7-figure Letter Issue #34 – Boring works….

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I’ve been using text messaging marketing for as long as I can remember. 

And I’m not talking about automated bots. 


I’m talking about how to create intimacy and drive conversions through communications that people check far more than their email.

The texts on their phone. 

I remember when I first used this years ago for people who registered for a webinar. 

The reminder texts worked like a charm to get people to show up to the thing they said they were interested in attending. 

In many ways, it still does work today.



As it sits, right now over 60% of those who sign up for my book, The Nuclear Effect enter their phone number on the opt-in page.


On my webinar pages, over 75% of people enter their phone number.
Part of that blows my mind. 


The thing is, almost everyone I see who uses text marketing doesn’t use it right.

Either they use it only for getting someone to show-up…

Or use it only for moments where there is a sale… 

Or they are completely annoying instead of value adding. 


I’ve done a LOT with text marketing and wanted to share a few ways I’m planning to use it inside of my businesses going forward. 



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Scenario #1: 

As I spoke about above, the easiest and simplest way to make this work? 

Simply making it so that people get reminded for your live events, trainings and webinars. 


This one thing can easily double the number of people that show up live. 

It’s crazy that it works THAT good… but it does. 

See an example here for how we’re getting a high percent of people to happily give us their phone number.

Scenario #2: 

During a launch back in 2016, I used a text campaign during a challenge. 

On top of emails, I sent two texts day:

The first one was to get someone to that day’s challenge content and the second one was pure additional value. 


By the time we kicked off the text campaign to make the “sale”…


….we had sent over 14 messages of pure value. 

Nothing to sell in them. 


And the truth here is that most people won’t use it that way. 


Then when we went to the sale sequence we announced new “bonuses” and case studies each day via text.


New and novel things for people to engage with in addition to a sales “call to action”.


We also had a super effective countdown sequence. 


In that campaign, our texting strategy crushed it and almost equaled email in sales generated.

(And this was back before buying from your phone was easy with Apple Pay and Google Pay)


Scenario #3:


In my new short form newsletter www.7figureminute.com, we are going to add text on top of email to be able to deliver daily texts to those who want it. 


While the majority subscribers won’t want this, there is a meaningful percent of them who will.


And being in close connection (Intimacy) with them each day (Omnipresence) with useful messages (Relevance)….


….those people are likely to become my best customers, clients, and referral sources. 


By using texting as an omnipresence strategy in this way, I’m able to create conditions where the people who receive my texts aren’t annoyed.


Instead, they are excited. 


Scenario #4: 

Coming into the future, we’re going to be using text for our workshops, our community, and in Modern Business Academy.


The reason?


Being able to have messaging that is quick, uncluttered and away from email is ideal for building engagement & maximizing show-up rates to deliver value to your customers


(and your soon to be customers)


I’ve got plenty of other scenarios. 

Here’s the thing…


If you’re using email marketing… or a funnel… or both…

And you’re not using text… you’re missing out.


But here’s another fact. 

Almost no one does it right. 


It’s why I recorded this video for you to go more in-depth

And to give you a solution. 


Because… if you’re collecting an email address.

You might as well collect a phone number too.


To help increase intimacy, engagement and the ability for someone to work with you. 

– Scott 

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