Create Your Unfair Advantage in 6 Steps

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You and me share something in common, and it’s that we’re both part of the human race. We are the same species, and if you were to cut us open, we would look the same.

However… every single one of us is unique to the other, and it’s this individual quality that holds the key to your unfair advantage.

But why do you need an unfair advantage?

Well I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but we live in a crowded and fast-paced world. Whoever you are and whatever you sell, there are dozens (at least) of people who can offer the same as you — often for a lower price.

Lucky for you, people don’t tend to make rational decisions. They make emotional ones, meaning your best chance of success is to amplify your unfair advantage.

In this article I’ll show you how to unlock your unfair advantage in six simple steps, so you can stop worrying about your competition, and instead focus on how to best serve your audience. Your unfair advantage is what sets you apart from the other seven billion people on the planet, and this is how to unleash it:


1: Experience

Everything that’s happened to you in the past happened to you and only you. The good, the bad, the boring… it’s lead you to the person you are today, and it’s unlike anyone else.

Use these experiences to your advantage. Share the stories unique to you. Nobody else has them, and although there are many people who can do what you do, nobody can tell the same story.

So right now, write down three meaningful experiences that’s had a big impact on your life.

Good or bad, it does not matter. These experiences open you up to the world and allow your unfair advantage to shine through. Take me, for instance, and my story about slipping into $750,000 of debt.

This is a tough story to share, but it’s also one of the most powerful I can. I’ve built immense trust by sharing this experience, and although other people can do what I can, nobody has this story.

It’s unique to me, and it’s part of my unfair advantage.


2: Skills

You have skills that few other people don’t. Many may have similar businesses to you, share the same space and provide a similar solution, but few possess the same skills you do.

One my unique skills is my ability to show-up and become omnipresent. There are other people who offer what I do, and many of them are better writers, better speakers and better on video… but few are as good at being relevant to the right people, at the right time.

I’ve nurtured this skill over 15 years, and today it sets me apart from everyone else. It forms part of my unfair advantage, so the question now is… what are your unique skills?

Spend a few minutes thinking about this, and write down three skills you have that nobody else does. They don’t have to be businesses related, because so long as they’re unique to you, they’ll help you amplify your unfair advantage.


3: Talent

Everyone is born with certain talents, and unlike skills (that you learn), most of your talents come somewhat natural to you.

One of mine is my ability to connect the dots, and come up with big ideas before anyone else. This allows me to jump on trends before they become trends, and create solutions for complex problems.  This comes natural to me. I don’t spend much time or energy doing it. I find it easy, whereas other people find it impossible.

Like me, you have certain talents that come easy to you.

So once again, write down three talents that come natural to you, and that separates you from the rest. These form part of your unfair advantage that nobody else can touch.


4: Knowledge

Over the years you have consumed a great deal of knowledge that other people haven’t. Through books, mentors, courses and everything else, you have created a body of knowledge that plays a role in your unfair advantage.

Often, you don’t even realise you know what you know. You take it for granted and assume other people know it, too. For me, this largely focuses around online marketing and scaling businesses from 6-7 figures.

I’ve done it for years and take the knowledge I’ve developed for granted. But this knowledge sets me apart from most other people, and allows me to serve my audience in a big way.

You too have created a body of knowledge, so write down three things you know that most people don’t. This allows you to take what you do to the next level, and unleash your unfair advantage on the world.


5: Character

Each day you develop your character. Every good, bad and indifferent situation affects your character, and over the years it’s lead you to the person you are today.

Your character depends on who you surround yourself with and your environment (now and in the past), and the great thing about your character is that it attracts certain people and repels others.

Personally, I repel a lot of people. I have my haters, and although this is sometimes hard to accept, it’s a good thing. Why? Because it allows me to further attract the “right” kind of person.

Your character does the same. It attracts some and repels others, and all this allows you to use your unfair advantage to become the “go to” person for those you serve.

So write down three character traits that are unique to you. Don’t worry about pushing certain people away, as they weren’t a good fit anyway.


6: Connections

The people you know plays a fundamental role in your unfair advantage. Those you trust — and who trust you — open doors that will not open for other people.

Your connections count.

So write down three influential connections you have that will help you expand your unfair advantage.

Together, these six steps form the foundations of your unfair advantage. If you’ve gone through each step and made notes where I asked you to, you now have 18 points to work with that not only helps you discover your unfair advantage, but then unleash it on the world.

Your unfair advantage forms the DNA of who you are as entrepreneur, and as such the DNA of your business. Using this to your advantage is the only way to scale from 6-7 figures.

There’s too much competition to try and be and look like everyone else. You need to be you, and you need to use your unfair advantage so nobody else can replicate it.

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Copyright © 2020 Scott Oldford. All Rights Reserved.
Copyright © 2020 Scott Oldford. All Rights Reserved.