7-figure Letter Issue #37 -The Truth Behind My $40M Valuation….

This is a new weekly newsletter that will be focused on going “deep” on a specific framework, method or strategy for scaling past 7+ figures in your online business.


A business I own a large percentage in will complete an equity raise by the end of December.

The amount raised in exchange for the equity given will put the business at a $40 million dollar valuation

Sounds cool….
but “Net Worth” is the biggest ego game I’ve found. 

On paper, my net worth will jump massively because of this.

But in reality? 

It’s just a handful of people who made an agreement that “created” a reality to say that something is “worth” 40 million dollars. 

Can I take that to the bank?


Can I use it as liquidity for something else?
Not without some extra steps to borrow against it & take on debt.

Does it change my life? 



For a few years after I became less focused on cash….

….I started to really focus on net worth. 

The first big “win” in that regard was when I owned ~20% of a company that raised a Series A round. 

My $250K investment was now worth $5M. 

This 20x jump in value got me hooked. 

I dove even deeper into what drove up valuations & net worth.

But in the process, I started to become disconnected to what investing and building businesses are actually about


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Like I said….

I became hyper focused on the “sell valuation” of the businesses I was involved in.

I became overly focused on increasing net worth. 

And in reality, it brought me away from alignment. 

I was using intellectual consciousness…

And a heavy dose of ego…


It made me feel more “cool”… 

An easy thing to “flex” to others 


But it was largely a fraction or an abstraction of the reality.


And in reality…

I have the most FUN when I just work on cool things. 


Things that I care about inherently for their own sake.

Not because of what I can “one day” possibly sell them for.


And while I still was mainly engaging in things I cared about…

The route I was going was one where…


I was caring more about the “end game”. 


My #1 focus was trying to grow a hypothetical number…

It added in stress.

It sucked out joy and fun.


And all because I was seduced by a “game in business” that promises financial rewards…

….but it is often cheap when it comes to real value created and deep fulfillment experienced.



While it may not be as fast or as sexy “on paper”.


I’ve let go of that game…

and got back to my roots. 


My roots of just enjoying the process.

Chopping Wood. Carrying Water. 

As a reflection…


This happens all the time to Entrepreneurs want to scale their business.

They focus on things that intellectually will grow the value of a business.


But that often merely are “accounting hacks”


or slashes to short term costs that would’ve had “long game ROI”

or boosts to short term revenues that have “long term costs”


or shortchange current stakeholders in the name of yet to be determined potential future stakeholders.


Instead of remembering that…


Have fun

Do what you love

Solve a problem

Structure that solution properly

Be able to clearly talk about that thing

Have amazing people around you

Don’t let your mindset get you stuck

Manage your finances 


= A business that will scale. 


Don’t complicate it
Don’t get over-obsessed with something that might not matter   : )

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