How Jason Moss went from 10K to $60K/mo in 12 Months (without working 60 hours a week)

Scaling a business isn’t easy, even more so if you’ve never done it before.

Most people get to 10k a month doing outreach and having many conversations with potential clients.

But after some time, you hit a plateau… 

You can’t increase your revenue because you have limited hours in a day…

You start losing the thrill of making sales when you keep pushing for sales while things aren’t flowing.

At the end of the month, after working hard, you find yourself in the same position you were at the beginning.

You start feeling out of harmony and can’t see the path to scaling your business.

This is exactly where Jason was when we started working together. If he wanted to scale more, he would need to work more. He was afraid of burning out

So how did Jason find a way to work smart and climb from 10k a month to 60k a month?
Let’s dive right in!

The Essentials – Who is Jason Moss?

Jason’s main challenge: Spending hours in direct messages feeling misaligned with how he sells.

Jason’s goals when he first joined VIP were to:

  • Better leverage his marketing to get people reaching out and spending less time making pushy sales
  • Dial in his organic content strategy
  • Use paid ads to scale his growth and increase his audience growth

His revenue before he started the VIP program: $10-15K/mo

His revenue now: Jason is doing $60K/mo (cash), with runway to $100K/mo within the next 6 months.

Scott’s Take: Jason is amazing. When he came to me, I saw a lot of potential in him. However, his potential had hit a roadblock—and he felt his dreams weren’t going to be realized. 

And seeing Jason not fulfill the dreams he worked so hard to achieve hurt my soul.

I knew I had to do something. 

Whenever I see anintake form, and know I can help the person, a buzz surges my body. 

I only ever help people when I get I feel this electric current in me. 

When I saw Jason’s challenges… 

I knew I could help. 

After a quick text back and forth, Jason signed up for my V1P program

We got to work right away. 

Stage 1: Assessing the Business and Creating a Strategy that Aligns with His Values

The first order of business for those who join my V1P program is to complete an assessment that takes about 90 minutes. Afterward, it’s sent directly to me. 

The assessment allows me to see the core issues inside a business. 

After reading an assessment like Jason’s, I record a voice message that shares exactly what I want to focus on over the next 6+ months, and then I provide a written strategy. 

Afterward, my clients have access to me via Telegram directly, our Group Calls, and a phone call at at a time of their choosing. 

Inside Jason’s Strategy, I focused on a few major parts…

1). Dialing in his Relevancy using my R.O.I Framework

If you can’t be relevant, everything else is useless. Relevancy is the first thing I consider and work on with clients and mentees who don’t have it dialed in.

Once you dial in your relevancy, competition becomes irrelevant.

That’s why the first step is to work on your relevancy book, which gives you a clear picture of who your ideal customer is, your unfair advantage, your positioning, and how you can best convey these components in your content and offers.

Read more about relevancy here.

2). Doubling Down on what was working with Social Media, especially the Facebook Group

Jason was doing a great job with his Facebook group and intimacy in general.

So it made sense for us to focus on his ability to engage with the audience more and showcase his relevance.

3). Doubling Down on 1-on-1 so that he could launch his group offer 

Jason was planning to expand so fast so he could leverage his time, but by focusing on 1-on-1 for a little bit longer, he was able to get more money that he could invest on ads and growth.

This allowed him to focus on scaling his business now to grow his audience later.

4). Building a 2-part funnel that would combine my Slow Lane and Fast Lane

With being able to attract an audience and showcase his revelance, we wanted a slow lane funnel (a guide that showcased his methods and relevance to his audience.)

After, we worked on a fast lane funnel to move people from the slow lane to applying and working with Jason.

More about the 3 lanes and what content to create for each audience

5). Launching Ads 

Once we had the funnels in place, the next step was to start doing ads to get the right people in those funnels.

We just wanted to test and see how it goes. 

Investing in ads is a long term strategy because it takes time to move people from not knowing you to trusting you and being a customer.

That’s why we launched the ads with no expectation on short term ROI.

Stage 2: Implementation and Going from 10k – 30

Jason was able to execute and implement this fairly quickly with great results. 

He fell in love with the process and, within 6 months, went from $10K/mo’s to $30K/mo’s.

He even shot this video for me. 

Here’s what happened for him in his words…

I really wanted to scale, but I didn’t know the roadmap…. Having access to Scott, it didn’t only allow me to scale faster than I could, but I was able to do it in a way that’s… authentic to me. And it has been all as a direct result to this program and the way it was set up.

