How To Sell High Ticket Items in 2021 by Becoming Omnipresent + Relevant

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It used to be easy selling high ticket items.

You would create an FB ad, drive it to a webinar sign up, do the webinar, and then sell your offer.



It used to work like this, and it used to work like this for me.

But these days… not so much.

You see $997 products everywhere, and most of them will not sell this year.

And that’s because most people continue to do what they used to. They do webinar. They have funnels. They push their message. They prey on insecurity and use scarcity. They simply lie to their audience with countdowns and the like.

This no longer works!

Trust me.

High ticket selling is still possible.

In fact, it’s easier than ever assuming your offer is good. But you need to build trust, and the only way to do this in 2021 is with a relevancy funnel.

This is what I talk about in today’s video.

If you have a high ticket product. it’s a must watch for you.

And shows you how to use it and WHY you should.

I could say more, but really… watch this now 😉

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So get on it, and learn how to sell high ticket products the right way 🙂

Full Video Transcript:

If you are selling high-ticket items, things where you serve people on a higher level, today I want to share with you the marketing funnel, the relevancy funnel, that’s gonna change the game for you. And it’s simple.

Scott Oldford here and I see so many entrepreneurs that kinda struggle with the marketing funnel thing. What you gotta realize is that when you sell things for a fair amount of money, what they’re worth, things where you’re actually delivering one-on-one help or from coaching or products as a service, then you actually have the ability to make your marketing a little bit simpler. 

So what I really kinda believe in is being able to start in the slow lane. People that are understanding of the fact that they have a pain, that they have a problem, but they need to understand the methodology. They need to understand the process behind how to go from the pain to redemption.

And our ability to go from pain to redemption is really quite fascinating, quite interesting, because the ability to become the authority, the ability to allow someone to look up to you, is very, very easy. This thing is, you’re already an expert. People just need to know that you are. So how do we do this?

Well in a traditional sense, what we found works the best is being able to present someone with a guide. About 14 to 23 pages long and what this guide does is really it presents the problem or pain and reminds them of it and then what it does, it allows them to understand your step-by-step process.

You’re literally giving away your methodology, your process on how you help other people and then showing them how, of course, it’s working a little bit over the way. And then from there, allowing them to see and understand and feel the outcome of sort of where they’re too.

Now what I found is that when it comes to how to sell high ticket items, it’s better to keep it simple because it’s so hard to keep someone’s attention. So instead of using challenges, instead of using webinars, instead of using these long sale pages, keep it super simple.

Try to get them to the guide and then your job is is to be able to get them onto a phone call, with either you or your sales person. Now most of the time, this is not gonna happen right away and it actually shouldn’t because you wanna get people on the phone that will literally pay you whatever you ask for to be able to work with you.

You want advocates. You want people that see it as an opportunity, not a sale. So your job is then to be able to re-target them, email them, message them, create intimate relationships with them through things like Facebook groups and LinkedIn groups.

See we’re gone past the point of somebody opting in for a webinar and just picking up the phone and buying right away. Besides that, do you even want customers that are going to trust you within 24 hours? Are they actually gonna be the best customers?

Or did they just push the buy button and now they’re in such intense buyer’s remorse that they don’t even trust you? I don’t know about you but I want to have customers that trust me and have intimacy, intimacy with me.

And allow me to just, mix up my words and it’s no big deal. Taking the professionalism off and getting down to the real stuff that’s gonna change their life, their business, their relationship.

See transformation creates and endures through intimacy and through connection and has to be done upfront. And the beautiful thing is that we have the ability to be relevant at the right time and at the right place, to be omnipresent to those people that are coming through this marketing funnel.

The guide is an entry point into our world, into the ability to transform. To go from their pain and for them to see their vision and truly understand the gap. And then from that gap, for us to continually show up, to be top of mind, to be omnipresent inside of their life for the problem that they have.

And then when they’re ready, when it’s illuminated enough, they take action and at that point, we don’t have to offer discounts or any discount code or any amount of time as scarcity. They simply want to take action because they know they want to work with you.

That is the relevancy funnel. If you want more information on that, click below. I have a guide for you waiting that explains all of this and of course, is the beginning of your ability to go into our slow lane allowing you to go from the best kept secret to the biggest name.

From the person you are today inside of the business that you have to the most relevant choice inside of your niche. 

Want to learn more?

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