7-figure Letter Issue #45 – Profit Mode vs Growth Mode [New Book Free Preview]

This is a new weekly newsletter that will be focused on going “deep” on a specific framework, method or strategy for scaling past 7+ figures in your online business.


At the beginning of January, I sold early access to my upcoming book Million In The Red. Hundreds of entrepreneurs took me up on it and joined me on a multi-hour long live training where I shared some of the core frameworks. 


As I’ve been putting the finishing touches of on the chapters of the book, we’ve been releasing them to this “Founders Group” and have been getting feedback.

There will be 45 chapters in the book and it will come out in Spring this year. 

And while the “Founders” are the only ones who will get initial early access to all of the chapters, I do plan to share a couple chapters here in the 7 Figure Letter from now until the book’s official release date.



You can find the first of these chapters that will be shared in this newsletter after the break…


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As mentioned, these chapters are 1k+ words long. 


I thought about creating a shortened version that would fit more neatly into an email format but figured that would shortchange the full value & impact of the content.

Instead, you can access the content for this chapter on Profit Mode vs Growth Mode in a Google Doc here.


Excited for you to be able to get you hands on the entire book in just a few short months! 


– Scott 



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2.  The Ultimate Way to Reinvest Profits & 10X Your Biz

There is an endless number of places where you could put your money. If you want your money to help you grow your business, there are several different “levels” where you can make your investments.

In this video, Olly Richards shares which level helped him grow his business, Story Learning, to being a $10M+ per year company.

3. 21 Insider Strategies for Women Entrepreneurs To Master Their Health and Their Business

High performance coaches for women business owners & executives Rachel & David Godfrey recently published a new guide. 

In it they share how to work with your body & your brain instead of fighting them in order to create the life and business of your dreams.

That’s it for this 7-figure letter. I publish new one every Sunday. Make sure to signup here to get yours.

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