My next steps for Jason were to:

A). Increase Ad Spend for more lead flow

We started with a small budget then scaled it quickly when we saw that it resonated with the audience Jason wanted to target.

B). Change his sales process so that he would have more time 

As Jason was getting more leads, we started implementing Skip The Pitch so that he didn’t need to do a 1-hour meeting with every lead and instead use his time more optimally. 

We started by texting people before getting on calls with qualified people.

We then decreased call time, so that Jason could increase his revenue and have more free time. As his marketing and social media were more omnipresent, those who found him also knew him better, allowing for greater levels of trust. 

C). Change the way he managed his social media (Doubling down even further) 

Instead of trying to be everywhere, Jason focused his effort on value-driven content over influencer-based content—this helped show what he was good at.

In short, Jason was able to help those using his skill set from years of working with coaches in sales and marketing before he became a coach. 

D). Dial in the funnel and his content strategy (changing the way he came across to others that followed him) 

As we received data, we started making changes. While we didn’t do crazy A/B tests, we continued to dial in the relevancy and how we made someone feel connected to Jason. 

E). Implement Stages 1 & 2 of my Omnipresence Strategy

As we increased the audience, we started doing omnipresence. The goal was to make Jason the first person people would think of in his line of work.

This way, he could be seen as the authority and speed up the time needed to move people from not knowing him to becoming customers.

He implemented this and magic continued…

Here are the results from Jason himself.

Stage 3: Dialing in the operation and delivery — Magic started to happen

At this point, I knew it was time to continue to focus on the operational and delivery element of Jason’s business. While the business wasn’t broken, if we were going to continue upwards, we needed to stabilize and focus on delivery and operations.

Many Entrepreneurs get addicted to the dopamine of sales and overly focus on revenue. However, if you do this without stabilizing, you create long term issues on delivery, refunds, client success, and personal burnout. 

So from here we…

A). Fully launched his group program that was perfected and proven by his 1-on-1 clients using my high ticket hybrid approach. 

B). Continued to scale ads and started working on new traffic sources involving partnerships and new organic avenues of paid traffic. 

C). Changed his sales process to optimize even more, allowing for shorter call times and more highly relevant people and allowing for essential sale conversations to be taken care of by Jason’s team.  

D). Implemented a low ticket product and nurture sequence that allowed for more of the audience that aren’t ready to be nurtured.  

It created this…

Stage 4: Hitting his first 60k in a month

Recently, Jason achieved his first $60,000 per month. It took a mere 12 months of working together.This achievement resulted from a tonne of dedicated work from Jason. 

Although I focused on the strategy, our partnership led to many direct conversations via Telegram, which allowed me to help Jason build even further and faster (a benefit of those in the V1P or Accelerator program).

Next Steps for Jason now? 

  • Building a larger audience… 
  • Scaling his relevancy
  • Improving internal delivery to ensure high results for his clients…

Scaling a Business Isn’t a Complicated Process When You Have the Right Strategy

It’s inevitable for Jason to hit 7-figures in revenue with a super healthy profit margin in 2023. 

His level of impact will have compounded to wild levels. 

In his words…

“We are on track to hit 7-figures by the end of 2023. I’ve got a really clear roadmap from Scott in order to make that happen.” 

Jason’s strategy wasn’t complicated, it was nuanced.  

He wasn’t working 60-hour weeks.

His profit margin has been healthy for a 6X growth curve and now it’s highly likely for him to hit $100K/month within the next 6 months. 

Jason is another Entrepreneur building massive impact for himself, and giving value to those who work with him and the world at large. 

In Jason’s words?

“For anyone thinking about investing in Scott’s programs, it’s honestly a no-brainer. There’s no reason not to do so. It has changed the game for me.

“The strategy that Scott gave me was directly responsible for the results I got in my business.

“If you’re thinking about working with Scott, you’re probably feeling a lot of fear, but I’m going to tell you straight up, without a doubt, this was the single best investment I’ve ever made in my business.

“Scott has been the best mentor I’ve ever worked with. There’s no reason not to work with him”

If you have an online business and want to scale it to 7 figures and beyond, apply and let’s see if it makes sense to work together.

If I don’t think I can help you, I’ll tell you straight up. 

The Essentials if you want more to know more on Jason: 


Low Ticket Product: 

Facebook Group: 

Social Media: 

Four Frameworks

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