isn’t a head game. 

It’s a heart game. 


This means not chasing the numbers…

This means not trying to close the sale…

This means not doing all the things you think you should do…

And doing the things you know you must do… 


It’s about following the shiver in your body when you know something is “right”…

And staying away from the things you know aren’t aligned. 


Our business, will always be far more successful (and enjoyable) when we do this…

We must just change the way we do business…


To come from a place of paying attention…

To come from a place of pure support and love.


When we do, 

It’s when the magic happens. 

– Scott 


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