7-figure Letter Issue #1 – Skip the pitch

This is the first newsletter of the 7-figure letter.

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Today, we’re talking about how to skip the pitch and ensure that you no longer need to “sell” and how to reverse engineer this from the ground up.

I’m Canadian and one thing that Canadians are somewhat famous for? Not being able to sell anything.

To this day, my Wife asks…
“Imagine what would happen if people knew what you did?!”

She’s completely right on that.
And yet…

I’ve been able to master, what I call…
“Skipping the pitch”

While, I don’t believe there is anything wrong with pitching or selling.
The ability to not to need to do it, is amazing. 

It allows you to…

  • Charge far more money
  • Attract far better clients
  • Ensure you don’t need to use proposals and crazy follow-up
  • You’re far more valued
  • You’ll never get refunds and buyers remorse is a thing of the past
  • You likely won’t need a sales team
  • You’ll likely realize you won’t even need a sales call.

A few weeks ago, a client of mine had someone pay $18,000 on a sales page for a program, without ever even speaking to the client.

Another client of mine, Jason, had someone never be on the phone and closed a $6,800 client via text while out for a walk.

And another client of mine, Joella, had her first person pay for her VIP program, again, without ever being on the phone.

The thing is, there isn’t a magical script for this…
I found out, first when I realized I “cracked” the code back in 2018.

At the time, I had someone pay me multiple 6-figures and they were never even on the phone with me. 

While it happened, I was still amazed and over time I built a bit of a method to do this and allow for it to happen.

In truth, it’s somewhat simple:
“Skipping the Pitch” requires us to use our marketing to sell, instead of using our marketing to simply find us a lead.

This occurs when we’re able to take three ingredients and really turn it up a notch in our marketing.

They are…

  • Relevancy
  • Omnipresence and
  • Intimacy.

Or R.O.I for short.

What I discovered years ago is that if we understand what makes us relevant…

Then we use Omnipresence to be in front of someone, over and over and over and over again. 

And then we use Intimacy (primarly, the ability to connect with someone).

Overtime, we’re able to skip the pitch, by doing what we would normally do on a phone call, or a presentation or a proposal, through our marketing. 

For example, for my client Jason who I spoke about beforehand… 

His relevancy is dialed in, he knows exactly who he’s talking too and everything he does? Talks to that. 

Then he uses email, retargeting, video, groups and social to reinforce this to those he works with, over and over and over again.  

Finally, he uses intimacy (community, connection and conversation) to ensure that those people who see him as being relevant have enough connection to desire working with him.

When we do this, magic occurs and for Jason it’s worked, extremely well.


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Back to “Skipping the Pitch”…

The thing is, “Skipping the Pitch” is perhaps one of the most difficult things to transition “into” because it requires you stop doing a lot of what you’ve done in the past. 

Such as…

  • Trying to get someone on the phone to close them right away.
  • Trying to convince someone that you can help them.
  • Attempting to get someone in a conversation too early.
  • Spending majority of your time on “new leads” instead of your “current leads”.
  • Leading with what you can get, instead of what they can get.
  • Making it so you come from scarcity, instead of abundance.
  • Requiring that you get massive returns on ad spend (or effort) ASAP.
  • Focusing on audience building and brand building versus simply closing the sale.

In many ways, Skipping the Pitch is for the person who doesn’t want to sell, but rather, comes from a place of pure support, great intention, expertise and authority.

Which is why majority of people will never do it, even if they think they do. 

This is less about “selling by chat”… or “not taking a call”…
Skipping the Pitch, is about making it so that you’re value-first and helping others, allowing for when someone does come to you, that they are fully ready to work with you.

This will create less “short term wins”…
That means…

Less booked calls.
Less appointments.
Less leads.
Less people talking to you.
Less sales people.
Less webinar leads.
Less. of. every. single. thing.

Because, when you’re not focused on quantity, quality is the natural thing that you will focus on. 

So while your cost per lead may be more expensive.
An 80% close rate is way more fun than a 20% close rate.

In general, if you want a business that’s easier, in the long-run?

My suggestion: Skip the Pitch

It will change your life, to never need to “sell” and truly be able to invite others into the next version of their life or business

For now, that’s all.

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